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Mount Rainier: Its Human History Associations
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I. Indian Legends. (See Winthrop, 1863, Chapter VII, entitled "Tacoma" for a very interesting Indian legend concerning Mount Rainier).
II. Early American Settlement.
  1. 1845, first American settlement at Tumwater, established under leadership of M. T. Simmons.

  2. First settlements at base and on slopes of Mount Rainier.

  3. Later settlement on slopes of Mount Rainier.

III. Indian Wars, 1855-6.
  1. White River massacre.

  2. Battles at base of Mount Rainier.

IV. What name? Mount Rainier or Mount Tacoma?
V. Scientific Expeditions on Mount Rainier.
  1. Geological and Topographical.

  2. Biological.

VI. Private Enterprise in the Development of Mount Rainier Park.
VII. Development as a National Park.
  1. Movement for the Park's establishment.

  2. The Park Service and Personnel.

VIII. Mount Rainier in Literature. Descriptive essays, fiction, poetry.
IX. Natural Resources of Mount Rainier Area and Their Development
  1. Forestry and Lumbering.

  2. Coal and Coal Mines.

  3. Other Minerals.

  4. Water Power.

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