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Trains of Discovery


Alfred Runte

This beautifully updated, nostaligic history reminds us of the significant role that the railroads have played in the establishment of our national parks, helping to turn the dreams of America's environmental visionaries into reality.

Illustrated with period photographs, commissioned paintings, and advertising art, this new edition now includes general information (train descriptions, numbers, names and addresses of cooperating park associations) for Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Denali National Parks, all which are still accessible by rail, as well as the National Parks Program of the American Orient Express.

A noted environmental hisotrian and public lecturer on the national parks, Alfred Runte lives in Seattle, Washington, where he writes and consults full time on environmental and transportation issues. Among his other works are The National Parks: The American Experience and Yosemite: The Embattled Wilderness.

Trains of Discovery is published by Roberts Rinehart (ISBN 1570982317)for $19.95 in softcover.

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