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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Survey of
Historic Sites and Buildings

SIX CATEGORIES of historic sites are described and listed in the following pages: First are units of the National Park System; second, National Historic Sites in non-Federal ownership; third, sites eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks; fourth, historic districts eligible for the Registry; fifth, sites of sufficient importance to merit attention but not considered nationally significant when measured by the criteria; and sixth, named but not described, sites of marginal importance which were examined by National Park Service field historians in the course of their studies and travels in preparing this work. The sites are listed, within these categories, alphabetically by States.

Many sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, maintained by the National Park Service's Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation. The register consists not only of sites in the National Park System and National Historic Landmarks but also those of State and local significance, nominated through appropriate channels by various States. It is published biennially and distributed by the Superintendent of Documents.

For the convenience of users of this volume, on the next page the sites and buildings are listed alphabetically by State. The following code indicates site categories:

Site Categories

National Park Service National Park System unit
National Historic Landmark National Historic Landmark
Other site Other Sites Considered

NOTE: The following descriptions indicate sites that are open to the public. Before visiting any of them, inquiry should be made to the owners or custodians concerning dates and hours of access and admission costs, usually nominal. Special permission should be obtained to visit privately owned sites. Web Edition Note: Since the publication of this document (1961) the status of some of these properties may have changed during the ensuing years. Where available, links are provided from each site to current Web pages that contain up-to-date information on these sites, including visitation information. While most of the sites are open to the public, some sites remain closed to visitation.

National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

A Sites in the National Park System
B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership
C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
E. Other Sites Considered
F. Sites Also Noted

A. Sites in the National Park System

Fort Frederica National Monument, Ga.

Adams National Historical Park, Mass.
Dorchester Heights National Historic Site (Boston NHP), Mass.
Longfellow National Historic Site, Mass.
Minute Man National Historical Park, Mass.
Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Mass.

Morristown National Historical Park, N.J.

Federal Hall National Memorial, N.Y.
Fort Stanwix National Monument, N.Y.
Saratoga National Historical Park, N.Y.
St. Paul's Church National Historic Site, N.Y.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, N.C.
Moores Creek National Military Park, N.C.

Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pa.
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, Pa.
Independence National Historical Park, Pa.
Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pa.

Cowpens National Battlefield, S.C.
Kings Mountain National Military Park, S.C.
Ninety Six National Historic Park, S.C.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument, Va.
Yorktown Battlefield, Colonial National Historical Park, Va.

B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership

Gloria Dei Church National Historic Site (Independence NHS), Pa.

Touro Synagogue National Historic Site, R.I.

C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

Webb House, Conn. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

John Dickinson House, Del. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

The Gundelo Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

Lady Pepperrell House, Maine (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Hammond-Harwood House, Md. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Whitehall, Md. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Buckman Tavern, Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Bunker Hill Monument, Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Christ Church (in Cambridge), Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Faneuil Hall, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Isaac Royall House, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Jeremiah Lee Mansion, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
King's Chapel, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Lexington Green, Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Massachusetts Hall, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Old North Church (Christ Church in Boston), Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Old South Meeting House, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Paul Revere House, Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Second Boston Town House, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Shirley-Eustis House, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Wright's Tavern, Mass. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

Macpheadris-Warner House, N.H. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Monmouth Battlefield, N.J. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Nassau Hall, N.J. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Princeton Battlefield, N.J. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Washington Crossing, N.J. and Pa. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

Bennington Battlefield, N.Y. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Fort Ticonderoga, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Johnson Hall, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Morris-Jumel Mansion, N.Y. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Oriskany Battlefield, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/23/62)
St. Paul's Chapel, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Stony Point Battlefield, N.Y. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Valcour Bay, N.Y. (NHL designation 01/01/61)
Washington's Headquarters (Hasbrouck House), N.Y. (NHL designation 01/20/61)

Brandywine Battlefield, Pa. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Bushy Run Battlefield, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Chew House (Cliveden), Pa. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Conrad Weiser Home, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Forks of the Ohio, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Graeme Park, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
John Bartram House, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Mount Pleasant, Pa. (NHL designation 05/30/74)

The Brick Market, R.I. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
First Baptist Meeting House, R.I. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Old State House, R.I. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Redwood Library and Athenaeum, R.I. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Camden Battlefield, S.C. (NHL designation 01/20/61)
Drayton Hall, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Miles Brewton House, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Mulberry Plantation, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Robert Brewton House, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
St. Michael's Episcopal Church, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Long Island of the Holston, Tenn. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Greenway Court, Va. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Mount Airy, Va. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
St. John's Episcopal Church, Va. (NHL designation 02/20/61)
Stratford Hall, Va. (NHL designation 10/07/60)
Westover, Va. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Wren Building, Va. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

Old Deerfield, Mass. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Colonial Niagara Historic District (Old Fort Niagara), N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
Huguenot Street, New Paltz, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Charleston, S.C. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

Williamsburg, Va. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

E. Other Sites Considered (those properties subsequently receiving NHL designation are noted)

Jonathan Trumbull War Office, Conn.
Nathan Hale Birthplace, Conn.
Newgate Prison and Granby Copper Mines, Conn. (NHL designation 11/28/72)

Cooch's Bridge, Del.
New Castle, Del. (NHL designation Historic District: 12/24/67; Court House: 11/28/72)

Fort King George and Fort Darien, Ga.
Kettle Creek Battlefield, Ga.
New Ebenezer, Ga.

Fort Sackville (George Rogers Clark NHP), Ind.

Blue Licks Battlefield, Ky.
Fort Boonesborough, Ky. (NHL designation 06/19/96)
Fort Harrod, Ky.
Locust Grove, Ky. (NHL designation 06/23/86)

Arnold Trail, Maine
Fort George, Maine
Fort Halifax, Maine (NHL designation 11/24/68)
Fort Western, Maine (NHL designation 11/07/73)

Brice House, Md. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Carroll-Caton House, Md.
Chase-Lloyd House, Md. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Fort Frederick, Md. (NHL designation 11/07/73)

Hancock-Clarke House, Mass. (NHL designation 07/17/71)
Jason Russell House, Mass.
Munroe Tavern, Mass.
General John Stark House, N.H.
General John Sullivan House, N.H. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
John Paul Jones House, N.H. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
Moffatt-Ladd House, N.H. (NHL designation 11/24/68)
Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion, N.H. (NHL designation 11/24/68)
Wentworth-Gardner House, N.H. (NHL designation 11/24/68)

Boxwood Hall (Boudinot House), N.J. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
Fort Mercer, N.J.
Middlebrook Encampment, N.J.
The Old Barracks, N.J. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
"Rockingham" (Berrien House), N.J.
Wallace House, N.J.
Westminster (The Proprietary House), N.J.

Conference House (Billopp House), N.Y. (NHL designation 05/23/66)
Field of Grounded Arms, N.Y.
Fort Crown Point (Amherst), N.Y. (NHL designation 11/24/68)
Fort Johnson, N.Y.
Fort Ontario (Fort Oswego), N.Y.
Fort William Henry, N.Y.
Fraunces Tavern, N.Y.
Herkimer Home, N.Y.
Knox Headquarters, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
Newtown Battlefield, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
New Windsor Cantonment (Temple Hill), N.Y.
Schuyler Mansion, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/24/67)
Senate House, N.Y.
Thomas Paine Cottage, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/28/72)

Alamance Battleground, N.C.
Bethabara, N.C. (NHL designation 01/20/99)
Brunswick Town, N.C.
Cupola House, N.C. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Historic Halifax, N.C.
Tryon Palace, N.C.

Schoenbrunn Village, Ohio

Fort Augusta, Pa.
Fort Mifflin, Pa. (NHL designation 08/29/70)
Golden Plough Tavern and Gates House, Pa.

General James Mitchell Varnum House, R.I.
General Nathanael Greene Homestead, R.I. (NHL designation 11/28/72)
Vernon House, R.I. (NHL designation 11/24/68)

Belleville Plantation and Associated Sites, S.C.
Colonel John Stuart House, S.C.
Colonel William Rhett House, S.C.
Colonial Powder Magazine, S.C.
Daniel Elliott Huger House, S.C.
The Exchange (Custom House), S.C. (NHL designation 11/07/73)
Eutaw Springs Battlefield, S.C.
French Protestant Huguenot Church, S.C. (NHL designation 11/07/73)
Jacob Motte House, S.C.

Bean Cabin Site, Tenn.
Fort Loudoun, Tenn. (NHL designation 06/23/64)
Sycamore Shoals and (lost site) Fort Watauga, Tenn. (NHL designation 07/19/64)

Hubbardton Battlefield, Vt.

Berkeley Plantation, Va. (NHL designation 11/11/71)
Carter's Grove Plantation, Va. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Castle Hill, Va.
Christ Church, Va. (NHL designation 05/30/61)
Gadsby's Tavern, Va. (NHL designation 11/04/63)
George Wythe House, Va. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Germanna, Va.
Hanover Courthouse, Va. (NHL designation 11/07/73)
Mount Vernon, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
Pohick Church, Va.
Scotchtown, Va. (NHL designation 12/21/65)
Shirley Plantation, Va. (NHL designation 04/15/70)
Springdale (Hite's Fort), Va.
Tuckahoe Plantation, Va. (NHL designation 08/11/69)

Point Pleasant Battlefield, W. Va.

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