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History of the National Park Service' features adminstrative histories of many well-known parks, information about former Secretaries of the Interior, Directors of NPS, and Chief Historians in addition to other resources
Collection of studies, reports, essays, and online books specific to park units
The NPS thematic framework's eight concepts outline the interdisciplinary concerns for use in evaluating the significance and contexts of historic places and building contextual historic-site interpretive and educational programs. A list of parks categorized by areas of significance is also included here.
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      Maritime History
Research and Education has teaching materials, diversity resources, and addition research information.
Oral History has information on the National Park Service's oral history programs, and oral history in general

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Please note: The following links may contain copyrighted material. Permission has been granted to the National Park Service to post this information online, but the copyrights are still reserved by the owner of the original books. While NPS-produced publications are normally considered to be in the public domain, many of the reports contain illustrations that are copies of materials NOT in the public domain, for which one-time reprint permission was obtained prior to each report's publication. Persons wishing to use these illustrations for any purpose beyond educational perusal must obtain their own permissions from the owners of the original materials.

History of the National Park Service

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  • A Brief History of the National Park Service (1940)
  • A History of Mission 66 (pdf)
  • A History of the U.S. Department of the Interior During the Clinton Administration 1993-2001 (pdf)
  • Addresses and proceedings of the First National Conservation Congress held at Seattle, Washington, August 26-28, 1909
  • Administrative Histories in Alaska (pdf)
  • Administrative History Guide for the National Park Service
  • America's National Park System: The Critical Documents
  • Antiquities Act: The First Hundred Years of a Landmark Law (2006) (pdf)
  • Antiquities Act and National Monuments (pdf)
  • Antiquities Act of 1906
  • Antiquities Act of 1906 by Ronald Lee
  • A Public Face for Science: A. Starker Leopold and the Leopold Report (pdf)

  • B
  • Birthdays of the National Park Service
  • Brief History of the National Park Service
  • Brief History of Mapping the National Parks

  • C
  • Chief Historians of the National Park Service
  • Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy
  • Conservationists and the Battles to Keep Dams Out of Yellowstone: Hetch Hetchy Overturned (2001)
  • Creating the National Park Service: The Missing Years (1999)
  • CRM Magazine

  • D
  • Directors of the National Park Service
  • Domestic Tranquility and the National Park System (pdf)

  • E
  • Enigmatic Icon: The Life and Times of Harry Yount
  • Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920
  • Exit Interview with Barry Mackintosh (pdf)
  • Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930s: An Administrative History

  • F
  • Family Tree of the National Park Service
  • Famous Quotes about the National Parks
  • Filing Scheme of NPS pre-1953 (1953) (pdf)
  • Former National Park System Units: An Analysis

  • G
  • Glance Back in Time (MWAC History)
  • Giving a Dam: Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy

  • Highways in Harmony
  • Historic Listings of National Park Service Officials
  • Historic Railroads in the National Park System and Beyond (pdf)
  • Historic Roads in the National Park System
  • History and Prehistory in the National Park System and the National Historic Landmarks Program
  • History of National Park Service Museums
  • How the U.S. Cavalry Saved our National Parks

  • I
  • Intangible Values Of Protected Areas: What Are They?: Why Do They Matter? (2004) (pdf)
  • Interpretation in the National Park Service
  • Invisible Men: Buffalo Soldiers of the Sierra Navada (pdf)

  • J
  • Japanese-American Internment Sites Preservation

  • L
  • List of National Park Publications (1912)

  • Mission 66 Visitor Centers
  • Mission Statements: Where We Need to Go—Lessons from Septima Clark
  • Museum Curatorship in the National Park Service
  • Museum Handbook

  • N
  • National Monuments to National Parks
  • National Parks: The American Experience
  • National Parks-The Need of the Future (1913) (pdf)
  • National Park Service: The First 75 Years
  • National Park Service Act of 1916: A Contradictory Mandate
  • National Park Site Designations (pdf)
  • National Parks and Education: The First Twenty Years
  • National Park Service Program of Conservation for Areas and Structures of National Historical Significance
  • National Park Service Uniforms: Badges and Insignia: 1894-1991
  • National Park Service Uniforms: Badges and Uniform Ornamentation of the National Park Service (Revised 1997)
  • National Park Service Uniforms: In Search of an Identity, 1872-1920
  • National Park Service Uniforms: Ironing Out the Wrinkles, 1920-1932
  • National Park Service Uniforms: Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts, 1918-1991
  • National Park Service Uniforms: The Developing Years 1932-1970
  • National Park System Timeline
  • National Park System Timeline (Annotated)
  • National Monument Proclamations under the Antiquities Act
  • Native Americans, the Earliest Interpreters: What is Known About Their Legends and Stories of Yellowstone National Park and the Complexities of Interpreting Them(pdf) (2001)
  • "This paper is a shortened version of chapter one of the author's book STORYTELLING IN YELLOWSTONE: HORSE AND BUGGY TOUR GUIDES (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2007), pp. 11-32."
  • New Research Mandate for America's National Park System

  • O
  • "Oh, Ranger!" A Book about the National Parks
  • Origins of National Park Service Administration of Historic Sites
  • Organizational Structures of the National Park Service - 1917 to 1985

  • P
  • Park Dates
  • Parks, Politics, and the People
  • Parks for America (1964)
  • Philanthropy and the National Parks
  • Philosophical Basis for National Park Management
  • Philosophical Underpinnings of the National Park Idea
  • Pilgrim Places: Civil War Battlefields, Historic Preservation, and America's First National Military Parks, 1863-1900 (pdf)
  • Presenting Nature: The Historic Landscape Design of the National Park Service (1916 to 1942)
  • Public Use of the National Park System 1872-2000

  • Q
  • Quotes (Conservation, Parks and Natural Beauty) (1966) (pdf)

  • R
  • Rally on the High Ground: The National Park Service Symposium on the Civil War
  • Reading the Earth: From Wonder to Appreciation (pdf)
  • Report to the Secretary of the Interior: The Preservation of Historic Sites and Buildings (pdf)
  • Research and Education in the National Parks
  • Researching and Interpreting the Underground Railroad
  • Revision of the National Park Service Thematic Framework (1994)
  • Rustic Architecture 1916 - 1942

  • S
  • Science in the National Parks (1992)
  • Selected Events in the Development of the American Conservation Movement, 1847-1920
  • Some Notes on Thematic and Multi-Park Administrative Histories (pdf)

  • T
  • The Antiquities Act of 1906 at Its Centennial (pdf) (2006)
  • The Antiquities Act-Setting Basic Preservation Policies (pdf)
  • The Bearer Has Permission (pdf)
  • The American Civil War and the Preservation of Memory (pdf)
  • The Beginnings of a New National Historic Preservation Program, 1957 to l966 (pdf)
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Park Service, 1933-1942
  • The Department of Everything Else
  • The Emergence of the Mission 66 Visitor Centers
  • The Fight For Conservation by Gifford Pinchot (1910)
  • The Idea of Wilderness in the National Parks
  • The Interior Building: Celebrating a Department's Mission Through its Architecture and Art (pdf)
  • The Legacy of Mission 66/Mission 66 and "Rustication"
  • The Legacy of Mission 66/The Mission 66 Visitor Center
  • The Letters of Franklin K. Lane, Personal and Political
  • The Man and Nature; or Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action by George P. Marsh (1864)
  • The Meaning of Nature: Wilderness, Wildlife, and Ecological Values in the National Parks
  • The Monumental Legacy of the Antiquities Act of 1906 (pdf)
  • The National Parks: Shaping the System
  • The National Park Service and Cultural Resources (pdf)
  • The National Park Service: Groveling Sycophant or Social Conscience?
  • The National Park Service Looks Toward the 21st Century: The 1988 General Superintendents Conference and Discovery 2000
  • The Role of History in Managing NPS Areas (pdf)
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the National Park System
  • The Origin and Evolution of the National Military Park Idea
  • The United States Park Police: A History
  • The White House & Presidents Park Administrative History
  • Thoughts on the Preservation of Place

  • V
  • Visitor Fees in the National Park System: A Legislative and Administrative History

  • W
  • Writing Environmental and Park Histories

  • Y
  • Yellowstone Nature Notes
  • Yellowstone Nature Notes: A Neglected Documentary Resource (pdf)

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