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A History of Mexican Americans in California:

La Opinion Newspaper
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

La Opinion is the only daily Spanish-language newspaper in California, and the only Spanish-language paper that has published continuously since September 16, 1926, when it was founded by Ignacio Lozano, Sr. La Opinion since then has been not only the major Spanish-language newspaper in California but also the most consistent.

With a daily circulation of 45,000, La Opinion has provided Spanish-speaking people in California and the rest of the United States with national and international news and analysis. Since its founding, La Opinion has had a strong focus on news from the Spanish-speaking world, and has also provided Spanish-speaking journalists and other writers who have come to the United States as refugees with a forum for their opinions and analysis. Among such writers have been Jose Vasconcelos, Nemecio Garcia Naranjo, and Victor Valdecio Robles.

Tracing its journalistic roots to 1913 when Mr. Lozano, Sr. founded La Prensa in San Antonio, Texas, La Opinion is currently owned and published by Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr. Though politically unaligned and more moderate in tone than either El Clamor Publico or Regeneracion, its predecessors in Los Angeles, La Opinion continues the tradition among the Spanish-language press of defending Mexicanos and other Spanish-speaking people. Its news coverage and editorials during the deportations and repatriations of the 1930s and of the so-called zoot suit riots of the 1940s were among the few counters to the xenophobia, racism, and anti-Mexicanism blaring from the English-language press in Los Angeles and other areas of California and the United States. Circulated and read in Spanish-speaking communities across the country, La Opinion continues to serve in the best journalistic tradition of the Spanish-language press.

La Opinion Newspaper
La Opinion Newspaper, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

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