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A History of Black Americans in California:

Owl Rock
Vicinity of Guinda, Yolo County

A rock boulder marks a pioneer Black settlement in Yolo County. This boulder has been subjected to vandalism, and some signatures have been defaced.

On this rock, local pioneer settlers in the late nineteenth century, and more recent twentieth century arrivals, both Black and White, etched their names, initials, and sometimes the inscription dates. The rock was located on the Jackson Ranch in an area known then as "The Hill." The name referred to the hilly pasture land on the range outside Guinda, where the area's Black ranchers settled.

Notations left on this rock have created a monument to the pioneer settlers who braved adverse conditions in an effort to create a future by working the soil. Many of these early families homesteaded 160 hilly acres. Among the earliest Black settlers recorded on Owl Rock were the Logans, Simpsons, Campbells, Haskells, and Hickersons. Descendants of these pioneer settlers have retained title to their family homesteads, although none of the families now live on the Hill.

Owl Rock
Owl Rock, Vicinity of Guinda, Yolo County

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