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National Historic Landmark BROOM (Jacob) HOUSE

Location: New Castle County, about 1 mile northwest of the Wilmington city limits, just north of New Bridge Road (Del. 141), Montchanin.

This is the only extant structure associated with Jacob Broom. It now comprises the north wing of a mansion also known as Hagley. In the 1790's Broom erected this residence near the west bank of the Brandywine River, not far from the site of his cotton mill, and lived in it until 1802. Broom's four-bay, 2-1/2-story house, of stone-stucco construction, is in good condition. It comprises an easily identifiable section of the mansion, and still embodies the main entrance. Ionic columns support the entablature of the one-bay front porch. On the front of the gable roof are two elliptical dormers and a glass-paneled lookout. A brick interior chimney rises from the ridge. Quoins mark the corners of the Broom wing, and paneled shutters flank the windows.

Broom House
Broom House. (National Park Service (Jack E. Boucher, 1975).)

During the 19th century, a large wing was attached on the north side and ornate embellishments were superimposed on the dormers of the original section. Subsequently, the addition and the adornments were removed and the present substantial wing, designed to harmonize with the simple earlier structure, was erected on the south.

The house serves as a private residence and is not open to the public.

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Last Updated: 29-Jul-2004