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South Carolina

Location: Charleston County. 7 Orange Street, Charleston.

In 1770, when signer Charles Pinckney was 13 years of age, his father, Col. Charles Pinckney, acquired this townhouse. The youth resided in it with his family until 1778.

Alexander Petrie, who purchased the lot in 1747, apparently built the residence at an unknown date prior to 1770. In excellent condition, the large, frame, rectangular structure has a dormered hip roof, and is 2-1/2 stories in height over an elevated basement. A three-bay central pavilion, surmounted by a pediment containing a circular window, dominates the five-bay facade. A small, pedimented portico shelters the front entrance, which is framed by sidelights and a rectangular transom. A wrought-iron railing lines the front of the portico and the stairs, on the side. A dentiled cornice adorns the roofline of the house, as well as the portico and both pediments. Louvered shutters flank the windows.

A central hall, in two sections, divides the first-floor rooms into pairs, two front parlors to the east, or front, and a dining room and bedroom to the rear. The stairway is in the rear of the hall. The mantels, floors, and large double sliding doors in the parlors apparently date from the early 19th century. The mantels and trim in the other rooms appear to be original.

A private residence, the building is not open to the public.

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Last Updated: 29-Jul-2004