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History of the National Park Service' features adminstrative histories of many well-known parks, information about former Secretaries of the Interior, Directors of NPS, and Chief Historians in addition to other resources
Collection of studies, reports, essays, and online books specific to park units
The NPS thematic framework's eight concepts outline the interdisciplinary concerns for use in evaluating the significance and contexts of historic places and building contextual historic-site interpretive and educational programs. A list of parks categorized by areas of significance is also included here.
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      Maritime History
Research and Education has teaching materials, diversity resources, and addition research information.
Oral History has information on the National Park Service's oral history programs, and oral history in general

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Please note: The following links may contain copyrighted material. Permission has been granted to the National Park Service to post this information online, but the copyrights are still reserved by the owner of the original books. While NPS-produced publications are normally considered to be in the public domain, many of the reports contain illustrations that are copies of materials NOT in the public domain, for which one-time reprint permission was obtained prior to each report's publication. Persons wishing to use these illustrations for any purpose beyond educational perusal must obtain their own permissions from the owners of the original materials.

'Classic' National Park Service Publications

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  • Anthropological Papers series
  • Archeological Research series
  • A Study of the Park and Recreation Problem of the United States (1941)
  • A Survey of the Recreational Resources of the Colorado River Basin (1946)

  • C
  • Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites

  • F
  • Fauna series
  • Field Division of Education series
  • Five Views: An Ethnic Historic Site Survey for California

  • G
  • Glimpses of Historic Areas East of the Mississippi River (1937)
  • Glimpses of Our National Monuments (1930)
  • Glimpses of Our National Parks (1941)

  • H
  • Historical Handbook series
  • Historic Places Commemorating the Chief Executives of the United States
  • Historic Places Commemorating the Signing of the Constitution
  • Historic Places Commemorating the Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Historic Places Commemorating Lewis and Clark's Transcontinental Exploration (1804-06)
  • History and Prehistory in the National Park System and the National Historic Landmarks Program (1987)

  • I
  • Interpretive series

  • N
  • National Academy of Sciences Advisory Committee on Research in the National Parks: The Robbins Report
  • Natural History Handbook series
  • National Park Service. Hearing before the Committee on the Public Lands, House of Representatives (1916)

  • O
  • Our Fourth Shore: Great Lakes Shoreline (1959)
  • Our Vanishing Wildlife: Its Extermination and Preservation (1913)

  • P
  • Popular Study series
  • Proceedings of a Conference of Governors (1908)
  • Proceedings of the First Park Naturalists' Training Conference(1929)
  • Proceedings of the National Park Conference, vol. 4 (1917)

  • R
  • Recreational Use of Land in the United States (1938)
  • Research and Education in the National Parks (1932)

  • S
  • Scientific Monograph series
  • Source Book series

  • T
  • The National Parks Portfolio (1931)
  • The National Park Story in Pictures (1957)
  • The National Park Wilderness (1957)
  • The Regional Review (1938-1941)
  • Transactions and Proceedings series

  • U
  • Urban Ecology series

  • W
  • Wildlife Management in the National Parks: The Leopold Report

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