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Ethnic Heritage: Hispanic

This is an image of Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumac‡cori National Historical Park tells the story of the first Europeans who came to southern Arizona and of the native people who lived here then. It is a dramatic story from any perspective: at stake was not only basic survival but hearts and minds. And yet even then, each new day brought birdsong and breakfast to native, priest, settler, and soldier alike. All changed bit by bit as the days unfolded, until a vigorous new culture blending elements from ristras to rosaries was born.

Visitors appreciate this special place for the opportunity to tour the mission church, cemetery and outlying structures and grounds in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere reminiscent of the period in which they were established. Photographers especially enjoy the earth colors and shadows of the mission buildings. The mission courtyard and garden just off the visitor center provide a peaceful, quiet place to relax and reflect. Many bird species are seen at the mission due to its proximity to the Santa Cruz river. A short quarter mile hike to the river could be rewarding to bird watching enthusiasts.

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