Fort Clatsop
Administrative History
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The memorial has historically maintained good relationships with several public groups and other local, state, and federal government agencies. Fort Clatsop maintains a visible presence in the community through staff involvement with various community and service organizations. Memorial staff have also served on local and state government committees. Through relations with other Pacific Northwest historic sites, the memorial has maintained a resource base for its outreach programs.

Fort Clatsop has had many contacts with various city, county, state, and federal agencies. Planning efforts have also put the memorial in touch with other NPS units, universities, historical agencies, and research groups. In recent years and in conjunction with planning for a new General Management Plan, the memorial has begun to take an active role in the local community and state in various planning efforts. The following is an overview of the significant relations the memorial has had with other groups or agencies.

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Last Updated: 20-Jan-2004