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Mount Rainier: Its Human History Associations
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1841 By Lt. Charles Wilkes 12,333 feet By triangulation from near Fort Nisqually.
1870 By James Smyth Lawson 14,444 feet Barometric
1888 or 1889 By E. S. Ingraham 14,524 feet Barometric
1896 By George F. Hyde of U. S. Geological Survey 14,519 feet Barometric
1897 July 27. By McClure and McAllister 14,528 feet Barometric
1902 By U. S. Geological Survey 14,363 feet Barometric
1905 July 25. By Alexander G. McAdie 14,394 feet Barometric
1913 and 1920 Government surveyors of the U. S. Geological Survey established elevation of mt. Rainier as 14,408 feet above seal level. Trigometric.

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