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Field Division of Education
The History of Scotts Bluff Nebraska
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This paper, The History of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, is one of many prepared by a special research group employed under the Civil Works Program of 1933-34 by the Field Division of Education, National Park Service, Berkeley, Calif. Its purpose is to satisfy certain specialized needs existing in the National Park Service and it must not, therefore, be judged or regarded as a complete statement of the subject with which it deals.

The objective of this paper is the compilation of such pertinent information as will be helpful in the preparation of museum exhibits illustrating the history of the area of which Scotts Bluff National Monument is the center and, more specifically, to outline the story to be interpreted by such exhibits and to aid museum preparators and Park Naturalists. Consequently it stresses those aspects of Scotts Bluff history which are most adaptable to simple and effective museum display and treats but lightly those phases which cannot be objectively presented in the museum. The paper does not pretend to be an original piece of research but is rather a compilation of existing work. Nevertheless, such interest has been manifested in the group of research papers of which this is a part that it seems worthwhile to make some of them available in mimeographed form. Certainly this paper should be of value as an introduction to Central Plains history, particularly in view of its extensive bibliographic references.

The format of the paper has been slightly modified from customary scholarly standards in order to save time and expense in mimeographing. The pertinent footnotes will be found at the conclusion of each section.

The author, Dr. Donald D. Brand, has been associated with the Department of Geography of the University of California and is now a member of the faculty of the University of New Mexico. He is the author of several monographs published by the University of California press.

This bulletin produced with assistance of personnel provided through S.E.R.A.


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