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Xavier Timoteo Martinez
Five Views: An Ethnic Historic Site Survey for California



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A History of Mexican Americans in California:

Asociacion de Charros Camperos Del Valle
Sunol, Alameda County

Organized in 1971, the Asociacion de Charros Camperos del Valle in Sunol is located on a 25-acre site in Alameda County. The stables, horse stalls, lienzo (arena), a small trailer, and horse training equipment are on about two acres in the middle of the property. The remaining area of open land is used for parking and for training and exercising horses.

The California Charro Association promotes and maintains the tradition of the charriada in Mexicano/Chicano communities throughout California. The organization is composed of charro associations from San Jose, Vallejo, Stockton, Sunol, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Dixon. The Asociacion de Charros Camperos del Valle in Sunol is one of the larger and more active groups in the state. It is included in this survey as representative of the charro tradition in California.

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