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Field Division of Education
The Geology of Devils Tower National Monument
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This paper, the Geology of Devils Tower National Monument, is one of several prepared by a special research group employed under the Civil Works Program of 1933-34, by the Field Division of Education, National Park Service, Berkeley, California. Its purpose is to satisfy specialized needs existing in the National Park Service and it must not, therefore, be judged or regarded as a complete statement of the subject with which it deals.

The objective of this paper is the compilation of such pertinent information as will be helpful in the preparation of geological museum exhibits at Devils Tower National Monument and more specifically to outline the story to be interpreted by such exhibits. It is thus designed to aid museum preparators and Park Naturalists. For this reason the paper stresses those major geological features connected with the formation of Devils Tower and the generalized geology of the area surrounding it. Consequently, some readers may be disappointed in the paper, because of its limited scope; or may discover the omission of certain features which were net considered significant in the interpretation of this very specific feature of the landscape. Nevertheless, such interest has been manifested in the group of research papers, of which this is a part, that it seems worthwhile to make some of them available in the office mimeographed form. Not the least valuable feature of the paper should be its bibliography.

The format of the paper has been slightly modified from customary scholarly standards in order to save time and expense in mimeographing. Footnotes have been virtually eliminated and citations and comments are included in parentheses in the body of the text.

The mimeographing of this paper is made possible by assistance provided by the California State Emergency Relief Administration.

This bulletin produced with assistance of personnel provided through S.E.R.A.

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