Civil War Defenses of Washington
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FortificationKnown Landowner or their Representative
Fort AlbanyJames Roach and heirs, J.R. Johnson
Battery BaileyShoemaker family
Fort BakerSarah E. Anderson, Ann A.C. Naylor & Susan M. Naylor
Fort BarnardPhilip J. Buckey, Sewall B. Corbettt
Fort BennettWm. B. Ross, Attorney John H. Bogue, B.B. Lloyd
Fort BerrySewall B. Corbettt
Blockhouse south of Fort EllsworthElizabeth Studds' heirs, George Studds
Blockhouse between Fort Ellsworth & Fort Lyon, also batteryHenry Studds
Fort Bunker HillHenry Quinn
Fort C.F. SmithThomas Jewell
Battery CameronJ.H. Phillips
Fort CarrollFenwick Young
Fort CassMary Randolph Lee, United States Government
Fort ChaplinSelby B. Scaggs
Fort CravenSelby B. Scaggs
Fort CorcoranWilliam H. Ross
Fort CraigSeptimus Brown, Samuel Carison (Causen??), ____ Elliot
Fort DavisMajor Sayles J. Bowen, Daniel F. Lee
Fort DeRussyB.T. Swart
Fort DupontMichael Caton
Fort EllsworthHenry Rozier Dulany, Rebecca Ann Dulany
Fort Ethan AllenStephen & Mrs. E.M. Meredith
Fort FooteFrancis W. Rozier & wife, Mrs. M.A. Hill,, Benedict Edelin
Fort GainesWilliam A.T. Maddox & Mr. Loughborough
Battery Garesche & nearby BlockhouseMargeret B. Dangerfield
Fort GrebleWilliam Berry, Thomas M. Berry, Trustee, John C. McFerron, Lucien and Miss Eliza Berry
Fort HagertyOwen & Mary Murray and heirs, Thomas Cozar, Guardian
Battery JamesonJohn Veitch
Fort KearneyJohn Magee
Battery KembleWilliam A.T. Maddox
Fort LincolnJohn Veitch
Fort MansfieldThomas Dean family, Samuel Shoemaker
Fort MarcyGilbert Vanderwerken
Fort MartinScott James Weaver, C & O Canal Co.
Fort MeigsMrs. Stow, Mr. Joseph Trimble
Battery ParrottEllen J. King, John H. King
Battery PennJohn Collins
Fort RenoGiles Dyer, Mrs. [James C.] Dyer, Miles Dyer,
Fort ReynoldsGeorge W. Chase, L.E. Chittenden, Edward B. Powell, Mary Walker
Fort RickettsJ.H. Smith, George Washington Talburtt
Battery RodgersSamuel O. Bogot, Manassas Gap Railroad
Fort RunyonJames Roach and heirs
Fort SaratogaJohn B. Kibbey, William. Kibbey, Executor, Ann McDaniels
Fort ScottL.E. Chittenden, Hunter family
Fort SedgwickJohn Kennedy
Fort SimmonsS.F. & L. Burrows, Charles Shoemaker
Fort SlemmerHenry Douglass
Fort SlocumJohn F. Callan, L.E. Chittenden, Mary Walker
Battery SmeadeB.T. Swart
Fort SnyderJoseph T. Jenkins, Thomas Jenkins, ( Z?)Badcock Williams
Fort StantonGeorge Washington Talburtt
Fort StevensEmory Chapel or Emory Methodist Church, Elizabeth Thomas (?)
Fort StrongThomas Dawson, Allen Pearce
Fort SumnerAlbert Lodge
Fort ThayerCharles B. Calvert, Executor
Fort TillinghastColumbus Alexander
Fort TottenGeorge Thomas
Battery VermontUnited States Government
Fort WagnerJudson Richardson
Fort WhippleMary Randolph Lee, United States Government
Fort WilliamsSamuel Cooper, Willam Silvey, George A. Smith, John Williams
Fort WilliardSamuel R. Johnson, Josiah Willard
Fort WoodburyJohn Lambden
Fort WorthWilliam Silvey [1]

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