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South Carolina
Snee Farm
Snee Farm

Location: Charleston County, on Long Point Road (County Road 97), about one mile west of Ocean Highway (U.S. 17-701), some 4-1/2 miles northeast of Mount Pleasant.

Charles Pinckney inherited this farm after the death of his father, Col. Charles Pinckney, in 1782, and held title to it until he succumbed in 1824. The younger Pinckney entertained President George Washington there during his tour of the South in 1791.

The square clapboarded structure, built by Colonel Pinckney in 1754, is still largely original. It was restored in 1936, and is in excellent condition. Five bays wide, it rests on brick piles, and is 1-1/2 stories in height. Two large, corbeled brick chimneys rise from the rear, or north, slope of the gable roof. On its front are three gabled dormers. A short flight of open-string masonry stairs lead up to the open front porch, which spans the front elevation and whose shed roof is supported by six evenly spaced, square columns. A four-light, rectangular transom tops the front door, and louvered shutters accent the first-floor windows. The flanking, symmetrical one-story frame wings at the rear corners of the main house were added in 1936.

Snee Farm
Snee Farm. (National Park Service (Snell, 1972.)

The center hall, divided by an arch into two sections, contains the stairway, which is set against the north portion of the east wall of the hall. The hall walls have vertical paneling and a dado. A large gunroom and a smaller bedroom occupy the east side of the first floor; a spacious parlor and a dining room, which contains a shell cabinet, the west. The rooms have wide-boarded floors, and, except for the bedroom, each features a wooden dado. Originally, the second floor contained four bedrooms and a center hall; one bedroom has since been subdivided to create two baths.

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Last Updated: 29-Jul-2004