Museums - Draft Heritage Study and Environmental Assessment

1 Old Landmark Inn & Captain's Table Restaurant Illinois Randolph County, Chester Building near Mississippi River, built in the 1830s, retains its original structure but has been remodeled. Private Architecture; The River William & Ellen Cohen Memorial Center, Elzie Segar Birthplace Restaurant open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; otherwise, a lounge. This restaurant overlooking the Mississippi River is about all that is left from Chester's riverboat heydey. Delta Queen, other riverboats dock sometimes. Mark Twain is said to have frequented here.
2 William & Ellen Cohen Memorial Center Illinois Randolph County, Chester Ten-room white frame mansion with glass windows tinted blue on upper half. Originally built in 1855, building sits on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Inside, fireplaces and woodwork reflect earlier era. Public Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values Old Landmark Inn & Captain's Table Restaurant Serves as a community center that welcomes visitors; tours are conducted Mark Twain referred to the cobalt windows of the structure (untouched) in Life on the Mississippi.
3 Roscoe Misselhorn Art Gallery Illinois Randolph County, Sparta Housed in the restored GM & O Railroad depot, gallery has about 900 pencil sketchings done over his lifetime by the local artist, now in his 90s. Public Art; History Randolph County Archives Building, ASC Provincial House (Ruma Convent) [sites Misselhorn sketched] Weekend hours: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., but private tours can be arranged. Sketches spanning 1920s to present are of the surrounding area, as well as St. Louis, Chicago, and other places. Residents call Misselhorn their local "Norman Rockwell."
4 Popeye Museum/Spinach Can Collectibles Illinois Randolph County, Chester Gift store selling Popeye memorabilia housed in the Old Opera House where Elzie Segar, Popeye's Creator, once worked. Private Expressing Cultural Values NA Museum of Popeye memorabilia with items to sell. Elzie Segar, a native of Chester, created his "Popeye", comic strip using local people.
5 Popeye Mural on the side of the Old Chester Opera House Illinois Randolph County, Chester Mural on the side of the Old Chester Opera House, where Elzie Segar worked. Includes Olive Oyl, Popeye, and Wimpy; gives names of local people on which the characters are based. Public Expressing Cultural Values Segar's birthplace; marked grave of Rocky Feigle [basis for Popeye]. Good for Popeye fans, can be viewed easily. Universal planning to open a Popeye theme park. Popeye has his own stamp.
6 Marked grave of Frank "Rocky" Feigle, basis for Popeye. Illinois Randolph County, Chester Frank "Rocky" Feigle's grave, in St. Mary's Cemetery, now has a tombstone with a picture of Popeye on it. Grave was marked by the Popeye Fan Club Expressing Cultural Values NA Easily viewed Rocky Feigle was sort of the town bully; always had a pipe in his mouth.
7 Riverboat Mural at U.S. Post Office Illinois Randolph County, Chester, IL Built in June 1938, occupied in May 1939, site still in use today. Real interest is 1930s wall mural, painted around 1940 by Fay Davis, a Depression artist. Shows Chester's riverboat era. Public The River; Architecture; Art; Women Old Landmark Inn and Captain's Table Restaurant Open regular business hours. Mural is described as a "Hollywood-type depiction" akin to Showboat. Other Fay Davis work is said to be in other areas of Illinois.
8 Sparta Community Airport/"Hunter Field" Illinois Randolph County, Sparta Organized in 1959. Called "Hunter Field" after the Hunter brothers, local aviation pioneers. Pictures of Hunter brothers with their aircraft and other memorabilia hang in the office, and a plaque is mounted on a post. Public Aviation NA No admission. Pavilion and picnic area for public. Hunter brothers, friends of C. Lindbergh, set aviation records, most notably world endurance record for flying over Chicago nonstop for 28 days in 1929. Two died tragically, one air-related; 2 others flew, private pilot for a congressman, other for AA.
9 John A. Logan Museum Illinois Jackson County, Murphysboro Located at site of Logan's birth, museum honors Logan, who fought in the Mexican War in 1846 and served as a Union soldier, rising to major general. Public Civil War; Veterans Other Civil War sites Regular hours on weekends Logan fought in Battle of Bull Run, kept Union forces from destroying Raleigh after Lincoln's death. Elected to Congress after Mexican and Civil Wars. Launched Memorial Day; swayed Southern Illinois to Union side. VP mate, J. Blaine in 1884 Pres. race.
10 ASC Provincial House (The Ruma Convent) Illinois Randolph County, Ruma In a building built before 1860s, Clara Zerr & 20 sisters of Adorers of the Blood of Christ fleeing Bismarck in 1876 settled on about 26 acres (former boys' school), began serving German community of southern Illinois. (see "Comments") Private Religion; Ethnic Diversity; Architecture; Agriculture Other religious communities Private property includes a nursing home; visitors asked not to walk the grounds unsupervised. Can call to arrange tours. Former school and seminary turned over to the sisters. Building additions made in 1870, 1890, 1925. Farm produces corn, wheat, cattle; sisters teach and are missionaries. Now 500 acres and serve world community. Province headquarters.
11 National Coal Museum Illinois Franklin County, near West Frankfort Established 132 years ago, only mine shaft open to the public. Located 600 feet belowground. Visitors enter a cage and drop down. View is pre-dinosaur, over 300 million years old. Public nonprofit Working People; Building the American Economy Other coal mines Open 7 days a week, tour guides are actual coal miners who worked in mine in '94 before closing. Admission fee; groups of 20 or more need reservation. Interpreters available with advance notice. Mine opened August 1996; has drawn over 4,000 visitors. Dream of Charles Ledvina, former coal miner paralyzed in mine accident. Dedicated to pre-serving rich coal mine heritage. Plans are to open restored 1920s Hoist House, building leads to the cage leading to mine. More memorabilia will be added, too.
12 Randolph County Museum and Archives Illinois Randolph County, Chester, IL Stone Gothic building constructed in 1864 now houses museum and archives of French Colonial Records. Public Architecture; Ethnic Diversity Roscoe Misselhorn Gallery (sketching of building) Part-time curator, but can view building during regular business hours. NA
13 Ibendahl Farmstead Illinois Perry County, near DuQuoin This 12-room house built in 1850s contains Locust Hill Academy, Illinois's first graded school system (attended by John Logan). Started in 1858 by B. G. Roots, who also hid slaves during Civil War. Private Education; Ethnic Diversity; Slavery; Civil War John A. Logan Museum Tours by appointment only. The Ibendahls are knowledgeable about the history. NA
14 Harvey Pitt's Waterfowl Museum Illinois Perry County, DuQuoin Display of 550 antique wood duck decoys; also mounted waterfowl Private People versus Nature NA Tours by appointment only; entrance fee $1, refreshments provided. Harvey Pitt is well-spoken and knowledgeable. He has expanded his home to accommodate this museum.
15 Marion Cultural Center Illinois Williamson County, Marion, IL Restored 1921 vaudeville theater Public Expressing Cultural Values: theater arts. NA Plays and performances offered throughout the year. Harry Houdini performed here.
16 Egyptian Drive-In Restaurant Illinois Williamson County Drive-in movie theater; world's largest screen at 12 stories high. Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values NA Eat-in restaurant. Movies shown from February to October. One of Illinois's remaining drive-in movie theaters; old-fashioned prices.
17 Depot Veterans' Museum/Coal Miners' Memorial Illinois Franklin County, West Frankfort Restored railroad depot housing a museum of memorabilia of all 1900s wars Public War; Working People; Building the American Economy National Coal Museum Tours available by appointment NA
18 Frankfort Area Museum Illinois Franklin County, West Frankfort Built in 1916; contains exhibits spanning 1802-1976, including early home, early doctor's office. Public Peopling Places; Working People, National Coal Museum; Depot Veterans' Museum/Coal Miners' Memorial Open Wednesdays and Thursdays Has a widely used genealogy library; also has noose used to hang Charlie Birger of the Shelton Gang in the 1920s.
19 The Hill House (Bed & Breakfast) Illinois Franklin County, Sesser, Restored 1914 three-story house with built-in bookcases, fireplace, china cabinet. Contains original picture rail. Private Vernacular Architecture NA Four rooms available for visitors, each with a different theme, one of which is Lincoln-Douglass, another, antiques. NA
20 Bald Knob Cross Illinois Union County Cross, 111 ft. tall, was completed in 1963 as a national symbol of faith in God. When lit at night, can be seen over 7,500 square miles. Public Spirituality NA Bald Knob Recreation Area is available at no charge to all religious groups. Welcome center on premise offers refreshments. First Easter service was held here in 1937; wooden cross built in 1938. Three wooden crosses still there were erected in 1945. Founders Wayman Presley and Rev. William Lirely died in 1990 and 1992, respectively.
21 The Superman Museum Illinois Massac County, Metropolis Museum housing more than 40,000 items relating to Superman, including comic books, movie props, original art, a phone booth. Private Popular Culture Superman statue Open 7 days a week 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; $3 general admission, children 5 & under, free. NA
22 Superman Statue Illinois Massac County, Metropolis Fifteen-foot statue with "Truth, Justice, and The American Way" carved on its base. Public Popular Culture The Superman Museum NA Only U.S. town named Metropolis, so town raised more than $100,000 to build statue by selling bricks where the statue stands. The local newspaper even renamed itself The Metropolis Planet.
23 The Chocolate Factory Illinois Pope County, Dixon Springs Chocolate shop featuring over 30 different kinds of chocolate, plus a variety of beverages and ice cream Private Expressing Cultural Values: food NA Restaurant Across the street from Dixon Springs State Park.
24 Colvis Orchards Illinois Randolph County, north of Chester Orchards that have been in Colvis family for four generations. Private Peopling Places; Food NA Closed Christmas to mid-April. Sells bedding plants, chrysanthemums, holiday plants, dried flowers, candies, crafts, etc. Harry Colvis moved to this site in 1908 to escape the flood. Fourth generation now operates the orchards.
25 Elzie Segar's Birthplace (Creator of Popeye) Illinois Randolph County, Chester Marker indicating where Elzie Segar was born. Public/Private Popular Culture; Recreation Popeye Statue; Spinach Can Murals; Popeye Museum; Rocky Feigle's grave Marker only; house is privately occupied. Segar created the comic strip in 1929, basing characters on many town residents, including his boss for Wimpy. Popeye will have a theme park at Disney World. He already has a stamp.
26 Popeye Statue Illinois Randolph County, Chester Statue of Popeye commissioned by the city because Popeye creator Elzie Segar is a Chester native. Public Popular Culture Elzie Segar's Birthplace; Popeye Mural; Spinach Can Collectibles; Popeye Museum NA NA
27 Old Slave House Illinois Gallatin County, Equality Three-story mansion built between 1834 and 1838. Slaves were kept on the third floor, and there was a breeding room to breed new slaves. Private Slavery; Race Relations Other slavery-related sites Not open to public at present. Owner John Hart Crenshaw built this house where he kept slaves he bought and traded on the third floor, where he also had two slave posts for whipping slaves. There is much in the house. Hopefully someone will ensure that it reopens.
28 The American Fluorite Museum Illinois Hardin County, Rosiclare Museum dedicated to fluorspar, or fluorite, state's official mineral. On the site of an actual mine last worked in 1954. Mineral appears as crystals. Used in making steel, aerosols, ceramic glaze. Public Building the American Economy Other labor/industry sites Plans to start hours for visiting. Originally lead was mined, but owners discovered Fluorspar could be used with steel; began mining it after Civil War. Fluorspar appears as crystals in hues from purple to green, pink, yellow, and amethyst.
29 Veterans' Affairs Hospital Illinois Williamson County, Marion Hospital built in 1941 has an Egyptian motif and is painted in different hues of pink, with terra cotta running throughout. In addition, there are some eagles on top of the building. Public Architecture; War Egyptian Drive-in Restaurant Can drive by and see unusual architecture Egyptian theme is compatible with Cairo in Alexander, and the area known as "little Egypt."
30 Concord Cemetery Illinois Pulaski Co., Concord Cemetery, 3 miles northwest of Olmstead, IL Small cemetery of 3 acres which has been there since before the Civil War, estimates range around 1828 to 1836. Grave of Ed Gore particular note. Notorious practical joker, had a tombstone built prior to death that kind of looks like a pyramid. Private Regional Creativity NA Can Visit Anytime The pyramid-like tombstone has a 10 ft. square base and goes about 40 feet up and has a cannonball atop it. Built in 1933, just a little before Ed Gore died.
31 Concord cemetery Illinois Pulaski County, near Olmstead Small 3-acre cemetery has existed since before the Civil War, estimates range around 1828 to 1836. Of particular note, grave of Ed Gore, a notorious practical joker who had a rather pyramid-looking tombstone built before his death. Private Regional Creativity NA Can visit anytime Gore's pyramid-shaped tombstone has a base 10 feet square and is about 40 feet tall, with a cannonball atop it. Built in 1933, just a little before Ed Gore died.
32 Hamilton County Historical Society Museum Illinois Hamilton County, second floor of McCoy Memorial Library, McLeansboro Housed in a Victorian house built around 1884. War room in the museum includes war memorabilia from Mexican War to the Vietnam war. Also has a genealogy room. Public Regional History; Military History Other military and war-related sites Open 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays This Victorian house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
33 Matsel Cabin Illinois White County, Carmi Log cabin built in 1850s - 1860s that portrays mid-1800s life of an average family. Public Peopling Places Other "Peopling Places" sites Carmi Chamber of Commerce has information This may be only site in Carmi not on the National Register of Historic Places. Perhaps it is a candidate as well.
34 Mary Lou's Illinois Jackson County, Carbondale Restaurant started in the 1960s; slogan is "Downtown, down home." Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Other restaurants Known for biscuits and gravy, homemade cream pies. Everything is homemade in this "downtown, down home" restaurant that is a tradition at Southern Illinois University. Has pictures on the wall.
35 Saline County Area Museum Illinois Saline County, Harrisburg Eleven buildings on property, which was originally a poplar farm from 1855 to 1948. Converted to museum in 1960. Contains a 22-room house that has a south wing of 10 rooms built in 1855, and a north wing with 12 rooms, in 1877. Never used residentially. Public Peopling Places; Architecture; Building the American Economy; Religion Other "Peopling Places" sites Open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays; Sundays 12-4 p.m., closed Mondays Of 170 original acres, 3.5 remain. Cemetery across street is still in use. Buildings on property brought in from around county: one-room schoolhouse from 1800s, small grocery store, post office, log cabin, church, caretaker's cabin over 170 years old.
36 The Paul Powell Museum Illinois Johnson County, Vienna Museum opened in 1979 at birth home of Paul Powell, the 31st and 32nd Illinois secretary of state. Served in state government beginning in 1934; died in office. Public Regional History NA Saturdays and Sundays 2 to 4 p.m. Paul Powell was one of the key sponsors for McCormick Place in Chicago. He helped Harry Truman win Illinois in 1948 and John F. Kennedy in 1960.
37 Cobden Museum Illinois Union County, Cobden Museum opened in 1961 with an emphasis on Indian artifacts in the Southern Illinois area, but now it also has Civil War items, a pump organ, and Anna Kirkpatrick pottery. Private Native Americans; Regional History; War Other Native American sites Closed in winter; reopens each April; can call owners for hours. Indian artifacts include projectile points, tools, pottery, weapons, hunting tools and jewelry. Believed to be one of the largest public displays of Indian artifacts in southern Illinois.
38 Lincoln-Douglass Debate Marker Illinois Union County, Jonesboro, Large piece of stone with a brass plate describing the historic debate marks the site of the 1858 debate. Public Civil War; American History Other Civil War sites Site and Lincoln Memorial Picnic Area open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. NA
39 Williamson County Museum Illinois Williamson County, Marion Museum occupies the old Williamson County Jail, built in 1913. Public Regional History NA Closed December 1 through April 1; open April-December on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sixteen sheriffs and families lived in this building while inmates were incarcerated in back. Now it houses information about Williamson County.
40 Davie Intermediate Grade School Illinois Union County, Anna School building 100 years old. Donated by Davie, who asked that town be named after his wife, Anna. Public Architecture Other schools Visitor services not established yet Building has always been used as a school; what the town will do with it is unknown.
41 Old Railroad Bridge Illinois Alexander County, Thebes Old bridge made of double-tracked steel Channel span is 671 feet long. Public? Railroads; Architecture NA Not yet determined Bridge designed by Ralph Mojeski, son of famous opera singer, crosses Mississippi River to Scott City, MO. Tested on May 25, 1905.
42 Garden of the Gods Illinois Gallatin County, Elizabethtown Collection of wind- and water-eroded limestone and sandstone cliffs. The land, once flat, has lifted up thousands of feet over hundreds of centuries. Public People versus Nature NA NA NA
43 Battlefield-Belmont, MO Missouri Mississippi County near East Prairie Civil War Battlefield: Nov 7, 1861, U.S. Grant's first Civil War engagement. Attacked town of Belmont from Mississippi River, forcing the Confeder-ates to retreat after 4 hours of fighting. Overconfident, the Federals set no defenses and were driven back. Private Civil War Other Civil War sites None None
44 Margaret Harwell Art Museum Missouri Poplar Bluff, MO Fine Arts Museum in an 1833 home houses a growing collection of works by contempo-rary Missouri artists. Private Recreation
Museum None
45 New Madrid Historical Museum Missouri New Madrid, MO Exhibits on New Madrid earthquake, Civil War, Native Americans, and turn-of-the-century items Public The River/Civil War Island No. 10, Belmont Battlefield, Burnt Mill Museum Also an observation deck overlooking the Mississippi River
46 Altenburg, MO Missouri Perry County, Altenburg, MO Founded in 1839 by the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church. First MO town established for purely religious purposes. Varies-see individual sites See individual sites See individual sites See individual sites Of seven closely grouped Saxon Lutheran settle-ments, only Alten-burg, Frohna, and Uniontown remain; Dresden, Seelitz, Johannisberg, and Wittenberg declined.
47 Darnstaedt House Missouri Perry County, Altenburg One-room log cabin built c. 1839 Private Vernacular architecture Other Altenburg sites None In 1840, house accommodated Johann Darnstaedt, wife, and four children.
48 Old Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Altenburg, Perry County One-story structure, c. 1845. Vernacular construction, built with various sizes of limestone. Converted in 1867 to a school; closed in 1969. Private Spirituality Other Altenburg sites Building is now a museum displaying local church items, including an 1845 baptismal tray and the original church bell, cast in Spain, 1761. None
49 Log Cabin College
Altenburg, Perry County One-story structure c. 1839. First Lutheran seminary west of Missis-sippi River; moved here in 1912 from Dresden. From this evolved Concordia Seminary, oldest Lutheran institiution of higher learning in MO. Public Spirituality Other Altenburg sites College has been semi-converted into a museum with exhibits None
50 Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Altenburg, Perry Co. Large church, c. 1866 Private Spirituality Other Altenburg sites Open to the public. Built from locally quarried sandstone
51 St. Laurence Catholic Church Missouri Scott County, MO, near New Hamburg Built c. 1857 by Belgian immigrants. Built with locally quarried stone. Church burned during the Civil War; only a shell of a church (just walls) remain. Private Civil War Belmont Battlefield, Burnt Mill, Island No. 10 No visitation No comment
52 Iron County Courthouse Missouri Iron County, MO, Ironton Iron County's first and only courthouse (enlarged in 1964.) Two-story red brick structure with Italianate influences. During Civil War, each side occupied the courthouse twice. Bullet scars still visible. Public Civil War Belmont Battlefield, Burnt Mill Visitors may stroll grounds, though not much of the interior is open to public. Courthouse is still in use. Also on grounds, an 1898 gazebo
53 Shot Tower Site Missouri Jefferson County, Herculaneum, MO Bronze plaque Public Working People/Conflict between people and nature Iron furnaces Downtown displays some good examples of late 19th century architecture. Town named for the Roman town buried by Mount Vesuvius. Town founder Moses Austin likened the smoke from the lead mines to that of Vesuvius. Town is evidence of Missouri's mining heritage. Towers built c.1819.
54 Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Missouri Jefferson County, Goldman Built in 1872 to span Sandy Creek. Destroy-ed in 1886 flood; rebuilt to same specifications. Public Conflict between people and nature Shot Tower site, Iron Furnace None Bridge was one of six covered bridges along the Hillsboro-Lemay Ferry Rd through the mining areas to St. Loius. Testament to the importance of mining in the area.
55 Doolittle, MO Missouri Phelps County Small town established in 1944, named for WW II General Jimmy Dooittle. On farmland along old Route 66. Sights along Route 66 in andnear Doolittle: Aaron's Radiator, Malone's Service Station, Eisenhower Street. Private Recreation Rolla Cemetery None Appearance has not changed a great deal; this section of Route 66 is rather well preserved. Tours might be profitable, at least a brochure to illustrate the immense cultural impact of Route 66.
56 Topaz Mill Missouri Douglas County Built c.1893, Topaz Mill is reportedly the area's oldest mill. Built on the North fork of the White River by a Choctaw woman and her husband. Private Native Americans; Conflict between People and Nature Shot Tower site, Cowan Cemetery Maps are available at Mountain Grove Chamber of Commerce Mill is in an idyllic setting, seems to be begging for restoration and a visitor center. There are other mills in the area.
57 Potosi, MO Missouri Washington County Population 2,683. In 1797 Moses Austin (father of Stephen F. Austin) acquired a mine and 3 square miles of land as a Spanish grant. The mine became a successful year-round operation. It included a shot tower, a lead processing plant, mills, and stores. Public/Private See individual sites See individual sites Chamber of Commerce provides map and history of town. Sites: Creswell Furnace Chimney, Washington County Jail, Folk art cemetery, Museum/Moses Austin's grave
58 Creswell Furnace Chimney Missouri Washington County, Potosi Stone ruins, built c. 1838; only chimney remains. There was Scotch hearth here that had a daily output of two and a half tons of pig lead. Private People vs. Nature; American Economy Shot Tower site, Iron furnace None None
59 Folk Art Cemetery Missouri Washington County, near Potosi Behind a wood fence in this cemetery lies the grave of Daley Nicholas, owner of Nicholas Farms. Monument includes two life-size plastic bulls and a carved headstone depicting a bull, a trailer, and a truck. Private Expressing Cultural Values Cowan cemetery None None
60 Museum/Moses Austin's grave Missouri Washington County, Potosi Built c. 1833. Washington County historical museum, formerly a Presbyterian Church (congregation disbanded 1908). Houses local items pertaining to local culture: medicine, music, education, mining, etc. Austin's grave liesin the adjacent cemetery. Public Working People; Expressing Cultural Values; People versus Nature Shot tower site, Cowan cemetery, other Potosi sites None None
61 Washington County jail Missouri Wahington County, Potosi Two-story brick jail with stone foundation and iron bars, built in 1892. Public Peopling Places Other Potosi sites None Not much development available; this is still a working jail; however, it is an interesting stop for a walking tour of Potosi. Not many jails this old are still in operation.
62 Downtown Marble Hill Missouri Bollinger County Numerous buildings from late 19th and early 20th centuries: Wisecarver bldg (two-story brick, 1893, across from courthouse); Conrad House (two-story granite, c. 1900); Will Mayfield College (1884-1930, several campus buildings remain, Mayfield Dr.) Public/Private Working people Log Cabin College Chamber of Commerce has brochures on town histories and buildings. The number of well-preserved buildings gives visitors a sense of a typical small Missouri town from the turn of the century.
63 Cowan Cemetery Missouri Wayne County Rural cemetery that features a tall, carved 1870 shaft, which marks the mass grave of seven Confederate soldiers shot by Federal forces on May 28, 1865. Testament to the fierce sectional conflict. Private Native Americans; Civil War Burnt Mill, Belmont Battlefield Cemetery is fairly isolated. Land was originally settled by Native Americans, then by the R.D. Cowan family. Brochures seem a viable option; should be available in town.
64 Island No. 10 Missouri Scott County, New Madrid No longer exists; island 2 miles long, 0.5 miles wide blocked all river traffic during Civil War, was heavily protected by a floating battery of guns. Federal Gen. Pope was ordered to attack island. (more under "comments")
Civil War Cowan Cemetery, Belmont Battlefield New Madrid Museum but first New Madrid had to be captured. 'With 20,000 men, Pope took the town and island by cutting a 12- mile channel west from the Mississippi River to bayous, emptying into a river near New Madrid. On April 18, 1862, the Confederates surrendered.
65 Catholic Cemetery Missouri Washington County, near Sullivan Local lore claims that Toussaint Charbonneau is buried here. Charbon-neau was the famous trapper, husband of Sacajawea, who served as guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition. Private Native Americans; Expressing Cultural Values Cowan Cemetery None. Marker needed; the Lewis and Clark expedition began in Missouri. Charbonneau was the husband of Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian who mediated between explorers and Indians during the expedition. She is honored by more monuments than any other Native American woman.
66 Murphey's Furnace Chimney Missouri Washington County, near Washington State Park Pyramid-shaped rock chimney 40 feet tall marks the location of a lead smelting furnace built c. 1848 by Irish immigrants. Public Conflict between people and nature; American Economy; Cultural Diversity: Irish settlers Shot Tower site, Iron furnace None; perhaps worth a brochure Chimney is a testament ot the importance of mining in the area, as well as the varied ethnic groups that settled here.
67 Old Mines Missouri Washington County Early lead diggings were conducted at this site by Creoles c. 1726. Village of Old Mines established c. 1802. Never incorporated, the town today is located in the original minig concession, a narrow strip of land paralleling SR 21 and Old Mines Creek. Public/Private Cultural Diversity: Creole settlers Murphey's Furnace Chimney, Catholic cemetery, St. Joachim Catholic Church None As recently as 1941, Creole customs and languauge were still evident. Supposedly these were some of Missouri's first mines.
68 St. Joachim Catholic Church Missouri Washington County, just west of Old Mines Brick church with windows and doors in a cruciform design, built c. 1828; restored in 1945. Original belfry, spire and stained glass windows. Adjacent cemetery has headstones with French inscriptions.
Spirituality; Cultural Diversity: Creole settlers; Expressing Cultural Values Odd Fellow cemetery, St. Mary of the Barrens, Murphey's Furnace Chimney None Cemetery had divided sections for Irish, slaves, freedmen and Native Americans. Near cemetery, two restored 19th century log cabins chinked with sections of split log and and a mixture of clay and straw. Outside are original French bread ovens.
69 Grace Lutheran Church Missouri Perry County, Uniontown Church, vernacular architecture, built 1876. Brick frame and an imposing steeple. Old cemetery behind church. Public Spirituality; Cultural Diversity: German Lutheran settlers St. Joachim Catholic Church, Old Mines None Uniontown is one of seven closely grouped Lutheran communities. Townsite settled 1839 by 15 charter members and called the Paitzdorf Settlement. Church's present name adopted 1929 (was Old Lutheran Church of Paitzdorf for 90 years).
70 Tower Rock/ Superstition Rock Missouri Perry County, near Whitten-burg. Rock is a short distance from the banks of Mississippi River; site is in the river. Large rock formation. When river is low, visitors may walk to rock. During last century, settlers called this "superstition rock." Public The river Sites in Altenburg None An interpretive sign or brochure would help to explain this story-which is indicative of the fears and beliefs of early settlers.
71 Odd Fellows Cemetery Missouri Mississippi County, Charleston City cemetery. Buried here: Robert Anthony Hatcher (1819-1886), Missouri state representative, major in Confederate Army, representative in Confederate Congress. Public Civil War St. Joachim Catholic Church, Burnt Mill, Island No. 10 Charleston Chamber of Commerce None
72 City Cemetery Missouri Cape Girardeau County, Cape Girardeau Cemetery features graves of settlers and prominent townspeople. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values St. Joachim Catholic cemetery, Grace Lutheran church, Odd Fellows cemetery Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce Buried here: Alexander Buckner (1785-1833), Missouri state senator, member of Missouri State Legislature.
73 Poplar Bluff Missouri Butler County, on U.S. Hwy 67 Named for a dense copse of yellow poplars that early travelers used as a land-mark. Grew rapidly as a trading and logging center. Many sites in town. Historical Museum: early 20th century building, houses, logging-related tools and local items. Public/Private People versus Nature; Vernacular Architecture Margaret Harwell Art Museum City and historical preservation groups have maintained all sites and interpret them. Davis House: Folk Victorian, c. 1889, 19th century furnishings, 522 Cherry Street. Spurlock Cabin, c. 1900, turn of century furnishings, W. Davis at 13th Street. Frisco Depot, 1927, No longer in use; caboose and bagage car display, railroad memoribilia.
74 St. Mary of the Barrens. Many sites on grounds: Church of the Assumption, Rare Book Musuem, Rosati's Cabin, and Seminary Missouri Perry County Musuem includes excerpts from a Guttenberg Bible. Seminary founded by Venetian missionaries in 1818. Oldest institution of higher learning west of the Mississippi River. Public Spirituality; Cultural Diversity: Roman Catholic missionaries Grace Lutheran Church, St. Joachim Catholic Church Museum Perry County Courthouse features a Civil War statue of a Union soldier honoring the 1800 veterans of the county, donated by sons of the veterans. Most Southern towns pay homage only to Confederate veterans.
75 Rolla Cemetery Missouri Phelps County, Rolla, MO. Buried here are townspeople and Civil War veterans. Large headstone marked "Broadway" is the grave of a Gypsy who died in Rolla alongside Rt 66 here in 1964. Since death of "Broadway," many area gypsies (continued in "comments") Public Vernacular creativity; Cultural Diversity: the Gypsy community Cowan cemetery, Folk art cemetery None Many area gypsies have been buried here. Broadway's grave is adorned with carved wooden birds, flowers, and other vernacular art.
76 Conical and Slaughter Sinks
Phelps County, near Rolla Two of the most spectacular sinkholes in Misssouri. Conical; separated from road by a chain link fence, is approx. 100 ft deep and 300 ft in diameter. Slaughter, adjacent to Conical, 150 yards N of the road, (continued in "comments") Private
Brimstone Museum, Iron Furnaces Sinkholes and caves are prominent in Missouri, more so than in any other state. The state's distinctive geology has pridigiously contributed to its history and culture. Slaughter Sink is about 0.25 mile long and 175 ft. deep. 'Any development might disrupt the solitude of the site.
77 Burnt Mill Missouri St. Genevieve County Ruins of Stone Mill, built c. 1800, by Francois Valle II. Mill burned in 1864 during the Civil War. Remaining walls are 65 ft high. Private Civil War Island No. 10, Cowan cemetery None Part of the site's distinction is its isolation.
78 Experimental Mines, University of Missouri, Rolla Campus Missouri Phelps County, in Rolla Mo. 19 acres; begun in 1914 on 7 acres. Two underground mines and two small quarries are maintained for instruction and research. Public People versus Nature; Building the American Economy Old Mines, Shot Tower Site Guided tours available University of Missouri - Rolla was created in 1871 as the Univ. of MO School of Mines and Metallurgy. Testimony to the importance of the mining industry in the state's history.
79 Dillard Mill Missouri Crawford County, near Dillard Mill at the confluence of Huzzah and Indian Creeks, where a rock dam creates a waterfall that falls into a millpond. Built c. 1900, restored to working order. This red frame gristmill (situated on 132 acres) ground corn until 1960. Original machinery. Public People versus Nature; Building the American Economy; Vernacular Architecture Burnt Mill, Steen's Syrup Mill, Topaz Mill Picnic areas, trails, tours. None
80 Route 66 sites in Sullivan, Mo Missouri Franklin County Two Rt. 66 sites-The Shamrock Motel, constructed of hand-cut stone, and a Mcdonald's restaurant remodeled as a memorial to Rt. 66 Private Recreation Rolla cemetery These are sites along a thoroughfare that has assumed mythic proportions. The Shamrock is important as a cultural site along this historic road.
81 Emerson Park/Grant's Statue Missouri Iron County, Irontown Park. First landscaped for the 1867 Lindsay-Emerson House, now part of St. Marie du Lac Catholic Church. An 1886 bronze statue of a Union soldier was erected here (continued in "comments") Private Spirituality; Civil War; Expressing Cultural Values Iron County Courthouse, Rolla Cemetery Statue bears a descriptive marker. Statue was erected by veterans of the 21st Illinois to commem-orate the spot where Grant received his commission as general. After his promotion, Grant was put in charge of the District of Southeast Missouri (which included Southern Illinois).
82 Greenville, MO Missouri Wayne County Town has population of 437, but adjacent to town are remnants of "Old Greenville." Public People versus Nature Brimstone Museum; mass grave for hurricane victims Map is available at Corps of Engineers office in nearby Wappapello, MO. Ruins of town coupled with map evoke a sense of the loss experienced by citizens. Visitor senses historical tension between locals (heritage, pride) and government. During Civil War, Greenville was fought over and almost half of the town structures were destroyed. In 1938 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers relocated the town while building dam to form Wappapello Lake.
83 Iron Furnaces Missouri Phelps County, near Newburg Site of Ozark Iron works, established 1873. An 1833 financial panic brought ironworks to ruin. Two large furnaces remain, along with the ruins of the ironworks' brick administration building. Public People versus Nature; Building the American Economy Brimstone Museum, Shot Tower site Interpretive plaque During the 1930s the Alhambra Grotto of St. Louis, a degree of the Masonic Lodge, remodeled the administration building as resort for its members. Burned in 1970.
84 Old Mountain Grove Missouri Wright County, town of Mountain Grove. Remnants of town well mark the site of Old Mountain Grove. As railroads came through the area, various closely spaced communities sprang up on the Wright-Texas County borders in anticipation of commerce. Public Working People; Peopling Places Greenville, MO Chamber of Commerce. Town square dedicated in 1915 by Vice President T. R. Marshall, rededicated 1987 by V.P. George Bush. Town's demise is evidence of fierce competition in area near to railroad. Towns of Mountain Grove and Eyan were established on neutral ground.
85 Boomland Missouri Mississippi County, Charleston, MO Fireworks emporium cum department store, displays a 1974 and 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, one of which belonged to Elvis Presley, the other to his girlfriend Linda Thompson. Also a cream-colored 1976 cadillac Elvis bought for a Denver policeman. Private Recreation; Music Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Frankie Jean's Pik Quick Highly developed for visitor use. Elvis merchandise sold.
86 Vera Cruz, MO Missouri Douglas County Cemetery and original town remnants (a rock building and the dam of a former mill) Private Building the American Economy Old Mountain Grove, MO; Greenville, MO None Vera Cruz was the county seat 1857-1869. Boundary changes of Douglas County led to bitter rivalries for county seat that continued into 20th century. Many courthouses were burned and court records stolen.
87 Abandoned Sharecropper's Cabin Missouri Pemiscot County, Wardell Abandoned dwelling 20 feet from road Public Working People; Building the American Economy; Vernacular Architecture New Madrid Historical Museum None; surrounding land still farmed by present owner. House is indicative of share-cropping system and the living conditions fostered by such a system.
88 Dunklin County Museum Missouri Dunklin County, Kennet Contains the Birthright letters, a collection of correspondence between former slaves and their owners, as well as artifacts detailing the county's history and culture. Public Race relations; Slavery New Madrid Historical Museum Museum Contains a record-size alligator gar.
89 Hornersville Swamp Conservation Area Missouri Dunklin County, near Hornersville This 3,166-acre preserve with a variety of local fauna provides an example of how the Missouri Boothill appeard before the creation of the Little River Drainage District. . Public People versus Nature; Manipulating the Environment; Building the American Economy Shot Tower Site, Old Mines, MO Missouri Department of Conservation maintains area. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, nature study, etc., available. Little River Drainage District, created in 1905, is the largest privately funded drainage system in the world. Its creation converted the boothill from swamp to farmland.
90 Skyline Automobile Loop Missouri Carter County, Near Van Buren Route gives broad, scenic views of hardwood-pine ridges, hollows, the town of Van Buren, granite-topped Stegall Mountain, and a 1,000-foot ridge. Public Recreation New Madrid Historical Museum None Good example of rugged terrain of Eastern Ozarks.
91 Indian Trail State Fish Hatchery Missouri Dent County, near Salem, Facility is basically unchanged since CCC built it in 1938. Water is supplied by gravity-assisted pipes from Blackwell Lake. No water activities on lake. Public Native American issues; Agriculture Cowan Cemetery Available for visitors. Signs for a section of the Trail of Tears, which passed through the present park.
92 Harlin House Museum Missouri Howell County, West Plains, Museum is housed in an 1889 vernacular architecture building; contains an art gallery, as well as a museum detailing history and culture of the area. Private Recreation; Music; Sports Meadows Art Museum; Moses Austin's grave Museum Contains artifacts and memoribilia of former residents, such as baseball players Preacher Roe and Bill Virdon, and entertainers Porter Waggoner and Jan Howard.
93 Mine La Motte Missouri Madison County By 1725, Phillip Renault was producing 1,500 pounds of lead here per day in one of Missouri's first mines. Evidence of mining activity can be seen along SR OO, which runs through town. Private Working People; People versus Nature; Building the American Economy Old Mines, MO; Shot Tower Site Interpretive marker None
94 Wilderness, MO Missouri Oregon County Small town composed of a former WPA Folk school (now a church), one gro-cery store, and a former gas station. Land original-ly bought by a Catholic Church in Old Mines, MO, (continued in "comments") Private Diversity of populace (Irish laborers) Rolla Cemetery None Land originally bought for Irish railroad workers and immigrants affected by the Panic of 1857; 40 families settled in area by 1859, but forced to flee by marauders during Civil War. Town exists today due to the lumber industry.
95 Rockbridge, MO Missouri Ozark County Former county seat of Ozark County. Still standing: a 3-story frame mill, a restored 1903 bank, and an 1894 general store. Site is part of a fish and game complex. Private Building the American Economy Dillard Mill Visitors are welcome to tour buildings, but owner's primary concern is running a fishing and game preserve. None
96 Centerville Courthouse Missouri Reynolds County Centerville One of Missiouri's oldest courthouses still in use. Built 1874. Vernacular classical revival architecture; made of handmade bricks. Set in a park-like enclosure and fenced by a stone wall. Public Vernacular architecture Rolla Cemetery Courthouse is still in use, but grounds are open to public. Original courthouse destroyed in Civil War. Several polished granite markers honor the citizens of Reynolds Co. who have served in wars since WW I. Also, the old jail is adjacent to courthouse and is currently used for record storage.
97 Current River Heritage Museum Missouri Ripley County, Doniphan This 7,000-sq. ft. museum, established 1922, contains extensive county historical records, as well as historical artifacts and area arts and crafts. Public
Meadows art Museum, Museum/Moses Austin's grave Museum One of few museums in area still in operation after 70 years
98 Stoddard County Museum Missouri Stoddard County Bloomfield An old red brick church houses historical items: tools, furniture, and one of only three existing copies of the first edition of The Stars and Stripes. Public Civil War Rolla Cemetery, Burnt Mill Museum Plaque at courthouse. The Stars and Stripes is the official newspaper of the Overseas Dept of Defense. First printed in Bloomfield on Nov 9, 1861 by four Federal soldiers.
99 Bonne Terre Memorial Library Missouri St. Francois County, Bonne Terre Italian Renaissance architecture, built c. 1905. Exquisite detailing. Built from dressed limestone by St. Joseph Lead Co. president Dwight Jones. Public Recreation Shot Tower Site, Creswell Furnace Visitors welcome; information detailing library's history available inside. Includes a marble fireplace, an oak interior and an 18th century grandfather clock. Bonne Terre was once a successful lead-mining town. St. Joseph Lead Co. became the largest mining company in southeast Missouri by 1900.
100 R. T. Martin tobacco Factory Kentucky Muhlenberg County. Central City Tobacco factory from early part of 20th Century Private Building the American Economy; Working People; tobacco-related experience Rice Tobacco Company Unknown Tobacco factories are rare.
101 Ephraigm McClean Brank Burial Site Kentucky Muhlenberg County, Central City Gravesite of War of 1812 veteran Private History Unknown Open to public Brank is considered to have been a main force in American Victory in Battle of New Orleans.
102 Gen. Simon Bolivar Birthplace Kentucky Muhlenberg County, Central City Birthplace of Civil War general.1830s log cabin out in country, off main road. Private Civil War Other Civil War sites No visitor services Part of adjoining furnace still remains but has been dynamited.
103 Mose Rager House and Monument Kentucky Muhlenberg County, Drakesboro Home of guitarist who taught Merle Travis how to play Private Expressing Cultural Values: music Potential to be on music tour of Muhlenberg County No visitor services NA
104 Merle Travis gravesite Kentucky Muhlenberg County, Ebenezer Large monument marking grave of guitar legend Merle Travis. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music Potential to be on music tour of Muhlenberg County No visitor services Cemetery is off highway 176, 10 miles outside Central City.
105 Jesse Oats gravesite Kentucky Muhlenberg County, Central City Gravesite of Revolutionary War Hero Jesse Oats Private History Unknown Open to public NA
106 James Clark McReynolds Gravesite Kentucky Todd County, Elkton Gravesite of Supreme Court justice Private Building the American Economy; Working People; tobacco-related experience McReynolds House; Rice and R. T. Martin Tobacco Companies Open to public NA
107 James Clark McReynolds House Kentucky Todd County, Elkton Two-story frame house of Supreme Court justice Private Building the American Economy; Working People; tobacco-related experience McReynolds Gravesite; Rice and R. T. Martin Tobacco Companies Unknown The justice was influential in declaring tobacco trust, which led to Black Patch Tobacco wars being found unconstitutional.
108 Robert Penn Warren birthplace Kentucky Todd County, Guthrie One-story brick house Private Vernacular Architecture Unknown Open to public Birthplace of Pulitzer prize- winning author.
109 Downtown Guthrie Kentucky Todd County, Guthrie Was host to massive association rally of 25,000-30,000 people in early 20th century Various Tobacco-related experience Night Riders-related sites Unknown NA
110 Allensville Festival Kentucky Todd County, Allensville Festival started by freed slaves lasts a full week, ending on August 8. Includes baseball game, barbecue, etc. None Cultural Diversity: race issues Unknown Unknown NA
111 Jefferson Davis Monument Kentucky Todd County, Fairview Obelisk 351 feet high marks Confederate president's gravesite Daughters of the Confederacy Civil War Other Civil War sites Open to public, elevator to top NA
112 Ben Bristow Birthplace Kentucky Todd County, Elkton Gates of birthplace Unknown Civil War Other Civil War sites No visitor services NA
113 Fort Smith Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Union Civil War fort on Cemetery Hill in Smithland Public Civil War Other Civil War sites Potential for museum to house finds of archeological dig. Fort was used as a training ground for Union troops. he townspeople, although siding with the Confederacy, did not protest, in order to save their town from destruction.
114 Smithland First Baptist Church Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Church that survived the floods of 1913 and 1937. Private Spirituality; People versus Nature Unknown Unknown NA
115 Second Baptist Church Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 1860 Structure Private Civil War, Spirituality Civil War sites Unknown Building that now houses Second Baptist Church originally was used as Masonic Lodge in 1860; also used as a Civil War commissary. It was the wardrobe building for filming of How the West was Won..
116 The Old Bank Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Church built in 1907 Private Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: movies Unknown Unknown Used as Bank of Albany, New York, in filming of How the West was Won.
117 The Smith Mansion Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 10,000-square-foot home that is a replica of Southfork, the Dallas estate. Private Expressing Cultural Values: television Unknown Has been opened to local people in the past Built in place of a renovated home ca. 1940.
118 The Buzzard's Roost Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Gazebo Built in place of Cottonwood Tree to offer shelter to local gatherings. Unknown Vernacular Architecture Unknown Open to the public This gathering place has been featured in the Baltimore Sun as a site of local color. Men gather to tell stories and play checkers; there is a guest register. The Gazebo was named after a railroad that ran along the river in the late 1800s.
119 Brimstone Corner Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Saloon, site of a popular local legend Unknown History; Cultural Diversity Unknown Unknown Legend says that patrons of the saloon were drugged and killed, then slid through a trap door to the doctor next door, who performed experiments and had the bodies buried on Cumberland Island by a slave.
120 Bell Tavern Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Inn built in 1815 Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature; History; Mississippi River Unknown Open to public Charles Dickens, Clara Barton, John James Audubon, Aaron Burr, Henry Clay, and Lew Wallace visited here. Purportedly was the model for the inn in Great Expectations.
121 Statue of Henry Clay Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Statue carved from tree under which Henry Clay held court Private Expressing Cultural Values; History Unknown Open to public Statue carved from "Judge Elm," tree where hangings were carried out in 19th century. Carved by Kenneth Cruse of Mexico, KY.
122 Massey House Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Oldest residence in Smithland Private History; Cultural Diversity: race issues Civil War sites Unknown Legend says this house, which contains a trap door in a closet leading to a tunnel, was part of the Underground Railroad..
123 Dallum-Bush House Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 1839 house Private Civil War; Slavery; Cultural Diversity: race issues Civil War sites Unknown Slaves were housed in back part of house. First Livingston County Court Clerk's office was here. During Civil War, was known as "Blount Hodge's Country Club," because of parties held there.
124 Old Methodist Church Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 1848 church Private Spirituality; People versus Nature; Slavery; Race Issues, Man against Nature, Spirituality Unknown Unknown Originally had balcony for salves. Destroyed by force in 1880s; rebuilt using former walls and foundation. Survived 1937 flood, which came to building roof.
125 Davis House/Rudd House Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 1840 house Private Vernacular Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: family Unknown Unknown House once occupied by devout baseball fan Katie Davis Love, who became reclusive during baseball season and had groceries sent to her room in a basket on a string. House has a "safe room" upstairs with only entrance a staircase from parents' room.
126 Pippin Cabin Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland 1843 log cabin within a frame house, restored Unknown Vernacular Architecture Unknown Visitor Center for Smithland Legend says cabin was once used for gambling and a man was killed over a craps dispute.
127 Lucy Jefferson Lewis gravesite Kentucky Livingston County, Smithland Gravesite of Thomas Jefferson's sister. Public History Unknown Unknown Legend around family was the subject of a Robert Penn Warren book.
128 Coil House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1835 two-story Federal house Private Expressing Cultural Values: family Old ship was owned by Matthew Lyon's brother. Unknown Oldest home in Madisonville. It is owned by son of Chittendon Lyon, for whom Lyon county was named.
129 Smith Dulin House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1904 two-story house Private Vernacular Architecture; Building the American Economy Unknown Unknown Built by owner of a local department store. Used for a WPA project from 1938 to 1941.
130 East Broadway School Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1884 School building, now a private residence. Private Education Unknown Unknown Housed Madisonville Normal School from 1884 to 1907, then became East Broadway School. Closed in 1925; restored in 1975.
131 Hockersmith House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1881 French Mansard style house Private Architecture; Civil War Other Civil War sites; L. D. Hockersmith gravesite Unknown Capt. L. D. Hockersmith, who built the house, helped plan escape of John Hunt Morgan from penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio. French mansard style is rare in this part of the country.
132 Captain L. D. Hockersmith gravesite Kentucky Hopkins County, West Madisonville 1913 gravesite of CSA captain Unknown Civil War Other Civil War sites; Hockersmith House Open to public Grave of CS A captain who escaped from penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio.
133 Old Ship. Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1857 home of Chittenden Lyon, son of Chittenden Lyon, for whom Lyon County was named. Private Vernacular Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: family Home of Matthew Lyon, Chittenden's brother, is also on the survey. Unknown NA
134 Ruby House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville Mid-1800s house Private Vernacular Architecture Unknown Unknown Built for its owner by a lumber company, this was the first home in Madisonville to have electricity.
135 Hammack House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1890 Victorian house Private Vernacular Architecture; Cultural Diversity; Building the American Economy Unknown Unknown Used as a boarding house in 19-teens; later rented by of Congressman David Kincheloe, who had been a federal judge.
136 Morton House Kentucky Hopkins County, Madisonville 1857 log cabin made into a neo-classical house Private Expressing Cultural Values: Family; Vernacular Architecture; Civil War; Spirituality Unknown Unknown Sold in 1979 after being owned by same family for over 100 years. Leisure use by Civil War soldiers.
137 Weathers House Kentucky Todd County, Elkton Built in 1882 Private Building the American Economy Unknown Unknown Named for owner of Weathers drug store, early 1900s, which still stands in town. Also served as boardinghouse.
138 Stagecoach Inn Kentucky Todd County, Tiny Town 1833 inn Private Cultural Diversity; Civil War; Expressing Cultural Diversity: music Unknown Unknown Served stagecoach line in early 1800s. Local legend says building was used as a Confederate hospital during Civil War. Possibly birthplace of African blackface minstrel.
139 Bethel Baptist Church Kentucky Todd County, Fairview Site for this church was a gift from Jefferson Davis Private Spirituality; Civil War Jefferson Davis monument, also in Fairview Unknown NA
140 Garth House Kentucky Todd County, Trenton 1880s Victorian house with brick facade remaining, which is a rarity. Private Civil War; Expressing Cultural Values Unknown Unknown Built by Civil War veteran Dudley Garth. Cemetery behind house, not adjacent. Windows are low to ground because funerals were held here and caskets were slid in and out of windows.
141 Trigg County Log Cabin Museum, Boots Randolph home Kentucky Trigg County, Cadiz 1867 log cabin moved to center of town Chamber of Commerce Vernacular Architecture; History; Expressing Cultural Values: music Unknown Open to public Home of saxophonist Boots Randolph
142 Kelsey Calhoun, Main Street Moonshiner Kentucky Trigg County, Cadiz For TVA, demonstrates operation of miniature moonshine still mounted on plywood. Also proof tester. Private Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity Unknown Open to giving demonstration for Park Service. NA
143 Barlow House Museum Kentucky Ballard County, near Paducah Museum in turn-of-the-century Victorian house Unknown Architecture; General History Unknown $2 admission; open Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays 1-4 p.m. 200 years of memorabilia of town's founding family
144 Wickliffe Mounds Research Center Kentucky Ballard County, Wickliffe Museum on site of Indian mounds from 1000-1350 Unknown Native American issues Unknown $3.50 admission; open Mar.-Nov. 9-4:30; accessible for disabled Features two large rectangular platform mounds used in ceremonies.
145 R. N. Henson Broom- maker's Museum Kentucky Fulton County, Cayce Contains largest private collection of broom-making equipment in country. Private Building the American Economy Unknown Can see by appointment. Not accessible for persons with disabilities. Home of original leather Kentucky cabin broom.
146 Warren Thomas Museum Kentucky Fulton County, Hickman Antebellum black church housing local African- American history items Unknown Cultural Diversity Unknown By appointment NA
147 Hardin Southern Railroad Nostalgia Train Kentucky Marshall County, Hardin Trip on 100-year-old rail line; 18 miles, 2 hours Unknown Building the American Economy; Recreation Unknown Fee $10, May 27-Oct 29, Sats. and Suns. 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. NA
148 Don F Pratt Museum Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville Museum of 101st Airborne division, the "Screaming Eagles" U.S. government Aviation Unknown Admission free; open daily 9:30-4:30 Features helicopters, other aircraft
149 Kentucky Opry Kentucky Marshall County Music show featuring country, bluegrass, and gospel Unknown Expressing Cultural Values: music Unknown 8 p.m. Fris. and Sats. year- round, $8.50 NA
150 John James Audubon State Park Kentucky Henderson County, Henderson Museum featuring collection of famed naturalist State Natural Environment Unknown Fee $4; open 10-5 daily; closed Thanksgiving; access for people with disabilities NA
151 Pennyroyal Area Museum Kentucky Christian County. Hopkinsville Museum contains Night Riders artifacts, Native American art; Jefferson Davis possessions. Unknown Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: art; Civil War; tobacco-related experience Trail of Tears commemorative site; Night Riders; Civil War sites Fee $2 ; open M-F 8:30-4:30, Sat. 10-3 NA
152 Broadbent's Country Ham Festival Kentucky Trigg County, Cadiz Ham festival N/A Expressing Cultural Values: food Unknown Visitors welcome Boasts "World's largest" country ham and biscuit festival
153 Henry Cornelius Burnett Gravesite Kentucky Trigg County, Cadiz KY Gravesite Unknown Civil War Other Civil War sites Open to public; could be part of Civil War gravesite tour Grave of U.S. representative from Kentucky and Senator in Confederate Congress. East end cemetery.
154 Union County Historical Society and Museum Kentucky Union County, Morganfield Museum with local artifacts and Native American art Union County Historical Society Expressing Cultural Values: art; Native American issues Trail of Tears Commemorative site Unknown NA
155 Courthouse Lawn Kentucky Union County, Morganfield Site of Abraham Lincoln's only political speech given in native state. City History Similar to Judge Elm in Smithland Open to public NA
156 Camp Breckinridge Kentucky Union County U.S. Army base U.S. government Military History; Cultural Diversity; Recreation Unknown Unknown Base housed largest POW camp in U.S. during World War II. This location is also where Jackie Robinson began his baseball career in 1944.
157 Cale Young Rice House Kentucky Webster County, Dixon Home of local poet and his philanthropist wife, Leban Lace Rice Unknown Expressing Cultural Values: literature; Cultural Diversity Unknown Open to public Rice wrote a number of poems, including, "Bridging the Years," "The Passionate Follies," "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."
158 Battle of Burt Mill Kentucky Webster County, Vanderburg Site of first Civil War Battle in Kentucky Unknown Civil War Other Civil War sites Unknown NA
159 Maplewood Cemetery: Wooldridge Monuments Kentucky Graves County, Mayfield Statues of members of the Henry Wooldridge family carved in Italian marble and sandstone Unknown Expressing Cultural Values: family, vernacular art Maplewood Cemetery Open to public; walking tour of cemetery Much folklore and legend surround the history of this monument, "the strange procession that never moves."
160 Maplewood Cemetery: Civil War Execution Kentucky Graves County, Mayfield Slab describes death of Henry B. Hicks in 1864--executed in Mayfield by Union Army Unknown Civil War Maplewood Cemetery Open to public; walking tour of cemetery NA
161 Maplewood Cemetery: Lois Roach gravesite Kentucky Graves County, Mayfield Gravesite of first female sheriff in Kentucky, maybe first in America Unknown Cultural Diversity gender issues; Working People Maplewood Cemetery Open to public; walking tour of cemetery NA
162 Maplewood Cemetery: Mass Burial Kentucky Graves County, Mayfield Eleven people in one family killed in a 1921 house fire were buried together. Unknown Tragedy Maplewood Cemetery Open to public; walking tour of cemetery NA
163 Maplewood Cemetery: Col. Edward Crossland Kentucky Graves County, Mayfield Gravesite Unknown Civil War; History Maplewood Cemetery Open to public; walking tour of cemetery Edward Crossland was a Colonel in the Confederacy and later a member of U.S. House of Representatives.
164 Starnes Barbecue Kentucky McCracken County, Paducah Barbecue place 40 years old Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Unknown Restaurant, busy at lunch Situated around a counter; serves pork, ham, and beef BBQ on toast, hot barbecue sauce.
165 Homeplace 1850 Kentucky Lyon County, southern end of LBL Living history farm with 16 original log structures Unknown Tobacco-related experience Night Riders sites Open to public Living history demonstrations of tobacco firing, plowing, and buttermaking.
166 Hopkinsville First Presbyterian Church Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville 1849 church Private Spirituality, Civil War Civil War Hopkinsville walking tour Was used as a hospital during Civil War
167 Carnegie Library Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville 1913 Library designed by local architect Unknown Education, Vernacular Architecture Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour NA
168 Latham Cottages Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville. Cottages Unknown Cultural Diversity; Building the American Economy Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour First Rental property in city, also first with running water, gas heat, and lighting.
169 L & N Depot Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville Train station served Hopkinsville 1892-1971. Unknown Building the American Economy: railroads Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour NA
170 Dayton Building Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville 1905 building Unknown Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour Building was used for several readings by well-known clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.
171 Alhambra Theatre Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville First Building in Hopkinsviille with air conditioning Unknown Building the American Economy: technological advances Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour NA
172 Ferrell's Snappy Service Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville Fast-food restaurant opened in 1936 Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour Burger joint" still serves burgers today and is a town institution.
173 Pioneer Cemetery Kentucky Christian County, Hopkinsville. Cemetery. Last burial in 1873. Unknown Peopling Places; Cultural Diversity Unknown Hopkinsville walking tour Contains statue of to town founder, Bartholomew Wood, and 222 graves of settlers, including two Revolutionary War soldiers.
174 Major League Training Camp Field Kentucky Hopkins County, Dawson Springs Location where Pittsburgh Pirates played spring training in 1910s Private, but trying to be restored Expressing Cultural Values: sports, recreation Unknown Hopes to be open to public NA
175 Henry Bennett Gravesite Kentucky Livingston County, Dycusburg Inscription on tombstone reads "Killed by the Nightriders." Unknown Tobacco-related experience Night Riders sites Open to public Bennett was beaten but not killed by the Night Riders terrorist group.
176 National Scouting Museum Kentucky Calloway County, Murray Interactive museum telling story of Boy Scouts. Unknown Cultural Diversity; Education; Expressing Cultural Values: art Unknown Admission, $5; open March through November State of the art museum contains a collection of Norman Rockwell art.
177 McClean County Civil War Days Kentucky McLean County Annual event, third weekend in May N/A Civil War Civil War sites Open to public Each year the 1861 Battle of Sacramento is re-created, wherein Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest first used his famous flanking strategy.
178 Historic Green and Rough River overlook Kentucky McLean County, Livermore Converted railroad bridge first used in 1871. Unknown Building the American Economy: railroads; Natural Environment None Open to public Visitors can climb steps of converted railroad bridge to see the confluence of the Green and Rough Rivers.
179 Arkansas Riverboat Co., "The Spirit" Arkansas Pulaski County, North Little Rock, Riverfront Park 150-passenger boat makes scheduled cruises Private Recreation
180 Grayhawk Frontier Town Arkansas Lonoke County, Cabot Re-created pioneer town Private Working People; People versus Nature NA NA NA
181 Pickles Gap Village Arkansas Faulkner County, north of Conway Crafts, arts, petting zoo, dining in re-created 19th century shops Private Recreation NA NA NA
182 Arkansas Arts Center Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, MacArthur Park Drawings and prints of Arkansas and national artists; Arkansas Children's Theater base NA Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts NA NA NA
183 Arkansas Carousel Restoration Studio Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock World's only remaining Herschell-Spillman track carousel NA Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts NA NA NA
184 Arkansas Governor's Mansion Arkansas Pulaski County; Little Rock Home of all Arkansas governors since 1950 NA NA NA NA NA
185 Arkansas Museum of Science and History Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, MacArthur Park Birthplace of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1880; former Little Rock Arsenal. Historic and scientific collections. NA History; World War II; Civil War NA Project is underway to make this a military museum. Military arsenal, founded in 1838, was first military arsenal established west of the Mississippi. Also was site of civil war conflict.
186 Arkansas State Capitol Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock Building modeled on the U. S. Capitol Public Government NA NA Construction began 1899; Arkansas legislature first convened here in 1911.
187 Arkansas Territorial Restoration Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock Oldest structures in Little Rock date to territorial days; was a tavern. Living history representation of slavery, craft shops, artists' exhibits, Cromwell Exhibition Hall, history wall, tours.
Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts, crafts; Architecture, cotton-centered experience NA NA Living history representation of slavery is a personal experience that gives visitors a sense of history more than any other exhibit. House of and exhibit on William Woodruff, founder of the Arkansas Gazette, state's first newspaper, which still exists.
188 Bauxite Museum Arkansas Saline County; Bauxite Displays from early mining days of town that was once the center of U.S. aluminum production NA Working People; Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity; Resource Extraction Outside Benton, near Little Rock Enthusiastic museum staff with interesting stories. Site may become a wildlife refuge. Company town 1893-1968. Some workers were black, Italian, and Mexican. Mexicans lived in a tent city called "Mexico Camp." Many people who worked for company still live in area and express positive feelings toward mining.
189 Camp Nelson Cemetery Arkansas Lonoke County, Cabot Monument to unknown Texas and Arkansas Confederate soldiers NA Civil War NA NA NA
190 Daniel Greathouse Home Arkansas Faulkner County, Conway 19th-century structure with dogtrot style cabin NA Architecture NA NA NA
191 Decorative Arts Museum Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock Located in historic Pike-Fletcher-Terry house; features permanent and traveling displays NA Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts. NA NA NA
192 Gann Museum Arkansas Saline County, Benton World's only bauxite structure, built in 1893. Museum retells mining background and other local history. NA Architecture; Working People NA NA One-of-a-kind attraction
193 Little Rock Central High School Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, High School where 1957 integration crisis took place NA Cultural Diversity; Civil Rights NA Unknown; could not find out what exhibits on the 1957 incident are in existence. The 1957 incident at this school became a milestone in the fight for desegregation.
194 Marlsgate Plantation Arkansas Pulaski County, Scott Turn-of-the-century plantation home, restored with vintage furniture and accessories NA Vernacular Architecture, cotton-centered experience NA NA NA
195 Mosaic Templars of America Headquarters Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Built in 1911; headquarters of one of the largest African-American fraternal organizations NA Cultural Diversity NA NA NA
196 Old Mill Arkansas Pulaski County, North Little Rock, Re-creation of a water-powered grist mill, featured in movie Gone with the Wind. Public Agriculture; Developing the American Economy NA NA Beautiful site, very accessible
197 Old State House Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Greek revival architecture; now a museum of state history, NA Architecture NA NA This building was the site of Clinton's victory parties in 1992 and 1996.
198 Plantation Agriculture Museum Arkansas Pulaski County, Scott, Museum focuses on cotton and its role in the south NA Working people; cotton-centered experience NA NA NA
199 Quapaw Quarter Historic District Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Restored Antebellum and Victorian structures. NA Architecture NA Driving and walking tours available NA
200 Shoppach House Arkansas Saline County, Benton 1853 house occupied by North and South during the Civil War Private Architecture, Civil War NA Tours by appointment NA
201 Blues Corner Arkansas Phillips County, Helena, Collection of recordings and sheet music featuring Delta Blues. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music NA NA NA
202 Heart of Arkansas Farm Tours Arkansas Chicot County, Dermott Tours to rice and soybean farming operations, Stuttgart Agricultural Museum, and prairie lands. NA Building the American Economy: agriculture NA Unknown NA
203 Old Almer Store Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Plantation store built in 1872 and restored for Arkansas bicentennial; now Delta arts and crafts NA Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts, folk art NA NA NA
204 Town of Clarendon Arkansas Monroe County, between the White River and highway 79 Small settlement, originally called "mouth of cache," dates back to 1799 and has persisted as a travel junction since 1837, when a military crossing from Memphis to Little Rock allowed for the creation of a township. NA Working People; People versus Nature; Civil War The Roc Roe Bayou is connected to the White River, and a cannon sunk in what was then called Hart Lake has never been recovered. Factory work crafted oars and pearl buttons shaped from mussels found in the river. Hull of sunken ship still visible when river is low; no marker on the site. Town nearly destroyed June 24, 1864, after Confed. Gen. Joseph O. Shelby's Missouri brigade sank Union gunboat, Queen City near townsite. Ship never raised. Town suffered. in 1927 flood. Old ferrys marked the site.
205 New Deal Market Arkansas Ouachita County, Camden Family-owned grocery store founded by Chinese immigrant in 1948; first operated as a general store Private Cultural Diversity; Working People; Building the American Economy Camden is a river town with a rich antebellum history No historical markings on site Mr. Lee Lum met U.S. Senator David Pryor's father, Edgar, on a trip through Camden to Hot Springs, and the two discussed the practicality of opening a grocery store. The store is now owned by the second generation of the family.
206 Palmer's Grocery Store Arkansas Ouachita County, 'Camden Grocery and feed store founded in 1928 Private Working People Camden No visitor services on the site Founder Milo Parker Palmer, a mess sergeant in WW I, opened a grocery store and hired out as a cook to local groups, also worked as a butcher. Leased 1,100 acres for $40 a yr. to grow feed. Store now in second generation of ownership.
207 Hampton Church Cemetery Arkansas Calhoun County, Hampton Gravesites of a military captain and his blind wife Public Spirituality, Military NA NA Military captain took in two girls who survived the Mountain Meadow massacre in Utah, one of whom was blinded in the attack. He left them with a church in Hampton church, and after years of correspondence he married the blind girl.
208 Sacred Heart Academy (former home of Col. Henry Biscoe Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Founded as a convent by four sisters of mercy and Bishop Henry Byrne from Ireland in 1858 in former Biscoe residence NA Spirituality; Civil War Helena Marker onsite Founded as a convent; was a hospital during 1863 battle of Helena. Closed in 1868; reopened 1879 by Sisters of Charity.
209 Paragould Mural Arkansas Greene County, Paragould 200-foot mural depicting early transportation in a town formed by two intersecting railroads. NA Working People; Building the American Economy: railroads NA Was owned by two men named Paramour and Jay Gould; names were combined to form Paragould. Gould did not like having second billing. Arkansas has a number of murals depicting local history. The art form provides an attractive and relatively inexpensive way of celebrating history.
210 Sea Wall Mural Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Mural depicts blues history and early Helena history NA History; Expressing Cultural Values: music Behind the Delta Cultural Center
211 Southland Greyhound Park Arkansas Crittenden County, West Memphis One of the largest greyhound racing facilities in the country. Private Recreation NA
212 Arkansas County Museum Arkansas Arkansas County, south of Gillett Collection of Delta structures, including farm equipment; also focuses on country doctors NA Building the American Economy: agriculture; Cultural Diversity NA Unknown NA
213 Arkansas Post National Memorial Arkansas Arkansas County, south of Gillett Has been a French fort and a Spanish fort, site of skirmish after American Revolution, a river port, site of a civil war battle, territorial capital State. Was French, Spanish, French again, then American Peopling Places; Cultural Diversity: Native American, French, Spanish; Revolutionary War; Civil War; Colonialism; Working People (trade), Early Exploration Early settlers, explorers include Henri de Tonti, Robert La Salle; naturalists John James Audubon and Thomas Nuttall visited Visitor center, barrier-free trails, fishing areas; comprehensive study by Morris S. Arnold: Colonial Arkansas 1686-1804 (1991) First lower Mississippi River Valley settlement established by de Tonti in 1686; developed as trading station after La Salle in 1682; site of John Law's colony, ca. 1719. First slaves in area 1721.
214 Centennial Baptist Church Arkansas Phillips County, Helena African-American church designed by African-American architect Henry James Price Church Spirituality; Architecture; Cultural Diversity Helena has several points of interest, most dealing with the blues or other aspects of Delta life NA Church grew from 23 members in 1879 to more 1,000 members in 1922.
215 Arkansas City Arkansas Desha County, Arkansas City Small town that was on the Mississippi River before 1927 flood. Several buildings in need of restoration. Courthouse clock was restored 1996. NA Mississippi River; Cultural Diversity; People versus Nature; Building the American Economy: steamboats; Recreation Arkansas City stands by itself. It is not on the Great River Road, but it should be. Perhaps best possibility for re-creating a river town. Excellent opportunity exists. Visitors could get a feeling for life on the Mississippi. Town has nearly died after 1927 flood and resulting change in river course. Was steeped in steam-boat culture; 17 saloons and no churches. Streets were named for famous steamboats such as Robert E. Lee and Kate Adams.
216 Chalk Bluff Park Arkansas Clay County, north of St. Francis Civil War battle site NA Civil War NA Unknown NA
217 Dallas County Museum Arkansas Dallas County, Fordyce Museum, housed in 1907 building, has displays on a local physician, Bear Bryant, and Adm. Thach, inventor of the Thach Weave, an aerial fighting tactic. Also has displays on local Native American culture. NA History; Native Americans; Working People; Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: sports Fordyce was a lumber center around the turn of the century. Displays are informed, but more information is needed on country physicians and on projectile points to put them in proper perspective. This museum could use some help in research; probably has less than extravagant, financial backing.
218 Tontitown Arkansas Washington County, Tontitown Italian settlement formed by settlers unsatisfied with labor agreements NA Working People; Cultural Diversity NA
219 Rowher Arkansas Desha County, Rowher Internment camp where Japanese-Americans were held during WW II NA Cultural Diversity; World War II; Patriotism Jerome, Arkansas also had a relocation center. State parks have reported much interest in developing the two sites in recent years. Only a marker stands at Rowher. Japanese-American citizens have created a garden. Others have said the site is very moving. Deaths in the camp, 24; others were killed in the armed services in Europe, including in 442nd Japanese-American unit of the 100th battalion, which distinguished itself in WW II combat .
220 Confederate Cemetery Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Historic Confederate burial ground laid out on the upsurge of Crowley's Ridge NA Civil War Helena
221 Crittenden County Museum Arkansas Crittenden County; Earle Museum, in Missouri Pacific depot, has exhibit on rural physicians, collections of artifacts. NA Working People; Building the American Economy: railroads NA
222 Phillips County Museum Arkansas Phillips County, Helena, Museum with Civil War memorabilia, local history Public Mississippi River; Civil War NA
223 Desha County Museum Arkansas Desha County, Dumas, Re-creation of life in a typical south Arkansas farming community; emphasis on pioneer life NA Building the American Economy;' Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: family, cotton-related experiences; Agriculture NA Excellent visitor services, but open only two afternoons a week Grounds are well kept
224 Poison Spring Battleground Historical Monument Arkansas Ouachita County, west of Camden Site where Confederate soldiers captured a Union supply train in 1864 Public Civil War Marks Mills is also a battle site connected with the Red River campaign.
Supply train was captured during the Union's ill-fated Red River campaign.
225 Tate Barn Sale Arkansas Ouachita County, Tate Barn Major arts and crafts festival held in the oldest building in the county NA Vernacular Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: festivals Camden
226 Indian Summer Pow-Wow Arkansas Ouachita County, Camden Traditional Native American dancing, competition, arts, food NA Cultural Diversity: Native Americans Camden Unknown NA
227 Southern Arkansas University Arkansas Columbia County; Magnolia Tour of agricultural school, Ozmer House, and 1883 dogtrot structure NA Vernacular Architecture; agriculture NA
228 Emerson Rotary Tiller races Arkansas Columbia County, Emersons Rotary tiller races NA
229 Marks Mills Battleground and Cemetery Arkansas Cleveland County, Marks Mills 1864 battle site; cemetery is also resting place of early settlers NA Civil War Marks Mills was part of the Union's Red River campaign
230 Armadillo Festival Arkansas Ashley County, Hamburg Festival oriented toward children NA NA NA
231 Ashley County Museum Arkansas Ashley County, Hamburg Museum in 1918 two-story house. Large shed houses collection of horse-drawn vehicles. Ashley County Historical Society Cultural Diversity: Native Americans; Agriculture, NA Unknown Sleighs, wagons, and farm tools in large shed. Museum emphasizes clothing, furniture, local history, including Native American.
232 Phil's Antique Barn Arkansas Calhoun County 1930 structure now houses county memorabilia NA Agriculture NA
233 Arkansas Oil and Brine Museum Arkansas Union County, near Smackover Museum tells story of 1920s oil boom in south Arkansas, gives a comprehensive look at history of the industry. actual rigs and equipment, original fields State Working People; Resource Extraction NA Well-defined programs; complete menu of interpretive displays Derricks, pumps, and jacks are part of a visual working display.
234 Parker Pioneer Homestead, Arkansas Poinsett County, Harrisburg Displays include log cabin, broom shop, chapel, covered wagon, grist mill, and sorghum mill and pit; demonstrations of sorghum making and lye soap making. NA Working People; Agriculture NA
235 Arkansas State University Museum Arkansas Craighead County, Jonesboro Museum with 100 exhibits covering prehistory to present State Cultural Diversity: Native Americans; Agriculture; Mississippi River, History NA Arkansas State University at Jonesboro has best collective interpretation on the Delta in Arkansas through the museum and a number of professors. NA
236 Museum Lepanto USA Arkansas Poinsett County, Lepanto Delta history exhibits Public Cultural Diversity; Mississippi River NA
237 Hampson Museum Arkansas Mississippi County, Wilson, Collection of artifacts from the Nodena site, Late Mississippi period culture State Native American NA Excellent visitor services Interest in archeology of local Dr. James K. Hampson led to this collection, drawing directly from the Nodena site.
238 Delta cultural center Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Detailed look at Delta life and times, housed in a 1912 train depot (donated by Union Pacific). Focus on agriculture, the river, the people, and the blues. NA Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music, family; Working People; Mississippi River; Agriculture; cotton-related experience, timber Helena Very user-friendly; well-developed history of the Delta. Tells a coherent, but varied story. Helena helped several Arkansas country singers develop their roots in the blues. Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, and Charlie Rich all have ties to the area and are Arkansas natives.
239 Marianna / Lee County Museum Arkansas Lee County, Marianna, Exhibits include general store, parlor, kitchen, cotton; also Civil War and World War II artifacts. Public Working People, Civil War, cotton experience, Agriculture NA
240 W. G. Huxtable pumping plant Arkansas Lee County, Marianna Largest of its kind in the world NA NA NA
241 Parkin Archeological State Park Arkansas Cross County, Parkin Archeological study of a Mississippi period Indian village, 1350-1550 State Native Americans NA Onsite interpretive services, research station, programs Some scholars believe this to be the village of Casqui, which De Soto visited in 1541.
242 St. Francis County Museum Arkansas St. Francis County; Forrest City Native American and Civil War artifacts, local history NA Native Americans; Civil War NA
243 O. Demoret and Son General Mercantile Store and Museum Arkansas Phillips County; Elaine
244 Louisiana Purchase State Park Arkansas Phillips County; Marvell Monument marks the historic 1815 survey starting point in what was to become Arkansas NA Early Exploration; Colonial History NA Good services, but point probably receives little traffic because of remote location. NA
245 Lephiew Cotton Gin Arkansas Chicot County, Dermott In operation since 1886; open for tours during harvest season Private Cotton-related experience NA Good example of a modern cotton gin NA
246 Rubye and Henry Connerly Museum Arkansas Chicot County, Eudora Historic grocery store; local history artifacts NA Native Americans; Working People; Mississippi River; Agriculture NA Efforts to increase hours and holdings are underway. NA
247 Lindbergh Marker Arkansas Chicot County, Lake Village Marker indicates where Col. Charles A. Lindbergh made his first night flight over Lake Chicot in 1923. State Aviation history In lake Chicot state park
248 Stuttgart Agricultural Museum Arkansas Arkansas County; Stuttgart Impressive collection of farming implements and displays concerning farm life on the Grand Prairie. Waterfowl wing; scale representations of community church, school, and firehouse. NA Cultural Diversity; Agriculture; Building the American Economy Ulm
Stuttgart began as a German settlement on the sparsely populated Grand Prairie. It is now the rice capital of the world. Amazing story of an aerial stuntman, display of his equipment
249 Herman Davis Memorial Arkansas Mississippi County; Manila Monument to commemor-ate a great WW I hero who served under and drew great praise from Gen. Jack Pershing State World War I NA
250 Woman's Progressive Building Arkansas Cross County, Wynne Site is part of a 1936 WPA project. NA
251 Turner Neal Museum Arkansas Drew County, Monticello Exhibits on the Arkansas natural history NA Nature NA Unknown NA
252 Fargo Agricultural School Museum Arkansas Monroe County, Fargo Floyd Brown, a Tuskegee graduate, started school in 1919 to give black students a good quality high school education. NA Cultural Diversity; Education NA
Syrian immigrants in area..
253 White River Arkansas Flows from Missouri through Arkansas and empties into the Mississippi River. Several historic sites along the river; Native American history, Civil War, and now conservation concerns NA Working People; Cultural Diversity; Native Americans; Natural Resources Batesville, Newport, Des Arc, De Valls Bluff, and Clarendon all began as river ports.
The book The Last River, by Turner Browne, chronicles the lives of people who make a living along the White River and the threat that progress poses to their lives.
254 Houseboat dwellers Arkansas White River, between Des Arc and Clarendon; possibly Black River also. prairie, Monroe, and Phillips counties A few independent souls still live in the style that once constituted sizable communities. NA Working People; Expressing Cultural Values NA No markers Percy writes of these folk in Lanterns on the Levee.
255 Pearl Divers Arkansas White River-- Jackson, White, Woodruff, Prairie, and Monroe Counties Pearl divers once sold their finds to local factories, where buttons were made. Now the small pearls are sold to Japanese companies. NA Working People; Building the American Economy White River, especially Clarendon, past home of button factories
Japanese use the small pearls to fertilize oysters, making their pearls more valuable. The Last River by Turner Browne contains photographs of pearl divers at work. Process looks like a cross between movies Deliverance and Waterworld.
256 Civil War Arkansas Camden, Clarendon, Fort Smith, Helena, (more; see "Comments.") List of names in connection with the war NA Civil War Dougan's Confederate Arkansas
Jenkins Ferry, Little Rock, Mansfield, Marks Mills, Osceola, Pea Ridge, Poison Springs, Red River campaign, Wilson's Creek
257 Altus Heritage House Museum Arkansas Franklin County, Altus The original German-American state bank, circa 1800s, with local history and coal mining exhibit NA Cultural Diversity; Building the American Economy; Resource Extraction NA
258 Arkansas River visitor center Arkansas Pope County, Russellville (Old Post Road Park) Interpretive exhibit on the development of the river NA Development of Natural Resources; Arkansas River Russellville area
259 Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Arkansas Washington County, Springdale, Restored railroad crosses 1882 Winslow tunnel, restored tresses, and the Boston Mountains on a scenic ride. NA Developing the American Economy; Working People Van Buren and Springdale areas
260 Council Oak, Council Oaks City Park Arkansas Yell County, Dardanelle Massive 400 to 500-year-old white oak tree where in 1820 a Cherokee chief signed a treaty giving all land south of the Arkansas River to the territory. NA Native Americans NA
Seemingly fitting connection between the tree and the treaty signing. The tree is a throwback to another time that has survived the invasion, as the Cherokee did not.
261 Crawford County Courthouse Arkansas Crawford County, Van Buren The oldest active courthouse west of the Mississippi River; still has the original Seth Thomas clock. NA Architecture Van Buren
262 Mount Olive United Methodist Church Arkansas Crawford County, Van Buren This church, built in 1889, is said to hold the oldest black congregation in the United Methodist system west of the Mississippi. NA Spirituality; Cultural Diversity Van Buren
263 Ozark Heritage Crafts Arkansas Pope County, north of Russellville Features handmade items of over 200 crafters. Woodcarving shop has demonstrations. NA Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: crafts Area is rich in Ozark culture Hands-on demonstrations offered The area along the Arkansas River Valley from Fort Smith to Little Rock is one of the fastest-growing sections of Arkansas. The region is moving ahead economically and maintains a sense of heritage.
264 Indian Paintbrush Gallery Arkansas Benton County, Siloam Springs Gallery of Native American paintings, weavings, pottery NA Cultural Diversity: Native Americans NA
265 Thorncrown Chapel Arkansas Carroll County, Eureka Springs Chapel designed by E. Fay Jones, a Frank Lloyd Wright student. Liberal use of glass incorporates the surroundings into the work. Breathtaking. NA Architecture NA
266 Blythe's Museum Arkansas Scott County, Waldron, Museum contains a collection of Native American artifacts and local history exhibits. Private Local history; Native Americans, NA Nonprofit exhibits may not be as user-friendly as possible. Some development would be helpful and probably would be welcomed. Museum is in the second floor of a brake and front-end shop; both are owned by the same man. The collections are a result of a lifelong hobby.
267 Cowie Wine Cellars Arkansas Logan County, Paris A family-owned and operated winery Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: food and drink NA Tour includes a history of the family and winemaking. NA
268 DeGray Lake and Dam Arkansas Clark County, between Hot Springs and Arkadelphia 13,800-acre lake with state park, popular for fishing, camping, swimming, skiing, and diving. Dam built in late 1970s amid a fierce debate over the environmental impact. Public, with private holdings near lake People versus Nature DeGray Lake and dam are between Arkadelphia and Hot Springs. Private lodge; federal campgrounds; resort Only recently has the Corps of Engineers begun to talk candidly about the ecological debate and some unpopular decisions surrounding the construction of the dam.
269 Wolf House Memorial Arkansas Baxter County, Norfork 1820s "dogtrot" cabin. Museum features local history, including mementos of builder Maj. Jacob Wolf. NA Vernacular Architecture; Cultural Diversity; local history. NA
Cabin at one time was the courthouse and county seat. Museum includes mementos of builder Maj. Jacob Wolf, a German pioneer.
270 Arkansas House of Reptiles Arkansas Garland County, Hot Springs Exhibit features 67 rare exhibits from 6 continents Private Natural Resources Store co-owner also owns Rocky's Corner, an Italian restaurant across from Oaklawn racetrack. Store is run by an expert on reptiles; seems to be a first-class operation. Reptile house is more impressive than most zoos. Mr. Diorio has been collecting snakes and other reptiles for years, searching in some areas that require very exclusive permits.
271 Arkansas Symphony Gala Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock Arkansas Symphony Orchestra performed with Bernadette Peters February 21, 1997 NA Expressing Cultural Values: music Robinson Center Music Hall in downtown Little Rock is just a few blocks from the Old Statehouse and Quapaw Quarters.
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra handles its own promotion,
272 Toltec Mounds State Park Arkansas Lonoke County, Scott, Claims are made that this is "one of the largest Mound Builders sites remaining in the Lower Mississippi River Valley." Public Native Americans NA Guided tours available NA
273 Hot Springs Mountain Tower Arkansas Garland County, Hot Springs A 216-foot observation tower with indoor and outdoor viewing decks offering a spectacular overlook of the historic district and most of Hot Springs. Private NA Historic district of Hot Springs Open to the public for a cost of about $5. Focus is on gift shop rather than history. Incredible views of foliage in autumn.
274 Wagon Yard Museum Arkansas Lonoke County, England Collection of early wagons, stagecoaches, and farm equipment NA Working People; Agriculture NA
275 The Witness Arkansas Garland County, Hot Springs Contemporary Christian musical drama at Mid-America Amphitheater Private Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: music, performing arts NA
276 Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas Pike County, Murfreesboro The only diamond-bearing field in North America that is open to the public State Building the American Economy; Resource Extraction NA Several exhibits, gift shop, and recreational areas NA
277 King Biscuit Blues Festival Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Four-day festival featuring a variety of music, as well as food, arts, crafts, and photography NA Expressing Cultural Values: gospel music, blues; Recreation: festivals Festival is closely tied to the Delta Cultural Center in Helena. Well publicized in the immediate region, but may be relatively unknown in areas without radio stations devoted to blues music; history of the music is possibly underrepresented. Helena puts a lot of effort into showcasing the area, using King Biscuit as a spokespiece.
278 Mena Depot Center Arkansas Polk County, Mena Local history museum and art gallery housed in a restored train depot NA Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: art NA
279 Murray's Dinner Playhouse Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Contemporary musical comedy along with a buffet dinner Private Expressing Cultural Values: music, drama; Recreation NA
Charter member of National Dinner Theatre Association.
280 National Cemetery Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Cemetery established in 1866. NA Military History; Civil War, other wars. Little Rock
Cemetery contains remains of more than 22,000 veterans from Civil War through Desert Storm.
281 Jacksonport State Park Arkansas Jackson County, Jacksonport Park surrounding 1869 courthouse salutes Jacksonport, a thriving riverport town in the 1800s. Reconstructed riverboat on site. State Civil War; Building the American Economy: steamboats NA Campsites, picnic sites Town was occupied by Confederate and Union forces during the Civil War because of its strategic location. Made strong by steamboats, it began to decline in the 1870s when bypassed by the railroad..
282 Prairie County Museum Arkansas Prairie County, Des Arc, Exhibits on early Arkansas settlement, transportation routes, river-based econ-omy, including fishing and shelling. A Civil War exhibit focuses on river's role in the war. State Civil War; Working People, NA
The interpretation of Arkansas's rivers focuses on the White River.
283 Old Washington Historic State Park Arkansas Hempstead County, Washington (near Hope) A 19th century restoration town, includes 36 sites, including homes, churches, cemeteries, a tavern, a jail, museums, a cotton gin, and a re-created blacksmith shop. NA Civil War, Architecture, Working People The state park also has world's only bladesmithing school. The tradition began with the well-known Bowie knife at this site. The town, established in 1824, was an important stop for people traveling to Texas, and it was the Confederate Capital of Arkansas 1863-1865. NA
284 Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas Grant County, south of Sheridan Civil War battlefield, part of the Red River campaign; battle occurred on April 29-30, 1864. Public Civil War Red River campaign included Poison Spring and Marks' Mill.
285 Old Davidsonville State Park Arkansas Lawrence County, Pocahontas Established in 1815, Davidsonville had first post office, courthouse, and land office in the Arkansas territory. Public Early Settlement; Working People NA Campsites, picnic areas, fishing Town faded in the 1830s.
286 Ozark Folk Center Arkansas Stone County, north of Mountain View Artisans demonstrate homestead skills and crafts, Sunday gospel concerts, live entertainment (pre-1940s musical performances), and craft fairs. Public Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art, drama, music NA Sunday gospel concerts, live entertainment six nights a week, restaurants, lodge Cabin crafts" offered in 22 living history exhibits demonstrating barrelmaking, broom making, blacksmithing, etc. in summer and fall; gift shop features homemade furniture, toys, and food.
287 Powhatan Courthouse State Park Arkansas Lawrence County, Powhatan Courthouse, built in 1888 from bricks made onsite, features delicate woodwork and a classic Victorian cupola; jail was constructed of limestone. This state park features restored courthouse, jail, and a museum on early exploration. NA Vernacular Architecture; Early Settlement NA
Powhatan was a busy riverport town in mid-1800s, site of a famous ferry. Today the courthouse serves as archives for some of the oldest records in Arkansas.
288 Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park Arkansas Washington County, Prairie Grove Civil War battlefield in the Ozarks. Museum emphasizes life of a Civil War soldier. Buildings resemble 19th century hill community. Public Civil War NA
Exhibits and interpretive programs depict Civil War period and its impact on Arkansas.
289 Lake Chicot State Park Arkansas Chicot County, Lake Village, Most events at this state park feature birds or fishing. Civil War Weekend is in October. Public Civil War Civil War reenactment of the battle at Ditch Bayou.
290 Town of Fordyce Arkansas Dallas County, Fordyce Town founded by Civil War Col. Samuel Fordyce; home to WW II Adm. John H. Thach, naval aviator and inventor of the "Thach Weave"; Birthplace of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant; Public Civil War; World War II; Aviation; Expressing Cultural Values: sports Dallas County Museum is in Fordyce
Home of world's first southern pine plywood mill, Georgia-Pacific Corp. First direct-dial long distance telephone call in U.S. was made from Allied Telephone Company in Fordyce in 1960. First AME church started in Holly Springs by Robert Singleton.
291 Arkansas Territorial Restoration. Annual May festival Arkansas Pulaski County, Little Rock, Living history reenactments on Mother's Day weekend festival. ATR has an African-American Living History Troupe that sings and performs. NA Civil War, Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music On grounds of Arkansas Territorial Restoration
292 Town of Helena Arkansas Phillips County, Helena Site of Civil War battle in July 1863 NA Civil War NA NA NA
293 De Valls Bluff Arkansas Monroe County; De Valls Bluff Site of federal garrisons during Civil War NA Civil War NA
294 St. Charles Arkansas NA Site of Civil War battle NA Civil War NA
295 Elaine Arkansas Phillips County, Elaine Site of 1919 race riot in response to efforts by the Progressive Farmers and Household Union, which asked for higher prices for cotton grown by black tenant farmers. NA Working People; Cultural Diversity NA
296 Ulm Arkansas Prairie County, Ulm Modern town that began as a German settlement when war veterans claimed land on the Grand Prairie NA Cultural Diversity; Early Settlement Stuttgart
297 Towns of Hicks and Barton Arkansas Phillips County, Hicks and Barton Two towns heavily populated by Swiss immigrants who settled on railroad land in late 19th century. NA Cultural Diversity; Early Settlement NA
298 Arkansas Railroad Museum Arkansas Jefferson County, Pine Bluff Museum with railroad memorabilia, including passenger and freight cars and Engine 819. NA Building the American Economy: railroads; Working People NA
299 Bradley County Historical Museum Arkansas Bradley County, Warren Building housing museum is on the National Register of Historic Places; museum tells local history. NA Local history NA
300 Drew County Historical Museum Arkansas Drew County, Monticello, House built in 1909 contains artifacts and antiques; two 1800s log cabins also on the site. NA Vernacular Architecture; Early Settlement NA
301 Grant County Museum / Heritage Village Arkansas Grant County; Sheridan Collection of restored buildings houses artifacts related to local history NA Local History; Early Settlement NA
302 Keepers of the Spirit / Persistence of the Spirit Arkansas Jefferson County, Pine Bluff Display chronicles history of black Arkansans and of University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. NA NA NA Display can be seen by appointment University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff display chronicles history of black Arkansans and of UAPB.
303 McCollum-Chichester House Arkansas Ouachita County, Camden, Historic home, now a museum, was a stagecoach depot through Civil War; house still sports bullet holes from a Civil War battle NA Civil War NA
304 Nevada County Depot museum Arkansas Nevada County, Prescott, Old-fashioned railroad depot NA Building the American Economy: railroads NA
305 Pine Bluff / Jefferson County Historical Museum Arkansas Jefferson County, Pine Bluff History of city, county, railroads, and especially lumber NA Building the American Economy: railroads; Resource Extraction NA
306 Pioneer Village Arkansas Cleveland County, Rison Re-created 19th century village with blacksmith shop and log cabins NA Vernacular Architecture; Early Settlement; Working People NA
307 Sevier County Museum Arkansas Sevier County, De Queen County history, plus tours of 1840 home at the site of Paraclifta, once a thriving town NA NA NA
308 Wiggins cabin / Old company house Arkansas Ashley County, Crossett Log cabin and shotgun mill house in Crossett city park NA Working People NA
309 Town of Marked Tree Arkansas Poinsett County, Marked Tree Town began in 1881 as a construction camp. A blazed oak tree marked a ford and portage point at confluence of St. Francis and Little Rivers. NA Working People NA
The town has the world's three largest siphons.
310 Meador's Drug Store; Desha County Museum Arkansas Desha County, Dumas 1940s style lunch counter still serving Private Working People NA
311 Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge Arkansas Union County, west of Crossett 65,000 acres for fishing, hunting, and wildlife observation, especially bird life U.S. government Natural Resources NA
312 Mississippi County Historical Center Arkansas Mississippi County, Osceola Historical center occupies a building that was a mercantile store for 86 years. NA Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Town is called Plum Point in some of Mark Twain's stories.
Fred Patterson had the first store built in 1901. His son continued the business after his death in 1964.
313 Old Davidsonville State Park Arkansas Randolph County Davidsonville was site of the state's first courthouse, post office, and land office. (Also see "Comments."} State History; Early Settlement; Peopling Places NA
Town was the seat of Lawrence County in 1815, while Arkansas was still a territory. It flourished through travel along the Black River and an old military road between Saint Louis and Texas.
314 Pearogue School Hollow Arkansas Izard County, north of Boswell 1915 wooden school building NA Vernacular architecture NA
School is not a typical white-washed rectangular building, but looks like a modern art project; trim is elaborate and pronounced, rather like an oriental pagoda. The school is set in the middle of the woods, creating an interesting contrast.
315 Pea Ridge National Military Park Arkansas Benton County, Pea Ridge Civil War battlefield U.S. government Civil War NA Onsite services, tours Pea Ridge was a key battle in deciding the fate of Missouri. Saint Louis housed important arsenals.
316 Petit Jean State Park Arkansas Conway County, southwest of Morrilton State park features a mountain overlook and a 95-foot waterfall. Most facilities were built by the CCC. State Natural Resources NA
'Petit Jean Mountain lies between the Ouachita and Ozark mountains.
317 Lum 'n' Abner Museum Arkansas Montgomery County; Pine Ridge Collection of memorabilia concerning the careers of principals of a popular 1930s radio show, which starred two local men in a nationwide radio program based on the region. NA Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: radio entertainment NA
Town changed its name in 1936 to match the fictional title "Pine Ridge" to capitalize on public interest in the show.
318 White River Railway Arkansas Marion County, Flippin Vintage train gives train trips along White River. NA Building the American Economy: railroads; Recreation Train stops at Cotter Access, Buffalo City, Norfork, and Calico Rock. Train makes two round trips per day. NA
319 Queen Wilhelmina State Park Arkansas Polk County, northwest of Mena Mountain lodge built in 1898 by railroad investors to honor of the queen of Holland State History NA
320 Janssen Park Arkansas Polk County, Mena Park has 2 mountain howitzer cannons, one used in the Civil War, the other in the Mexican War. 1851 log cabin, area's first homesite. NA Military History; Vernacular Architecture NA
Cabin has been a hospital, a post office, an inn, a city hall, and allegedly a hideout for Jesse James.
321 Wal-Mart Visitor Center Arkansas Benton County, Bentonville Sam Walton's first variety store opened in 1945. NA Building the America Economy NA
Wal-Mart is now the largest retailer in the United States.
322 Town of Deer Arkansas Newton County, Deer Near Cherokee settlements along the 1820s and 1830s Trail of Tears. NA Native Americans NA Unknown Sequoyah is said to have stayed at Deer while developing the written version of the Cherokee language.
323 Searcy County Museum Arkansas Searcy County, Marshall Displays of 19th century farm implements, Civil War memorabilia Public Civil War, Agriculture NA
324 Van Buren County Museum Arkansas Van Buren County, Clinton Museum features local history, including displays on rural medicine, war, agriculture, and early history NA Military history; Agriculture; Early Settlement NA
325 Cummins Prison, Varner Arkansas Lincoln County, Varner Varner housed the barracks for Cummins Prison, an inmate farm. NA Cultural Diversity NA
The prison was a target of reform for the first 60 years of this century.
326 Scott Joplin mural Arkansas Miller County, Texarkana Mural 20' x 140' depicting life and compositions of famous ragtime composer Scott Joplin NA Expressing Cultural Values: music NA
One of Joplin's compositions was "The Entertainer."
327 Town of Piggot Arkansas Clay County, Piggot Town hosted Ernest Hemingway while he worked on A Farewell to Arms. Hemingway married a local woman. NA Expressing Cultural Values: literature, movies NA Hemingway's studio is now privately owned, not open to public. Piggott was also the site of movie, A Face in the Crowd, starring Andy Griffith. Piggott was established as a railroad town.
328 Town of Gregory Arkansas Woodruff County, Gregory Possible home of Confederate raider Quantrill. One L. J. Crocker settled here in 1867, lived until 1917. (see "Comments.") NA Civil War NA Local legend says Crocker was Quantrill, and he never denied the rumor. Crocker, saying he came from Georgia, arrived with nothing but a horse and a good deal of money. He bought a large farm. Several local people said he was Quantrill, whom he resembled.
329 Battle of Cotton Plant Arkansas Woodruff County, Cotton Plant Site of Civil War battle on July 7, 1862. (Woodruff County is named after founder of state's oldest newspaper. NA Civil War; Early history NA
Another battle took place in Woodruff County April 1, 1864, at Fitzhugh's woods north of Augusta. Many stores still bear iron plates of immigrant founders.
330 Buffalo River Rafting Arkansas Marion County A man named Walter Isom, who died in 1969, made a living rafting timber down the Buffalo and White Rivers. NA Working People NA
Walter Isom was one of the county's last raftsmen. Buffalo River is now Buffalo National River.
331 Home of "Aunt Caroline" Dye Arkansas Jackson County, Newport Aunt Caroline" was a well-known black fortune teller / clairvoyant who lived in Newport in the early 1900s. Private Expressing Cultural Values; 'ethnicity, vernacular NA There is some interest in erecting a marker or opening the house. Aunt Caroline" is mentioned in W. C. Handy's "Sundown Blues."
332 Blackville Arkansas Jackson County, Blackville Town settled by 53 black families in wake of Civil War. former slave named Pickens Black owned 6,000 acres and started town after the Civil War NA Cultural Diversity; local history NA
No Blackville families accepted relief during the Great Depression
333 Jamestown Arkansas Independence County, Jamestown Town founded in 1869, was destroyed by fire August 1921. NA Education; local history NA
Town grew to support Arkansas Normal College before entire town destroyed by fire in August 1921.
334 Pfeiffer Stone Company Arkansas Independence County, Batesville Local rock company founded in 1903 by German immigrant Fritz Krueger. Private Cultural Diversity; Building the American Economy NA Unknown NA
335 Kingsland Arkansas Cleveland County, Kingsland Hometown of country music legend Johnny Cash and football coach Bear Bryant NA Expressing Cultural Values: music; Recreation, sports NA
This town of about 300 people does not capitalize on its amazing hometown sons.
336 Sunnyside Plantation on Lake Chicot Arkansas Chicot County, Sunnyside Plantation Antebellum plantation that became infamous in 1900s through abuse of Italian immigrants NA Working People; Cultural Diversity; Agriculture NA
Several scholars have published material about the area. A recent book has been done by Jeannie Whayne of University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.
337 Arkansas Indian Culture Center Arkansas Sharp County, Hardy NA NA Native Americans NA
338 Bald Knob Centennial Museum Arkansas White County, Bald Knob NA NA NA NA
339 Blytheville Heritage Museum Arkansas Mississippi County, Blytheville, Museum focuses on the legacy of cotton and on local aviation NA Building the American Economy: cotton, steel industry; Aviation NA
340 Historic Clover Bend Community Center and Museum Arkansas Randolph County, Black Rock, NA NA NA NA
341 Living Farm Museum of the Ozarks Arkansas Randolph County, Pocahontas, NA NA Agriculture NA
342 Log Cabin Museum Arkansas Prairie County, Des Arc Re-created "dogtrot" museum NA Vernacular Architecture; Working People NA Time element is somewhat lost, as donated artifacts placed in the display may not correspond to the age of the cabin NA
343 Maynard Pioneer Museum Arkansas Randolph County, Maynard NA NA NA

344 Old Independence Regional Museum Arkansas Independence County, Batesville NA NA NA

345 Ozark Heritage Arts Center and Museum Arkansas Searcy County, Leslie, Museum of local history, art gallery, and a 400-seat theater in a restored 1938 WPA gymnasium NA Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts; Building the American Economy
Good exhibits suffer from neglect over the years Museum consists of four rooms of artifacts, especially on local businesses
346 South Arkansas Arts Center Arkansas Union County, El Dorado, A 200-seat studio; two art galleries featuring visual arts changing monthly; ballet and music lessons NA Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts, dance, music

Well-established program 9 to 5 Mondays through Fridays
347 Trumann Museum Arkansas Poinsett County; Trumann NA NA NA

348 Veterans' Military Museum of Hardy Arkansas Sharp County, Hardy Museum concerning military history NA Military history

One room, "the motor pool," displays vehicles from World War II to Vietnam. Another exhibit contains memorabilia from the Civil War through Desert Storm.
349 White County Historical Museum Arkansas White County, Searcy, Log cabin c. 1840; original one-room schoolhouse; rebuilt general store Private Vernacular Architecture; local history

350 Mammoth Spring State Park Arkansas Fulton County, Mammoth Spring State's largest spring, 10th largest in world, featuring excellent fishing and floating. Onsite 1880s railroad museum, and an old powerhouse that was operated by the spring's power. State Natural Resources; Recreation

351 Tennessee River Fresh Water Pearl Farm Tour & Museum Tennessee Benton County Only facility of its kind in the U.S.; very important to world pearl production. Growing river industry. Private - aquaculture pearl farm. Developing the American Economy; resource extraction Tennessee River Folk Life Museum Visitor center and museum Admission charged; Pearl Farm open April through November. Must call for reservation to take tour. Pearl Museum open year round.
352 Tennessee River Folklife Museum Tennessee Benton County, Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Center has collection of documents relating the experience of river people after the development of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Documents deal with peoples' recovery and adaptation to a new life. State Transforming the Environment; TVA projects Tennessee River Fresh Water Pearl Farm/Museum Visitor center No admission charge. Open daily from August to November; center also has library with video and audio collection.
353 Cary's Sorghum Mill Tennessee Camden; Benton County Sorghum production facility. Works on same principle as mule & horse powered equipment. Sorghum products available for purchase. Private Agriculture; Expressing Cultural Values through foods. NA None. People stop from time to time and talk with owners. Mill harvests sorghum and produces syrup September through mid-October. Interested persons need to call the mill to place order or to find out when the sorghum is being milled. Supply of sorghum depends on weather.
354 Patsy Cline Memorial Tennessee Camden; Benton County Benton County is the site of the plane crash that claimed the lives of Patsy Cline and members of her band. City Expressing Cultural Values; Music NA Chamber of Commerce, Benton County Visitors need to call Benton County Chamber of Commerce to confirm date of event.
355 Johnsonville Reenactment Tennessee Benton County, Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Civil War reenactment commemorating Forrest's loss at Pilot's Knob, a river fortification. State Civil War; Expressing Cultural Values National BattlefField State Park Visitor Center Event is held in October.
356 T. J. Whitfield's Braille Boat Tennessee Benton County, Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Whitfield was a local river fisherman. The Braille boat was equipped with hooks used to harvest mussels. State River life; Transportation Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Visitor Center Center contains many audio and video recordings depicting the life of the people who made their homes and livings on the river.
357 Maggie Lee Sayre Photograph Collection at the Tennessee River Folklife Museum Tennessee Benton Co. Maggie Lee Sayre grew up on a shanty boat in the river. She recorded her life through a black and white camera. The images are a great record of river life. Tennessee River Folklife Museum Tennessee River; Expressing Cultural Values; People of the Delta Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Visitor Center Maggie Lee Sayre is deaf and unable to speak, a great resource for folklife interpretation.
358 Thornton's Trading Post Tennessee Benton County Trading post similar to a turn-of-the century mercantile. Specializes in horseware and has Amish and antique carriages on display. Private Cultural Diversity; Transportation Other Benton County sites Retail facility Area at one time had an Amish community, but it no longer exists. Thornton has a manu-facturing facility to produce his own tack.
359 Oak Hill Cemetery Tennessee Huntingdon; Carroll County, Burial site of Gov. Gordon Browning City State Politics; Public Education Gordon Weaver Browning Museum, Mckenzie Museum, or may use Carroll County Chamber of Commerce NA
360 Gordon Weaver Browning Museum/ Carroll County Historical Society Tennessee McKenzie; Carroll County Museum contains Browning memorabilia and genealogical resources. Private State Politics; Public Education; Expressing Cultural Values Oak Hill Cemetery Museum Brownig's major political contribution was to the public education system of TN; Served in both world wars; Gubernatorial terms were in the 30's and 50's .
361 "The world's largest coon hunt" Tennessee Parsons; Decatur County An annual event held to raise money for St. Jude's hospital. Participants tree the coons but do not kill them. The hunt is based on a point system. Private Expressing Cultural Values; Recreation NA May use Decatur County Chamber of Commerce This is a large event for the town of Parsons that has helped raise $1,000,000 for St. Jude's.The organization is rebuilding facilities destroyed in a 1995 fire.
362 B & F Fish Market Tennessee Parsons; Decatur County Local market where river fishermen come to sell their catfish. Market is a point of processing, shipping, and retailing. Private Developing the American Economy, Resource Extraction; Expressing Cultural Values; Fishing as an Industry NA Employees take time to talk with tourists; the site is accustomed to having visitors. Parsons is a town of 2,000 situ-ated on the Tenn. River. Fishing is a significant industry. Local river catfish business threatened by catfish farming.
363 Ferry Boat Tennessee Parsons; Decatur County Ferry boat has up to 6- car capacity and presents a chance to experience an antiquated form of transportation. Private Transportation; Man vs. Nature "World's Largest Coon Hunt" May use Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Group is currently rebuilding facilities.
364 Dr. Walter E. David Wildlife Museum Tennessee Dyer County Dyersburg State Community College, Glover Building Collection of every specimen of duck found in Mississippi flyway State Mississippi river & its drainage systems; Human interaction with environment Dyersburg Army Air Base Dyer County Chamber of Commerce Museum is open daily; full accessibility for persons with disabilities; no admission charge.
365 K & N Rootbeer Tennessee Dyersburg; Dyer County Restaurant with 50's/60's look; establishment is a local hangout. Owner makes his own root beer and offers barbecue, corn dogs, and other short order items. Still has carhops. Private Expressing Cultural Values; food NA Restaurant Has a 30-year plus history.
366 T. G. Shepherd Boyhood Home Tennessee Humboldt; Gibson County Shepherd is a country music celebrity. Private Expressing Cultural Values; music NA Humboldt museum. Visitors may see town that shaped Shepherd's early life. NA
367 Strawberry Festival - Historical museum Tennessee Humboldt; Gibson County Collection of local memorabilia, exhibits on town development, evolution of telephone, collection/exhibit relating to W.W. II Brig. Gen. Claude Adams. City Southern Town Development; Espressing Cultural Values; festivals; military; agriculture NA Self-guided NA
368 University of Tennessee - West TN Agriculture Museum Tennessee Milan, Gibson County Museum interprets the agriculture community from 1850-1950. State Developing the American Economy; agriculture Carroll County Browning Museum and Oak Hill Cemetery Site offers guided tours. Facilities include a frontier, agri-cultural community (church, schoolhouse, blacksmith, private homes, etc.) horsedrawn agricul-tural equipment and birthplace of Governor Browning.
369 Davy Crockett Cabin Tennessee Rutherford; Gibson County Reproduction of cabin incorporating some of the original timbers Private Peopling Places; Folk Heroes Burial site of John Wesley Crockett, son of Davy Cabin is museum Cabin is a reproduction, including timbers from Crockett's last Tennessee home. His mother is buried on the grounds.
370 City of Rutherford Tennessee Gibson County City hosts Davy Crockett Days annually on the first of October. City Expressing Cultural Values;- music; festivals; storytelling; frontier settlement Davy Crockett Cabin Gibson County Chamber of Commerce Festival began in 1968 as a Rutherford Centennial cele-bration.The event includes pioneer trade craft demonstra-tions, old-time string band music, and tall tale contests.
371 Ames Plantation Tennessee Grand Junction; Hardeman County Plantation hosts the National Field Dog Trial Championships for bird dogs. Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values National Bird Dog Hall of Fame Plantation is open for tours on the 4th Thurs-day from March through October, other times by appointment. NA
372 National Bird Dog Museum & Field Trial Hall of Fame Tennessee Grand Junction; Hardeman County Museum exhibits bird dog art, wildlife murals, game bird & wildlife specimens. Private Expressing Cultural Values; recreation Ames Plantation Tour of exhibits NA
373 The Little Courthouse Tennessee Bolivar; Hardeman County Log courthouse built in 1824 served as first courthouse of Hardeman County. In 1827 it became a private home and was remodeled. One of the few surviving examples of log courthouse structures. Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities The Pillars NA Chamber of Commerce of Hardeman County Open by appointment; can call Hardeman County Chamber of Commerce.
374 The Pillars Tennessee Bolivar; Hardeman County Construction dates to 1826. Maj. John Houston Bills purchased it in 1831. One of the original settlers of west Tennessee, Bills was a member of a group that surveyed and estab-lished the territory.The Borders house is being restored. Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities Peopling Places; effects of exploration and settlement; Architecture The Little Register Chamber of Commerce Visitation is by appointment; must contact Hardeman County Chamber of Commerce. House is also associated with Sam Houston, President James K. Polk, and other prominent 19th century politicians
375 Tennessee River Waterway Museum Tennessee Harden County Museum's collection centers on Tennessee River being used for power generation. Federal Transforming the Environment; TVA projects NA Self-guided tour. Pickwick Dam is part of TVA. These projects had major effects on the land use and people of this area. Museum and tours are free.
376 Nutbush/Tina Turner Heritage Resource Center Tennessee Brownsville; Haywood County Center has a collection of video and audio record-ings of Ike & Tina Turner; also has a collection of musical recordings of early blues, country, and gospel artists from the area. Private Expressing Cultural Values; music Nutbush Tina Turner Tour Resource center serves as visitor center. To schedule a visit to center or find out date of festival, can call 901-772-4265 or 901-772-8157.
377 Tina Turner childhood home tour Tennessee Nutbush; Haywood County Various sites associated with the childhood of Tina Turner, music celebrity Private Expressing Cultural Values; music Tina Turner Resource Center Resource Center A building is being refurbished to display an exhibit on Tina Turner. Although house is no longer standing, one may gain a sense of Tina Turner's childhood experiences and influences.
378 Lincoln Museum/ Haywood County Museum Tennessee Brownsville; Haywood County County museum covering the history of the area and the people; also has collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. City Expressing Cultural Values; Civil War NA Museum Collection contains photos of community, war memorabilia, agricultural tools, etc.
379 Battle of Parker's Crossroads Tennessee Parker's Crossroads; Henderson County Self-guided tour of battle area. Tour consists of seven markers with text describing battle. NA Civil War NA Cotton Patch Restaurant serves as information center & museum. NA
380 Paris, TN Tennessee Henry County on Tennessee River Town hosts the "World's Largest Fish Fry" City Expressing Cultural Values; food (catfish) Kentucky Lake, Old City Cemetery Chamber of Commerce In last week of April, town hosts event including parade, catfish races, rodeo, etc.
381 Old City Cemetery Tennessee Paris; Henry County Cemetery is burial site of John Dewitt Clinton Atkins. Atkins was Ten-nessee's delegate to the Confederate Provisional Congress and also its representative in the Confederate Congress. City Civil War NA Paris/ Henry County Chamber of Commerce NA
382 Old City Cemetery Tennessee Paris; Henry County Burial site of John Wesley Crockett, son of David "Davy" Crockett City Folk legends of the South Davy Crockett Cabin in Rutherford Paris/Henry County Chamber of Commerce NA
383 Reelfoot Lake State Park Museum Tennessee Tiptonville, Lake County Museum exhibits aspects of natural and cultural change in area. State Transforming the Environment; natural activity; human interaction Calhoun Boatworks Interpretive Center Interpretive focus is on natural and cultural changes of lake and people. Natural focus:-1811-12 new Madrid earthquake, siltation problems. Cultural focus: commercialization of hunting and fishing
384 Reelfoot Lake State Park Tennessee Tiptonville; Lake County Lake, created by the 1811-12 earthquake, is Tennessee's only natural lake. State Transforming the Environment; New Madrid earthquake of 1811-12; Recreation NA Visitor center at museum Reelfoot lake is the winter home for ducks and geese. Park also boasts an American eagle population.
385 Calhoun Boatworks Tennessee Tiptonville; Lake County, across from Reelfoot lake State Park Builds Reelfoot Stump Jumper; a type of boat used on Reelfoot lake Private Transportation Reelfoot Lake State Park Boat works welcomes visitors, who can also use visitor center at Park. Calhoun's work has been exhibited at Smithsonian Institution and at the 1982 world's fair in Knoxville, TN.
386 Saltillo Historic District and Ferry Tennessee Saltillo; Hardin County One of a few remaining river ferries, Saltillo is an early river town dating to circa 1840. Town has examples of farmhouses, Greek revival and Italianate architecture. NA Transforming the environment; Transportation; Architecture NA Harden County Chamber of Commerce Fee is charged for ferry transportation.
387 Tennessee River Museum Tennessee Savannah; Harden County City museum housing collections of local history City The River; Man against Nature, Developing the American Economy; Transportation; Expressing Cultural Values; music NA Collection has resources on Indian culture, early river society, freshwater mussel harvesting, Civil War. NA
388 Cherry Mansion Tennessee Savannah; Hardin County 1830s house built on former Indian mound. Queenie Haley, grand-mother of Alex Haley, worked here near turn of the century. Private Architecture, Southern Literary Figures and Influences City Cemetery; Alex Haley house in Henning, TN Grounds are open to public; building is not open for tours. House, its inhabitants, and surroundings inspired American writer Alex Haley.
389 Catfish Capital of the World Tennessee Savannah; Hardin County, on the Tennessee River River Town that is rich with fishing opportunities. The town's big draw is catfish. City Expressing Cultural Values; food, music, festivals, and pageants. Tennessee River Museum city visitors center City hosts large tournament, catfish & hush puppy cookoff, Miss Catfish pageant, and gospel sing.
390 City Cemetery Tennessee Savannah; Hardin County Cemetery for the town of Savannah. Burial sirte of Alex Haley, Sr., and Queenie Haley, grand-parents of author Alex Haley. City Expressing Cultural Values -literature and storytelling Cherry Mansion, Alex Haley House City Visitor Center City Cemetery is burial site of Hank Deberry, Brooklyn Dodgers catcher, and Elizabeth Patterson, baby-sitter on the "I love Lucy" show. These people grew up in Hardin County. Unfortunately, their childhood houses are not standing.
391 Red Sulphur Bed & Breakfast Tennessee Hardin County House dates to 1843, originally the Red Sulphur Springs Hotel. Private Civil War; Vernacular Architecture; folk figures Hardin County sites Bed/breakfast. Can call County Chamber of Commerce for phone number. Served as an early health spa because of the abundance of sulphur springs. Hideout spot for Frank & Jesse James in 1870s. Was used as a hospital in the Civil War and as lodging facilities during the Battle of Shiloh.
392 Harbor-Pitts Company Tennessee Savannah; Hardin County 1910 general store built on the banks of the Tennessee River is still in operation. Private Expressing Cultural Values; Literature and Storytelling; Recreation Hardin County sites Store serves as center Owners host storytelling nights. Can call to inquire if any events are scheduled.
393 Henning - Jim Hickman's Hometown Tennessee Henning; Lauderdale County Hometown of baseball player Jim Hickman City Recreation, baseball Lauderdale County sites Lauderdale County Chamber of Commerce Can see town in which Hickman grew up, sites associated with his childhood.
394 Alex Haley House Museum Tennessee Henning; Lauderdale County House where Haley lived until his preteen years and then spent summers. It was here that he heard oral histories of ancestors and African roots, which inspired his novel "Roots." Private Expressing Cultural Values; Literature and Storytelling Cherry Mansion, City Cemetery of Savannah, Museum NA
395 Ripley, Tennessee Tennessee Lauderdale County Site of the Lauderdale County annual Tomato Festival City Expressing Cultural Values; agriculture Lauderdale Cellars, other Lauderdale County sites Lauderdale County Chamber of Commerce Festival highlights Ripley's agricultural community. Tomatoes, one of the area's more important crops, are known for their quality.
396 Lauderdale Cellars Tennessee Ripley; Lauderdale County Winery specializing in tomato wine Private Expressing Cultural Values; agriculture NA Gift Shop Lauderdale Cellars produces a unique product in its tomato wine. It also offers wines made from watermelon, pear, apple and blueberry.
397 John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson gravesite Tennessee Jackson; Madison County Cemetery for the Old Blairs Chapel church; John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson is buried here Private Expressing Cultural Values; religion, music Tied to Shannon Street in Jackson Madison County Chamber of Commerce NA
398 Rock Temple Church of God in Christ Tennessee Jackson, Madison County Brick church building where blues singer Mabel "Big Maybelle" Smith attended as a child. Private Expressing Cultural Values John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson's gravesite Madison County Chamber of Commerce Building is basically the same structure as when Smith used it. Some of the area has been cleared for development.
399 Shannon Street, Jackson Tennessee Jackson, Madison County Shannon Street is an integral part of John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson's music. City Expressing Cultural Values; music Sites tied to "Sonny Boy" Williamson and Mabel Smith Madison County Chamber of Commerce Undergoing revitalization.
400 Shannon Street Music Festival Tennessee Jackson, Madison County Festival celebrates Jackson's blues heritage. City Festivals and blues music Sites tied to "Sonny Boy" Williamson and Mabel Smith Madison County Chamber of Commerce NA
401 Buford Pusser Home & Museum Tennessee Adamsville, McNairy County Home of Pusser preserved to period just before his death City Interpretation of Tennessee law enforcement officer NA Museum Interprets family and home of County Sheriff Buford Pusser, who led fight to rid county of prostitution, illegal gambling, and moonshine. Movie "Walking Tall" was about Pusser.
402 Flippens Fruit Farm & Hillbilly Barn Tennessee Troy, Obion County Family-owned fruit farm (apples and peaches) produces the "World's Best Fruit Pies." Private Peopling Places; Agriculture; Adaptability/Versatility; Expressing Cultural Values; food Reelfoot Lake Site has fruit market, restaurant. Business is family owned and operated. Flippens established this business in the 1950s. Adapted from cotton to fruit.
403 Dixie Gun Works / Old Car Museum Tennessee Union City, Obion County Museum's collection in-cludes antique guns, cars, electrical equipment, and a log cabin ca. 1850s. Private Developing the American Economy; technology; weaponry; automobile; electricity; Architecture NA Museum Collection begun by owner of Dixie Gun Works.
404 Davies Manor Tennessee Brunswick, Shelby County Two-story log house built before 1807 by Indian chief. Purchased in 1838 by Davies family and became large plantation. Davies Manor Association Peopling Places; Expressing Cultural Values; Vernacular Architecture NA NA Working on documenting the history of the house. House is being reinterpreted to the 1850 period
405 Heritage Railroad & Memphis Transporta-tion Museum train display Tennessee Colliersville, Shelby County Museum exhibits historic train cars from the 1910s to the 1940s. City Transportation: railroad NA Must call for an appointment to see museum. NA
406 Burkle Estate / Slavehaven Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County 1849 house used as a stop on Underground Railroad. House was built by German immigrants. Private Peopling Places; Civil War; Slavery NA Tour by appointment Must call for reservation to see house
407 Center for Southern Folklore Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Organization documenting the people and traditions of the South Private, nonprofit People of the Delta NA Gift shop Interprets various aspects and people of the Delta and Memphis areas; conducts tours of Beale Street.
408 Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Restaurant specializing in charbroiled ribs begun in 1948 by Greek immigrant; blends Greek and Southern cuisines. Private Expressing Cultural Values; food NA Restaurant Restaurant is well known in and out of Memphis area.
409 Coletta's Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Italian restaurant established in 1923 serves barbecued pizza. Private Expressing Cultural Values; food NA Restaurant NA
410 Cotton Row Walking Tour Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Tour consists of 10 sites located between Wagner Place and Monroe Street, downtown Memphis. Public/Private Agriculture: cotton's impact on the 20th century NA Memphis Visitors Bureau Cotton Row has been the cotton commercial trade center for the central Mississippi Valley. Most buildings date to the late 19th or early 20th centuries.
411 Crying Angel Cemetery Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Cemetery used by older families of the area. One grave is marked by an elaborately carved life-sized figure of an angel with swept-back wings and its head bowed in prayer. Private Cemetery architecture NA Memphis Visitors' Bureau Located in a lonely spot from Millington. Night visitors have claimed to have seen the angel's wings move in the breeze and tears roll down its cheeks.
412 Daisy Theater Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Building constructed c. 1917 by Sam Zerilla, who built the first movie house for blacks. It now houses a blues museum. Private Early 20th century development of black-owned enterprises; blues music Beale Street sites Visitor center located at 340 Beale Street; blues museum tour NA
413 Ducks Unlimited Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Headquarters of Ducks Unlimited, a wetland conservation organization Private The River; Conservation of Habitat and Wildlife NA Can tour facilities, view exhibits of memorabilia and wetlands, ecosystem. NA
414 Elmwood Cemetery Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Cemetery founded in 1852, a nonprofit venture. Final resting place of 18 Confederate generals, political figures, and notable citizens of Memphis. Still in use. Private Cultural Diversity; Civil War; Southern sense of tragedy; cemetery architecture Other sites in Memphis Visitor center offers guided or self-guided tours. Cemetery has examples of Victorian period statuary and some ironwork. Future plans are to turn current office building into a genealogical research facility
415 Elvis Presley driving tour Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Tour of Memphis sites related to Presley's teen years and early recording career Public/Private Cultural Icon - Elvis Presley Ohter Memphis sites Visitor information center NA
416 "The Firm" Walking Tour Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County. Sites are located in down-town Memphis between Beale and Adams Streets. Sites were used in the film adaptation of John Grisham's book "The Firm" Public/Private Expressing Cultural Values; Literature, Southern writer NA Visitor information center Tour consists of noted Memphis architectural sites and restaurants.
417 First Baptist Beale Street Church Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County First Memphis church constructed for blacks between 1867-1881 Private Nonresidential Architecture; Spirituality; Reconstruction period; African-Americans NA Visitor information center NA
418 Four Way Grill Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Restaurant specializing in soul food open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Private Expressing Cultural Values; food NA Restaurant NA
419 Frisco Bridge Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Cantilever bridge built in 1892 to bring seven rail lines across the Mississip-pi River; original built by three railroad companies. NA Transportation; Building the American Economy NA Visitor information center Bridge is considered to be a landmark of American engineering; exhibits America's "taming " of the river and working to expand the economy.
420 Ghost Tour of Memphis Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County NA Public/Private Southern themes: tragedy and melodrama NA Can pick up guide at visitor information center NA
421 Gridley's Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Specializes in "wet" ribs. These are sticky, messy and glazed with a fruity red sauce. Also serves barbecued shrimp. Private Expressing Cultural Values : food NA Restaurant Restaurant makes its own breads and desserts; rivals Rendezvous to be the best in Memphis.
422 Hunt-Phelan house Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Antebellum home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Site contains a Freedman's Bureau school. Private Slavery; Civil War; Reconstruction; Architecture NA Visitor information center NA
423 Leonard's Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Restaurant specializing in barbecue Private Expressing Cultural Diversity; food NA Restaurant Site is well-known in area and is reputed to be quite good.
424 Memphis Belle B-17 Bomber Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County WW II bomber.This was the first U.S. bomber to complete 25 missions against Nazi Germany with no casualties; subject of a movie City Warfare, Weaponry, Aviation NA Visitor information center Months of operation are March-October. Cannot enter interior of plane.
425 Mississippi River Museum Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County, Mud Island Museum covers the 10,000-year history of Mississippi River. City People of the Delta; Mississippi River NA Visitor information center NA
426 Mud Island Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Large (52-acre) complex on Mississippi River, containing river walk and other exhibits. City Mississippi River NA Visitor information center Open March through October
427 Music Driving Tour of Memphis Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Sites important to the Memphis music scene are scattered between Elvis Presley Blvd., Union Street, and Beale Street. Public/Private Expressing Cultural Values; music NA Center for Southern Folklore, located on Beale St. NA
428 National Civil Rights Museum Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Museum in the motel where Martin Luther King, Jr., was killed has exhibits spanning the American civil rights movement. Private Race Relations; African American Heritage; Slavery; Civil Rights Movement NA Museum NA
429 National Ornamental Metal Museum Tennessee Shelby County, Memphis, 374 Metal Museum Drive Museum is one of a kind; its mission is to preserve the art and craft of metalworking. It has a working blacksmith's shop. Private Building the American Economy; technology of metalworking NA Museum galleries and gift shop. Changing exhibits that range from jewelry making to architectural metals.
430 The Peabody Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County One of the finest hotels in Memphis; established for over 100 years. Home of the Peabody ducks, which are on display in the lobby daily. Private Architecture; Building the American Economy NA Hotel and restaurants Hotel claims that the Delta begins in the lobby
431 St. Mary's Episcopal Church. Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Oldest Episcopal cathedral in the South, built between 1898 and 1926. The present structure replaced an 1857 Gothic Revival wooden building. Private Nonresidential architecture: Spirituality NA Visitor information center NA
432 Sun Studio Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County Recording studio where big-name performers like Elvis Presley started their musical careers. Private Expressing Cultural Values; music NA Offers tours NA
433 Tri-State Bank Building Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County This building, constructed in 1907, houses the third black-owned bank in Memphis. Pace & Handy Music Company, a black- owned enterprise, occu-pied the second floor 1913-1918. Private Expressing Cultural Values;-music; Developng the American Economy; development of black-owned businesses. NA Visitor information center NA
434 Walking tour of downtown churches and public buildings, Memphis Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County. Sites are located between Adams and Market Streets. Various styles of architecture are repre-sented. Buildings are of historical and architectural significance. Private/Public Cultural Diversity in the Delta; Religion; Nonresidential Architecture NA Visitor information center NA
435 Cobb-Parr Park Tennessee Covington, Tipton County City park where the Tipton barbecue festival is held. City Expressing Cultural Values: Festivals and food NA Tipton County Chamber of Commerce City of Covington hosts festival, which boasts the world's oldest barbecue cooking contest.
436 Bozo's Barbecue Restaurant Tennessee Mason, Tipton County Barbecue restaurant in operation since 1923 serves chopped or shredded style pork with vinegar-based sauce. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food NA Resturant Owners were sued by Bozo the Clown for infringement over use of name Bozo; the case made its way to the U.S. supreme court; owners won.
437 Fort Wright Tennessee Tipton and Randolph Counties Fort used in Civil War. Only remaining powder magazine in Tennessee. Breastworks still exist. It was a training facility for Nathan Bedford Forrest's troops. Public/Private Civil War NA Tipton County Chamber of Commerce NA
438 Ruffin Theater Tennessee Covington, Tipton County Built in July 1937, remod-eled 1941 in the art deco style. The building retains the art deco motifs in the marquee, courting seats, and swirl patterns on the ceiling, Renovated and restored in the 1980s. Tipton Fine Arts Council 20th century; nonresidential architecture NA Arrangements for viewing can be made through the Tipton County Chamber of Commerce. Southern buildings of this style are rare.
439 South Main Historic District, Covington Tennessee Covington, Tipton County; South Main & South Maple Streets Street of historic residences; 4-5 homes are open for tour; front yards have demonstrations of period domestic activities NA Architecture, festivals NA Can purchase tickets for tour Small fee is charged. Carriage rides are offered.
440 Tennessee Gins Tennessee Covington, Tipton County Cotton gin & warehouse. Ginning facility was one of the first in the nation to become automated. Private Developing the Economy: technology; Agriculture: cotton NA Visitors can tour facility. Need to call for guided tours.
441 Home of Mike Snider Tennessee Gleason, Weakley County, Town where Grand Ole Opry member Mike Snider grew up and continues to maintain a home. Private Expressing Cultural Values: country music Town of Gleason City Hall serves as visitor center. NA
442 Gleason, TN Tennessee Weakley County, extreme NW Tennessee; borders Kentucky Gleason began as a railroad town. Some historic structures remain along the railroad. City Developing the American Economy: transportation; railroad company town. NA City Hall serves as visitor center NA
443 Boyette's Restaurant Tennessee Tiptonville, Lake County Family-owned restaurant that was established in 1921 as a country store. Specializes in family style meals. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Reelfoot Lake State Park Restaurant NA
444 Cranetown Tennessee Tiptonville, Lake County, located within Reelfoot Lake State Park A swampy area of huge cypress trees. Used as setting for "Raintree County" starring Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift. State Expressing Cultural Values: Southern themes in film; man's impact on nature. NA Visitor center located at museum Area was dynamited for crews to gain entry. Human traffic negatively affected the wildlife population.
445 Kentucky Lake Tennessee Paris, Henry County One of the largest man-made lakes in the world, created through Tennessee valley authority floods of the 1930s. Tennessee Valley Authority Mississippi River: TVA projects NA Henry County Chamber of Commerce Lake located in Paris (Henry Co.), TN, the oldest incorporated town in west Tennessee. Fishing is a major recreational sport in the area.
446 Center of Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University Tennessee Murfreesboro, Rutherford County Center for research/ scholarship in American popular music, mid-18th century to present State Expressing Cultural Values : music NA Center maintains large library and archive of print materials and sound recordings. Site is out of the study area but is a wonderful resource for researching and understanding the music of the Delta and America.
447 Fort Pillow State Park Tennessee Henning, Lauderdale County Fort Pillow was one of several river fortifications used by the Confederacy for defense. The area had river batteries and an extensive system of breastworks. Controlled by both Confederate and Union forces. State Civil War NA Interpretive center NA
448 Doug Atkins hometown Tennessee Humboldt, Gibson County Boyhood town of Atkins, figure in the National Football League. Sites and environment relate to the formative years of Atkins and his football career. City Recreation: sports NA Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce NA
449 R & J's Restaurant Tennessee Rutherford, Gibson County Specializes in barbecue & ribs. Serves pulled barbecue with tomato- based sauce, as well as catfish. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food NA Restaurant Restaurant has won several awards.
450 Jack Boone Tennessee Henderson, Chester County Boyhood home of Jack Boone, writer of "Dossie Bell is Dead." Boone was a southern writer and recipient of the O. Henry award in the 1930s. City Civil War; Expressing Cultural Values: Southern themes, literature Hurst Nation Historic Marker Chester County Chamber of Commerce or County Library Boone was a poet and writer of short stories, including the published work "Dossie Bell is Dead." The subject of the book is Col. Fielding Hurst, who formed the Hurst nation.
451 Hurst Nation Historic Marker Tennessee McNairy County, located off hwy. 45 between Bethel Springs and Selmer Hurst nation was an area occupied by union sympathizers and named for the Hurst family. Main area was part of McNairy & Chester counties. NA Civil War: Cultural Diversity of the Delta Jack Boone's house in Henderson, TN. McNairy County Library Hurst's wartime home still stands. It was the only structure spared by Union and Confederate forces. Hurst was leader of Union outfit in TN. He lived in the Purdy community.
452 Col. Fielding Hurst gravesite Tennessee McNairy County, Mt. Gilead cemetery Gravesite of Col. Hurst, union officer in Tennessee 6th cavalry Private QUESTION Hurst Nation Historic Marker; Jack Boone's house May use McNairy co. library as center Cemetery dates to 1823.
453 Elvis Presley's Grlfriend's House Tennessee Memphis, Shelby County House purchased by Elvis for girlfriend in 1975. Decorated by Elvis's interior designer. It also has original wooden guardhouse from Graceland. Private Cultural icon: Elvis Presley Graceland, Elvis Presley driving tour Visitor information center. Can tour Graceland but must see this site from street. NA
454 Magnolia Place Tennessee Somerville, Fayette County Mansion built in 1911. NA Residential architecture NA Tours are available and can schedule luncheons. NA
455 Dorcas Walker House Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Home of Dorcas Walker, one of whose daughters became Mississippi's first African-American social worker. Built 1899. Private Cultural Diversity: the African-American experience
No visitor services Social worker's father was a Jewish merchant, Charles Moritz.
456 Grand Village of the Natchez Indians Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Location of historic ceremonial mound center for the Natchez Indians. Site today features a museum, mounds, nature trails, and reconstructed Natchez house. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity: 'Native Americans
Wall panels, self-guiding tours; educational programs held regularly.
457 Wagner's Store Mississippi Adams County, Church Hill Country store dating from 1877 has been operated by the Wagners since 1922; also has been run by Jewish merchants. Private Building the American Economy Church Hill No visitor services Until 1922, the store also was the town post office.
458 Natchez College Mississippi Adams County, Natchez African-American college founded in 1885 by Baptists; operated until the early 1990s. Private Cultural Diversity; Education; Expressing Cultural Values: literature
No visitor services Anne Moody, author of Coming of Age in Mississippi attended Natchez college.
459 Clarence "Bud" Scott House Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Home of well-known jazz musician Bud Scott. Built 1910-25. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (jazz)
No visitor services Scott is often listed as a New Orleans jazz musician, since he performed frequently in New Orleans.
460 Mostly African Market Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Art gallery housed in Emile Angelety House (ca. 1850) features works of local black artists and writers; also has gift shop selling west African arts and crafts Private market in public building Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: arts and crafts; Natchez Museum of African-American History and Culture Open Wed.-Sat. 1-5 p.m. No structured interpretation. Winter exhibits feature artwork of local artists. Gallery is operated by a local activist as a summer enrichment program for local African-American youths; proceeds from store go to program.
461 Richard Wilson House Mississippi Adams County, . Natchez Home of Richard Wilson, grandfather of Richard Wright, built ca 1900. Private Cultural Diversity: African- American experience; Expressing Cultural Values: regional literature
None Wright lived here as a pre-schooler.
462 Aaron and Queen Victoria Jackson House
Adams County, Natchez House built ca, 1880 for former slaves Aaron and Queen Victoria Jackson. Private Cultural Diversity; Slavery; Vernacular Architecture
None Descendants maintain archive of family documents. Aaron Jackson was a veteran of the Union Army.
463 Natchez Museum of African-American History and Culture Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Museum in the old federal post office (built 1904) presents artifacts of black life, culture, and history in Mississippi Nonprofit Working People; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: family life Mostly African Market Wall panels and guided tours
464 Mammy's Cupboard Mississippi Adams County, south of Natchez "Home cooking" restaurant housed in 1941 structure shaped like an African-American "mammy." Private Cultural Diversity: African- American experience, Expressing Cultural Values: food
Restaurant Diners enter through "mammy's" red skirt and eat at tables in the skirt area. Although many people find the image offensive, it depicts a once common stereotype of African-American women.
465 King's Tavern Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Restaurant built before 1798 that once served travelers on the Natchez Trace and the Mississippi River; still serves food, offers lodging to visitors in upstairs suite. Private Peopling Places; Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: 'food
Restaurant During renovations the skeleton of a woman with a dagger in her chest was discovered behind a bricked-up wall. Building. is one of the oldest known, dating back to days of Natchez Territory.
466 Dunleith Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Home (1856) of former slave John R. Lynch, house servant of A. V. Davis. Lynch became first black to hold public office in Mississippi. Private Slavery; Cultural Diversity; Politics; Expressing Cultural Values: literature
None Lynch went on to be speaker of the Mississippi house of representatives, a U.S. Congressman, and an author.
467 Holy Family Catholic Church Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Oldest African-American Catholic church in state, built in 1894, finest Victorian Gothic Revival building in Natchez. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity; Education
No visitor services Complex includes an 1894 convent, a 1906 school auditorium and cafeteria, a rectory (ca. 1985), and a post- World War II school building.
468 John Banks House Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Home of Dr. John Banks, built 1886-92). Queen Anne style, remodeled in a Colonial Revival Style (1904-10). Private Architecture; Cultural Diversity; Education
None Banks was licensed to practice medicine in Adams County in 1889, becoming first African-American doctor in Natchez. He hosted Booker T. Washington when he visited in 1904.
469 Fork of the Road Slave Markets Mississippi Adams County, Natchez Site of one of the two largest slave markets in the South. Public Slavery; African-American experience
470 Magnolia Vale and Neighborhood Mississippi Adams County, Natchez (Under-the-Hill district) Suburban estate where Union Army built "contraband" barracks to house newly freed slaves Public Slavery; Military History; Civil War
None Barracks are depicted on the 1864 Map of the "Defences of Natchez and Vicinity."
471 Old Prentiss Mississippi Bolivar County, near Rosedale Ghost town, once a bustling riverport with saloons and gambling houses, now only a small cemetery plot with 3 tombstones Public Peopling Places; River Transport Rodney; Grand Gulf; other ghost towns
Prentiss "died" three times: burned during Civil War; river consumed a huge part of town , retreated temporarily, and covered it again.
472 'McCarty's Studio Mississippi Bolivar County, Marigold Art studio of Lee and "Pup" McCarty, native Mississippians who make famous pottery from Mississippi Delta clay Private Expressing Cultural Values: pottery, fine art The Gallery (restaurant) Open 10-4; closed Sundays and Mondays Paintings of Theora Hamblett (renowned Mississippi folk artist) hang on the walls. Artists are often on hand to explain works.
473 The Gallery (restaurant) Mississippi Bolivar County, Marigold Restaurant owned by McCarty's, serving "nouvelle" Southern in an elegant setting--white tablecloths, fresh flowers, and McCarty pottery. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food McCarty studio Open 11:30 a.m. - 1 a.m.; reservations preferred. Diners choose from two set menus. Famous for chocolate cobbler.
474 Mound Bayou Mississippi Bolivar County, south of Clarksdale First and largest town in the United States founded by former slaves; founded in 1887. Public Peopling Places; Cultural Diversity Other African-American sites State historical marker at town entrance; cassette-led tour of town offered at city hall Town founded by cousins Isaiah T. Montgomery and Benjamin T. Green, who had been slaves of Joe Davis (brother of Jefferson Davis); they had conceived idea before emancipation.
475 B. T. Creswell Home Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou Two-story frame house where fourth mayor of the town, B. T. Creswell, once lived (built in 1890s). Private Cultural Diversity; Peopling Places: early settlers Other African-American sites City hall offers cassette-led walking tour. Mound Bayou room (in city hall) contains a collection of artifacts and photos of early settlers. Creswell was a son of one of the original Mound Bayou founders, B. T. Green. Creswell was mayor from 1906-1919, the longest tenure in town's history.
476 The Dew Drop Inn Mississippi Bolivar County, Shelby Delta juke institution Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) food; Recreation Other blues sites Open Thursday-Sunday; a "bring your own bottle" establishment Great soul food.
477 Old Bank / Old Post Office Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou Former bank and post office building constructed in early 1900s. Private Early history; Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity Other African-American sites Cassette-led walking tours provided through city hall; Mound Bayou room (in city hall) contains artifacts/ photos of early settlers. Building also housed a doctor's office, the Mound Bayou Oil Mill and Manufacturing Company, and the office of Knights and Daughters of Tabor.
478 Fred Miller home Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou Built in 1914, the former home of B. T.. Green's daughter, Mariah Green Miller. Private Cultural Diversity; Architecture Other African-American sites Cassette-led walking tours provided through city hall; Mound Bayou room (in city hall) contains artifacts/ photos of early settlers. Mariah Green was married to Fred H. Miller, who was the third president of the Alpha fraternity, a national African-American college fraternity organized at the turn of the century.
479 Mary Booze Home Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou House built in 1910 for Mary C. Booze, daughter of I. T. Montgomery. Private Cultural Diversity; Politics I. T. Montgomery home (National Register of Historic Places); other African-American sites City hall offers cassette- led walking tour; exhibits in Mound Bayou room of city hall contain artifacts and photographs of early settlers. Mary Booze was the National Republican committeewoman for Mississippi during the 1920s-30s.
480 Mound Bayou Cemetery Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou Cemetery where I. T. Montgomery, founder if town, is buried, along with other early settlers Public Cultural Diversity Other African-American sites City hall offers cassette- led walking tour; exhibits in Mound Bayou room of city hall contain artifacts and photographs of early settlers.
481 First Baptist Church Mississippi Bolivar County, Mound Bayou Built in 1905; first church in Mound Bayou Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity Other African-American sites City hall offers cassette- led walking tour; Mound Bayou room in city hall exhibits artifacts and photos of early settlers. Originally a multidenominational brush arbor (established in 1888)
482 Perry Martin Lake
Bolivar County, near Rosedale Only state park located on the Mississippi river; here folk hero / "river rat" Perry Martin once ran a moonshining business. One of Martin's stills sits in front of the park's visitor center. State Mississippi River; Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: folklore
State operates a visitor center at the state park Other "PM" memorabilia and a replica of his houseboat are planned for display. "PM" moonshine was famous throughout South and as far away as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Kegs of PM made for state inauguration balls received highway patrol escorts.
483 Grand Gulf Mississippi Claiborne County, northwest of Port Gibson Once a thriving riverport in 1850s. Part of town was lost to the river. State's only military park. Public/Private Peopling Places; Civil War Rodney and Rocky Springs are other "ghost" towns Markers explain significance Noted for Civil War battle where Grant tried to launch Vicksburg campaign.
484 No Easy Journey: The Civil Rights Movement in Claiborne County Mississippi Claiborne County, Port Gibson Exhibit of photos, text, material objects telling story of Civil Rights movement in county Private Cultural Diversity; Civil Rights Movement Mississippi Cultural Crossroads; Picturing Our Past Open 8-5 Monday-Friday. Photographs, wall panels Claiborne was a major slave-holding community before the Civil War
485 Mississippi Cultural Crossroads Mississippi Claiborne County Port Gibson Community cultural center and gallery dedicated to promoting the arts. Per-manently displays quilts made by African-American people, also local children's art. Nonprofit Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art Port Gibson Civil Rights Exhibit: "No Easy Journey" and the City Hall photographic history of Port Gibson Monday-Friday, 9-4. Onsite staff provides information Center often has an artist in residence and onsite quilters. An outside wall mural depicts the area's racial diversity.
486 Picturing Our Past: Photographs from the Allen Collection Mississippi Claiborne County, Port Gibson City Hall Exhibit of 50 photographs showing life in rural South in early 20th century Private Spirituality; Working People; Agriculture No Easy Journey; Mississippi Cultural Crossroads Photographs taken in early 1900s, accompanied by printed explanations Images of cotton picking, mule-drawn wagons, small-town architecture, river baptisms, country fairs.
487 WROX Radio Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Broadcast studio where blues DJ Early "Soul Man" Wright began in 1947. Private Cultural Diversity: African- American experience; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues sites Visitors welcome Ike Turner was once a DJ here.
488 Wade Walton's Barbershop Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Barbershop where Clarksdale's legendary blues-singing barber, guitarist, and razor stropper "does his thing." Private Cultural Diversity: African- American experience; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues sites Working barber shop; closed Sundays and Mondays. Walton often sings for visitors (if not cutting hair).
489 St. George's Episcopal Church and Rectory Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Grandfather of Tennessee Williams was the church rector here. Private Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Moon Lake, Thomas Center
Tennessee Williams and his family lived in this area.
490 Delta Blues Museum Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Museum in town's original Carnegie Public Library (built in 1912). Dedicated to collecting / preserving information about history and significance of the blues. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Working People Carnegie Public Library in Clarksdale; other blues sites in the Delta Extensive collection of videos, magazines, books, sound recordings available to visitors. Wall panels explain history of the blues and individual musicians. Museum also contains artifacts of the blues industry and artwork of musicians.
491 Carnegie Public Library Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Public library constructed in 1912 houses Delta Blues Museum and exhibits on history of Native Americans in Clarksdale area. Public Cultural Diversity: African-Americans, Native Americans; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues), literature Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale Maps and other explanatory materials are available In 1541 DeSoto's men encountered the Quizquiz Indians, whose village encompassed all what is now of Clarksdale.
492 Stackhouse/Delta Record Mart and Recording Studios Mississippi Coahoma County Clarksdale Blues recording studio and record store that sells a wide variety of blues music, also, reggae, African, and jazz, mojo bags, and blues books Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues sites Store Store also sells an informative Delta blues map kit.
493 Ike Turner's House Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale House where Izear Luster Turner, Jr. was born and where Turner family lived until the 1950s. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music Other African-American music sites Private home; no visitor services
494 Smitty's Red Top Lounge Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Delta "juke joint" featured on the cover of the Jelly Roll King's album. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues); Recreation Other blues sites None
495 Red's South End Disco Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale. Juke joint regularly featuring Delta blues musicians Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues); Recreation Other blues sites None Red's" is painted on side of . brick building with gray paint.
496 Chamoun's Rest Haven Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Lebanese restaurant first opened in the 1950s by an immigrant couple. Private Cultural Diversity; Peopling Places; Expressing Cultural Values: food Mama's Dreamworld in Belzoni Restaurant open Monday-Tuesday 5:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Wednesday-Saturday 5:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.; closed Sundays. Now operated by cousins of original couple; serves traditional Lebanese dishes such as kibbie, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli salad, and baklava.
497 Uncle Henry's Bed and Breakfast Mississippi Coahoma County, Dundee (just outside of Clarksdale) Bed and Breakfast establishment once called Moon Lake Casino Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: literature St. Georges, Thomas Center
Tennessee Williams and his rector grandfather visited this Delta night spot en route to parish calls in 1920s-30s. Mentioned by Williams in The Glass Menagerie and by Eudora Welty in Delta Weddings.
498 Riverside Hotel Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale, Before becoming a hotel in 1944, this was the G. T. Thomas Afro-American Hospital. Here Bessie Smith, "the empress of the blues," died in 1937. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Blues-related sites Hotel; can call to visit. Hotel has been visited by Sonny Boy Williamson, Peck Curtis, Ike Turner, and other well-known musicians.
499 River Mount Lounge Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale. Juke joint featuring blues and soul performances. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues); Recreation Other blues sites Lounge Kitchen serves "the best fish dinners around."
500 Thompson Center Mississippi Coahoma County, Clarksdale Theater built for vaude-ville in 1914; later a movie house; now a community theater for drama Private Expressing Cultural Values: dramatic arts; Recreation' Moon Lake, St. George's
Used during Tennessee Williams. Festival in October.
501 Mansion used in movie Crimes of the Heart Mississippi Copiah County, Hazlehurst Elegant colonial mansion built in 1925, kitchen of which was the setting for the play/film Crimes of the Heart. Private Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: drama, movies, literature (Southern gothic tradition)

Author Beth Henley also wrote The Miss Firecracker Contest, which later became the film Miss Firecracker. This was set in Brookhaven (Lincoln County).
502 Tomatopolis of the World
Copiah County, Crystal Springs Town once the largest tomato shipping center in the nation. Crystal Springs tomatoes were considered the standard in U.S. and Canada; they were sold in major cities in East and West and even in Liverpool, England . Public Agriculture; Working People; Building the American Economy
Chamber of Commerce has old news clippings and history. The end of the tomato industry for this area reveals how the trucking industry and a decline in produce farming affected small agricultural towns in the South.
503 William Burt Tombstone at Harmony Baptist Church Mississippi Copiah County, southeast of Crystal Springs Tombstone of an early settler who lived in three centuries, having been born January 30, 1797, and died May 19, 1900. Burt built area's first sawmill and was a vocal abolitionist. Public Working People; Cultural Diversity

Burt lived through the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War. He debated with Jefferson Davis, opposing the South's involvement in the Civil War.
504 Chautauqua Park Mississippi Copiah County, Crystal Springs Former summer retreat/ camp meeting area for Southerners (1882-1917) on 60 acres of wooded land. An epicenter of art and culture, it was visited by nationally known scholars, evangelists, actors. Public Expressing Cultural Values; Recreation
Historical marker; visitor center is planned Part of Chautauqua movement popular at turn of century (which began in NY). Retreat brought ten trains a day to Crystal Springs. Lake Chautauqua was created by the Illinois Central Railroad as a reservoir for steam locomotives carrying tomatoes
505 Eudora Welty Library and Mississippi Writers' Room Mississippi Hinds County, Jackson Small exhibit dedicated to Mississippi writers such as Welty, Faulkner, and Percy. Contains photographs of authors and some first editions of books. Public Expressing Cultural Values: literature Greenville Writers' Exhibit Open 9-9 Monday-Thursday, 9-6 Friday and Saturday, 1-5 Sunday Display cases and videotapes telling about Mississippi writers.
506 Mississippi Crafts Center Mississippi Hinds County, Ridgeland Dogtrot" log cabin housing southern folk arts and crafts Private Vernacular Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art.
Artists' demonstrations held on weekends from March through October Exhibits or demonstrations of Choctaw basketry, woodcarving, quilting, and weaving.
507 Jim Buck Ross Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum; National Agriculture Aviation Museum Mississippi Hinds County, Jackson Exhibit complex tracing story of Mississippi farmers, lumbermen, and crop dusters. Private Working People; Agriculture; Aviation
Extensive visitor services Includes restored 1920s town, heritage center, and restored farmstead; contains cotton gin, crop dusters, and other farm-related machinery.
508 H. D. Gibbes and Son General Store Mississippi Hinds County, Learned (east of Utica) Country store opened in 1900, featuring collections of store's original fixtures and equipment Private Building the American Economy
Open Monday-Saturday from 7 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. or sundown. Known for hamburgers.
509 Mayflower Cafe Mississippi Hinds County, Jackson, Downtown restaurant opened in 1935 by Greek immigrants (from Patmos) during the midst of the Great Depression. Still owned by same family. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: food
Restaurant Specializes in seafood and Greek salads. Restaurant was setting for parts of film The Chamber, based on book by Mississippi writer John Grisham.
510 Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center Mississippi Hinds County, Jackson Museum housed in Jackson's first public school for African-Americans (opened 1894); artifacts portray black experience in history, art, music, and literature. Public/nonprofit Education; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values
Cultural programs and wall panels give information on black experience. Located in Farish St. Historic District, which was a thriving African-American business district in 1920s-1930s. Focus is on journey from Africa, slavery, reconstruction, and present-day leaders.
511 Little Red Schoolhouse Mississippi Holmes County, south of Lexington. An 1848 house once the Richland Literary Institute, later Eureka Masonic college, and still later an African-American secondary school. Private Cultural Diversity; Education
No visitor services In 1910, the Order of the Eastern Star (female associate of the Masonic Lodge) was chartered here.
512 Elmore James Tombstone Mississippi Holmes County, Ebenezer Tombstone marking the burial site of bluesman Elmore James. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues sites No visitor services Grave in church yard is difficult to find.
513 Booker-Thomas Museum Mississippi Holmes County, near Lexington. Small museum of personal and community belongings left behind by black ancestors who migrated to the North Private Working People; Cultural Diversity; Spirituality
Small, informal museum Contains tools, family photos, clothing, furniture, and a preacher's traveling library.
514 The Catfish Capital Mississippi Humphreys County, Belzoni Information center explaining catfish industry in the Delta. Private Building the American Economy; People versus Nature (levees bridge catfish farms); Expressing Cultural Values: food Wesley Bobo's Roadside Dinosaurs near Egremont Video presentation; also exhibits explaining history of catfish farming, artistic interpretation of catfish, devices used in farming (such as nets) Outside museum is a 40-foot, half ton steel and wire mesh catfish created by Mississippi folk artist Wesley Bobo. Humphreys County has more acreage under water than any other U.S. County (water for fish).
515 Ethel Wright Mohammed Museum: "Mama's Dreamworld" Mississippi Humphreys County, Belzoni Small museum exhibiting famous stitchery of Ethel Wright Mohammed. Her works are also found in the Smithsonian Institution. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art
By appointment only, but will open "at the drop of a hat." $2 admission. The late artist learned her craft from her mother. Her works depict family life and life in the Delta. She married a Lebanese immigrant in 1924, and some of her works depict her trip to Lebanon to meet his family.
516 C. B. "Buddy" Newman Museum Mississippi Issaquena County, north of Vicksburg Museum containing artifacts and memorabilia concerning the railroad, Delta floods, Delta farming, and Mississippi politics. Private Working People; Building the American Economy: railroads; Cultural Diversity; Natural Resources; Politics
No formal visitor services; visitors can ask the Newmans questions C. B. Newman, a former speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives, spent 40 years in the state legislature. He opened museum after railroad abandoned the line, and he bought part of the railroad track for his museum. .
517 Town of Mayersville Mississippi Issaquena County, (county seat) Town was incorporated by Unita Blackwell, Mississippi's first black woman mayor and freedom fighter. Issaquena once had more slaves than any other county in the South. Public Cultural Diversity; Peopling Places; Slavery Freedom House Tours can be arranged through mayor's office. Unita Blackwell was elected in 1976 and was a key organizer of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which challenged the all-white delegation to integrate at the Atlanta convention in 1964.
518 Freedom House Mississippi Issaquena County, Mayersville Early 1900s "shotgun style" house for civil rights activists. Crosses were often burned in front. Parts of documentary, "Eyes on the Prize," were filmed here. Private Cultural Diversity; Civil Rights issues; Town of Mayersville Tours can be arranged through mayor's office. Cornerstone of house is marked with the insignia of the Black and Tan party; meetings were once held in the house. Actress Shirley McLaine stayed here during the 1960s.
519 Harrison Home Mississippi Jefferson County, Fayette Property has been owned by African-Americans since 1867, two years after emancipation. House dates from 1900. Private Cultural Diversity; Working People
Tours by appointment only
520 Church Hill Mississippi Jefferson County, Natchez/Fayette area (near Natchez Trace) Country hamlet with old store, oldest Episcopal Church in Mississippi (English Gothic Revival, 1857); three nearby plantation houses. Public Spirituality; Peopling Places, Building the American Economy Wagner's; The Cedars (Antebellum house in Church Hill that is on National Register of Historic Places) Can contact Jefferson County Visitor Center Christ Episcopal Church (built 1857) holds services once a month. Plantations are privately owned, but houses are visible from the road.
521 Lorman Old Country Store Mississippi Jefferson County, north of Port Gibson Country store dating from 1896; filled with historical remnants: tall rolling ladders, railroad lanterns, etc. Private Building the American Economy; Working People
None Store has over 80,000 visitors each year.
522 Hamlet of Union Church
Jefferson County, Fayette Old Scottish settlement dating from 1804, today a small hamlet still inhabited by people of Scottish descent. Public Cultural Diversity; Peopling Places; Working People; Building the American Economy Varnado's Store None Many old buildings: antebellum post office; several antebellum homes (some with dogtrots); old cemeteries and country churches. Town is site of Grierson's Raid during Civil War, a small skirmish in which Confed-erate forces ran Union troops out.
523 Varnado's Store Mississippi Jefferson County, Union Church Country store built in 1861 and once operated by Jewish merchants; still operating. Private Working People; Building the American Economy Hamlet of Union Church Open 7-5 Monday through Saturday; no formal visitor services, but owners can give history.
524 Medgar Evers Historical Marker Mississippi Jefferson County, Fayette Historical marker in memory of slain NAACP field worker, Medgar Evers. Statue erected by Evers's brother [name?], who is the former mayor of Fayette and was the first black mayor in the state. Public Cultural Diversity; Civil Rights struggle Medgar Evers statue in Jackson
Evers, considered by many to be the "forgotten Civil Rights worker," was killed in Jackson during the Civil Rights movement. His murderer, Byron Beckwith, was the model for the death row inmate character in John Grisham's novel The Chamber.
525 Old Brick Church Mississippi Jefferson County, Red Lick 1845 Church with old cemetery; church figured in the Cotton Bales skirmish in the Civil War. Private Spirituality; Civil War
State historical marker on highway 552 gives information. Town of Red Lick takes its name from the red clay that deer licked for salts.
526 Rodney Presbyterian Church Mississippi Jefferson County, Lorman. 1829 church in one brick wall of which is still embedded a Union cannonball that was fired by gunboat USS Rattler. Private Spirituality; Civil War
Historical markers explain history, but inside not open to the public Difficult to find; can call Jefferson County Visitor Center..
527 Mount Locust Mississippi Jefferson County, near Natchez on Natchez trace parkway Country inn built 1779, said to be set on Indian habitation. Originally a farmhouse, used as an inn for trace travelers during the early 1880s. Public (part of trace parkway) Peopling Places; early history
Free tours 10 months a year; closed December and January. Historical markers and good illustrations. Land surrounding house was part of a British land grant, once part of British West Florida.
528 Hamblett-Brown House Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Former home of internationally known folk artist Theora Hamblett, who lived here from 1945 until her death in 1977. Private Expressing Cultural Values: folk art
None House built in 1872.
529 Stonington Plantation Mississippi Jefferson County, west of Harriston Plantation owned and operated by Floyd Bailey, an African-American born to sharecroppers. Private Cultural Diversity; Agriculture; Building the American Economy
Tourist center arranges tours House once sat on 1,700 acres. Plantation was the home of 10 sharecropping families.
530 Ruth and Jimmie's Mississippi Lafayette County, Abbeville Country store built in early 1930s. Still sells groceries, and since 1973 has also served homestyle Southern cooking. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food; Working People Other country stores Restaurant open for breakfast and lunch only, 7 days a week. Offers a cookbook for sale. All meals cooked on a cast-iron stove. Menu includes fried okra, steak with gravy, cornbread, cobblers, and vegetable plates. Still has original counter with stools.
531 Smitty's Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Small-town Southern cafe serving biscuits and gravy breakfasts, vegetable plate lunches. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food, literature Other Faulkner-related sites Restaurant Good location for visitors to eat and browse the area. Was a gathering place of Oxford's "old guard," many of whom were friends of author Faulkner.
532 Birthplace of William Faulkner Mississippi Union County, New Albany Historical marker only Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature Union County Heritage Museum; other Faulkner sites Marker tells story The author's father was station-master of local railroad, depot a few blocks from their house.
533 Rowan Oak Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Greek Revival house built in 1848, bought by William Faulkner in 1930. Private Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Other Faulkner-related sites Open Tues.-Sat. from 10-noon; 2-4; Sun. 2-4. Tours available by request; staff can answer questions. The plot outline of "A Fable" is written on the wall in one room.
534 Freeland, Freeland, & Wilson, Esqs. Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Building (ca. 1868) housed office of Phil Stone, Faulkner's friend. Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature; Building the American Economy; Working People Other Faulkner-related sites None Oldest continuing law office structure in Mississippi.
535 Duvall's Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Building (ca. 1900) where Faulkner's great-grandfather established the First National Bank in 1910. Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values; literature Other Faulkner-related sites None Building also housed a funeral home and a men's clothing store; now it contains a women's clothing store. Faulkner refers to it in Flags in the Dust and The Unvanquished.
536 Gatekeeper's Lodge Mississippi Lafayette County,. Oxford Home (ca. 1841) of Scottish indentured servant who designed gardens at Rowan Oak and other Oxford homes. Private Cultural Diversity Other Faulkner-related sites None House was built by Jacob Thompson, one of Oxford's most influential and best-known citizens.
537 Center for the Study of Southern Culture (observatory on campus of University of Mississippi) Mississippi Lafayette County, Barnard Teaching and research center dedicated to study of the South. Exhibits about Southern history and culture. It is housed in an antebellum observatory. Public Education; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values
Small tours available; must call in advance. Weekly "brown bag" lunch speakers; special films, videos, lectures. Small exhibits; store selling Faulkner paraphernalia.
538 DeVoe's Gathright-Reed Drug Company. Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Drug store that once had a lending library of books, mostly mysteries, which William Faulkner regularly checked out. Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: literature. Other Faulkner-related sites None
539 St. Peter's Cemetery Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Cemetery where William Faulkner is buried. Public Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Other Faulkner-related sites State historical marker near gravesite. Many of Oxford's most prominent citizens are buried here.
540 Stone Hunting Lodge Mississippi Panola County, southwest of Batesville (off Dummy Line Road) Lodge where William Faulkner hunted. He later wrote about his hunting experiences here in "The Bear" and "The Big Woods." Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Other Faulkner sites None Dummy Line Road was once the Batesville Southwestern Railroad, which Faulkner and friends would take to get to the lodge.
541 Hindman Family Cemetery Mississippi Tippah County, east of Ripley Cemetery where Robert Holt Hindman is buried. He was killed by "Old Colonel" Faulkner, great- grandfather of author William Faulkner. Public Cultural Diversity; Regional history Other Faulkner-related sites None Marker reads "Killed at Ripley, Mississippi, by Wm. C. Faulkner." Legends surrounding the event are still told in town.
542 W. R. Cole - R. J. Thurmond House
Tippah County, Ripley House where former business partner (and later murderer) of Col. Faulkner (William's great- grandfather) lived. Private Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: literature; Building the American Economy Other Faulkner-related sites None
543 Dr. John Y. Murry Home Mississippi Tippah County, Ripley Early home of William Faulkner's other great-grandfather, Dr. Murry Private Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Other Faulkner-related sites None
544 Cotton Plant (originally known as Tippah Farms) Mississippi Tippah County, south of Blue Mountain College Former 10,000-acre game preserve of Paul J. Rainey, man who made first motion pictures in Africa Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: film
None W. C. Handy performed at parties Rainey gave at his lodge. Gates at NY's Bronx Zoo were commissioned by and named for Rainey. Short film clips from African safaris can be viewed at Ripley Public Library.
545 Tomb of Old Colonel Faulkner, at Ripley Cemetery Mississippi Tippah County, Ripley Tomb of William Faulkner's great- grandfather, marked with large statue of "Old Colonel" Faulkner, built in 1892 Public Regional history; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Other Faulkner sites None Tomb and cemetery described in Faulkner's Flags in the Dust. Character Col. Sartoris is modeled after Col. Faulkner. A drunken descendant of Old Colonel's killer shot fingers off the statue.
546 Old Ripley Railroad Mississippi Union County, New Albany Only narrow-gauge track in Mississippi, built by Old Col. Faulkner, William's great-grandfather, 1880-90 Private Building the American Economy Other Faulkner-related sites
Old Colonel was president of the railroad in 1870s. Line goes from Ripley to Pontotoc.
547 Ammadelle Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Italianate villa designed by well-known architect Calvert Vaux, begun in 1859. Private Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: movies
None House was featured in 1950s MGM movie, Home From the Hills, which was filmed in Oxford.
548 University of Mississippi Blues Archives Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Home of B. B. King's personal collection; functions as a library for blues music. Public Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues)
Appointment needed in advance to go into archives. Can listen to music or read books on blues. King collection includes over 10,000 records, promotional materials, posters, and photos.
549 Square Books Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford. Nationally known book-store carrying diverse selection of books including Southern studies. Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: literature
Bookstore Building, first used as a dry goods store, (1860s) was one of the first built after Civil War. Frequent visitors are local authors Larry Brown, John Grisham, and Willie Morris.
550 Taylor Grocery and Restaurant Mississippi Lafayette County, Hamlet of Taylor Country catfish restaurant housed in 1910 country store. Known as "that catfish place." Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: food Other country restaurants Friendly staff happy to give visitors restaurant's history. Open Thursdays and Sundays 5:30-9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 5:30-10 p.m. Reservations suggested. First to sign walls in 1978 were Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran and local writer/celebrity Willie Morris. Since then everyone from Jimmy Buffet to Ole Miss sorority and fraternity members have signed the walls.
551 University Museums Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Museum houses a Southern folk art room (including largest collection of works by Oxford painter Theora Hamblett); often has exhibits featuring Mississippi artists. Private Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts; folk art Theora Hamblett house Wall panels; staff can explain exhibits Opened in 1975. Behind the museum is a trail leading through Bailey's Woods to Rowan Oak.
552 Malmaison Wildlife Refuge Mississippi Leflore County, between Green-wood and Teoc (part of land also in Carrol County) Land where Greenwood Leflore, last Choctaw chieftain east of the Mississippi River, built a French mansion Public Natural Resources; Cultural Diversity
Greenwood visitor center has information on Leflore and his legacy. Leflore is considered to have been the greatest Choctaw chief. When tribe was forced to go to Oklahoma, he stayed at Malmaison.
553 Cottonlandia Museum Mississippi Leflore County, Greenwood Museum depicting history of Delta region, including exhibits on Indians, lumberjacks, trappers, traders, farmers, local heroes, artists, writers, and saints Private Working People; Peopling Places; Agriculture; Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values
Admission charged.. Includes wall panels, cases
554 Robert Johnson Memorial (at Mt. Zion M.B. Church) Mississippi Leflore County, between Itta Bena and Morgan City Marker at the Mt. Zion M.B. Church dedicated to "King of the Delta Blues Singers." Public Cultural Diversity; Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Robert Johnson tombstone in Quito Visitors can read the marker, and tours can be arranged. There is controversy surrounding Johnson's "real" burial site; some argue that he is buried at Payne M.B. Chapel in Quito, Mississippi.
555 Robert Johnson's Tombstone Mississippi Leflore County, Quito Grave marker for "King of the Delta Blues" in cemetery behind Payne Chapel M.B. Church Public Cultural Diversity; Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Robert Johnson marker at Mt. Zion Church Open to public There is controversy surrounding Johnson's "real" burial site; some argue that he is buried at the Mount Zion Church.
556 Lusco's Mississippi Leflore County, Greenwood Originally a grocery and small menu restaurant opened in 1933. It still serves a variety of dishes to diners who sit at individual partitions behind drawn curtains. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food; Building the American Economy
Open for dinner only, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Privately partitioned booths were constructed in 1933 by owner so local gentry could drink his then illegal home brew. Diners sit behind drawn curtains and "buzz" their waiters for service.
557 St. James Cemetery Mississippi Leflore County, Avalon Cemetery where bluesman "Mississippi John" Hurt, who came from Avalon, is buried. Public Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues)
Open to public; cemetery is off a dirt road, difficult to find Grave is located at the back of the cemetery.
558 Cobb's Sorghum Mill Mississippi Panola County, between Batesville and Sardis Sorghum mill run by third-generation syrup makers who grow, harvest, and process the cane. Private Building the American Economy; Working People; Agriculture
Call before coming; cooking is done about three days a week, including Saturday; hours vary. Best time to come is during "cooking time" (late August-late October or early November) to see actual processing. Syrup makers are on hand to explain, recipe brochures available, Mississippi cane syrup for sale.
559 Como Steak House Mississippi Panola County, Como Restaurant housed in old general store and post office serves a variety of steaks, catfish, and chicken. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food

Patrons can cook their own steaks.
560 Batesville Mounds Mississippi Panola County, Batesville Group of five Indian mounds once used by the Chickasaw Indians. Largest mound, "mound D," is 35 feet high, and 343 feet in circumference. Public Native Americans; Spirituality
Can contact the mayor's office for information. The site of present Batesville was inhabited by the Chickasaws before 1932.
561 Tocowa Mississippi Panola County, southwest of Batesville Small town that was a health resort in the 1890s-1900s because of the reported healing powers of the water in the nearby spring. Public Peopling Places; Native Americans
None Town's name comes from "Ptoco," a Chickasaw word meaning healing, and "wawa," a Choctaw word for water. Indians claimed the water could heal braves wounded in battle.
562 U.S. Post Office Building in Batesville
Panola County, Batesville Building constructed in 1940 was the last large WPA project in Panola. A WPA-commissioned mural painted in 1941 hangs in the building. Public Great Depression; Peopling Places
None This mural, the only WPA mural in Panola and one of a few in the state, depicts a cotton field scene: a river, a gin, and a steamboat on the river.
563 Mississippi Fred McDowell memorial (in Hammond Hill M.B. Church) Mississippi Panola County, near Como. Memorial marking the gravesite of bluesman "Mississippi Fred" McDowell Public Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites None
564 Devil's Racetrack Mississippi Quitman County into Coahoma County, (track begins southeast of Marks) Shallow depression in earth about 100 feet wide, once used as a waterway by Native Americans Public; sometimes runs onto private land History; Cultural Diversity: Native Americans
Track and its story known only to a few older townspeople; in the 1980s there was some talk about using it as a tourist attraction. Local "mystery": some say an earthquake created it; others, that Native Americans built it. "Engineering marvel" is same depth at all locations. May have once gone to Mississippi River.
565 Mack Pride Barber Shop/Charley Pride's hometown Mississippi Quitman County, Sledge Barber shop where country singer Charley Pride's father, Mack, worked from 1945 until recently. Charley Pride grew up in Sledge and spent time at the shop. Private Cultural Diversity; Working People: Expressing Cultural Values: music (country)
None Charlie Pride paid for his first guitar by picking cotton in Sledge. He left when was 16.
566 Producer's Gin Mississippi Quitman County, Marks Modernized cotton gin that has operated since from the 1940s. Private Working People: cotton- centered experience
Tours available; must call in advance. During ginning season (Sept.-mid Nov.) open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Other-wise, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. five days a week. Visitors have come to see this gin from Europe and other places all over the world.
567 Wesley Bobo's Roadside Dinosaurs Mississippi Sharkey County, south of Rolling Fork, near Egremont Folk art environment featuring huge metal dinosaurs, giraffes, and other animal creations, all visible from Highway 61. Private Expressing Cultural Values: vernacular art Catfish Capital in Belzoni (Bobo constructed the giant catfish in front of museum) None Bobo is a self-taught artist who uses metal scraps and other "throw-away" objects to create sculptures.
568 Onward Store Mississippi Sharkey County, Onward Country store built in 1913 and still in operation, selling food and teddy bears (Teddy Roosevelt hunted bear nearby at Smedes Plantation). Private Recreation; Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: food Smedes Plantation; Theodore Roosevelt bear hunt site A state historical marker in front of store explains story of the bear hunt. Serves short orders, lunches, (known for hamburgers). Store sells teddy bears and features photographs documenting Teddy Roosevelt's hunt.
569 Smedes Plantation, Site of Teddy Roosevelt Bear Hunt Mississippi Sharkey County, Onward Location where Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a small captive bear cub on Nov. 14, 1902. The incident is thought to have led to creation of the teddy bear. Private Recreation; Natural Resources Onward Store A state historical marker on Highway 61 near the old plantation describes the incident.
570 Muddy Waters' Birthplace Mississippi Sharkey County, Rolling Fork Town bluesman Muddy Waters considered his hometown (he was born on a plantation just outside Rolling Fork). Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale Gazebo with plaque honoring Waters stands on East China Street, across from the library. As a young child "Muddy" moved to Stovall Plantation, near Clarksdale. His brother still lives in Rolling Fork.
571 Craig Claiborne's Birthplace Mississippi Sunflower County, Sunflower Birthplace of celebrated chef and author Craig Claiborne (born 1920) Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature, food Claiborne's childhood home in Indianola None Claiborne wrote A Feast Made For Laughter and was a food critic for the New York Times.
572 Craig Claiborne's Childhood Home Mississippi Sunflower County, Indianola Colonial style house where author/celebrated chef Claiborne grew up. His mother ran a boardinghouse here. Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature, food Craig Claiborne's birthplace in town of Sunflower None John Dollard, author of Caste and Class in a Southern Town, was a boarder at the Craig residence. Here he wrote his sociological study of the Delta.
573 The Crown Restaurant Mississippi Sunflower County, north of Indianola Elegant restaurant set in a cottonfield. It serves nationally famous catfish pate Private Agriculture; Expressing Cultural Values: food
Open 12-2 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays; reservations preferred. Catfish pate and homemade pies are best sellers. Antique mall attached to restaurant.
574 Where the Southern Crosses the Dog intersection Mississippi Sunflower County, Moorhead Intersection of the Yazoo Delta (or Yellow Dog) and Southern Railroads (as celebrated in song by W. C. Handy). Visitors can stop at Roberts Country Store and adjoining Yellow Dog cafe. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale State historical marker explains significance. Once a meeting point for Delta residents. Both black and white took the Yellow Dog from rural Mississippi to Memphis. Original structure of cafe (1920) burned. It was rebuilt in the 1980s.
575 W. C. Handy marker Mississippi Tallahatchie County, Tutwiler Marker showing where the depot once stood in Tutwiler, commemorating Handy's "discovery" of the blues. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale Historical marker explains story. The story goes that Handy heard a man waiting at the depot playing guitar and singing about "goin' where the Southern crosses the Dog" (circa 1903).
576 Dockery Farms Mississippi Sunflower County, between Cleveland and Ruleville Once a large, well-known cotton plantation where famous blues musicians such as Charley Patton, Henry Sloan, and Will Brown lived; Dockery is considered by many the birthplace of the blues. Private Building the American Economy: cotton-centered experience; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale
Howlin' Wolf (whose aunt lived at Dockery) learned to play from other bluesmen at Dockery; "Pops" Staples grew up near the plantation in Upper Dockery.
577 B. B. King birthplace Mississippi Sunflower County, Indianola Birthplace and childhood home of blues musician B. B. King. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale
B. B. King's handprints, footprints, and autograph are in town's sidewalk at corner of 2nd and Church Streets.
578 Charley Patton's Grave at New Jerusalem M.B. Church Mississippi Sunflower County, Holly Ridge Grave of legendary bluesman Charley Patton Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale None Church deacons used to hire Patton to perform religious songs in the 30s. Gravesite is beside the Holly Ridge Gin.
579 Parchman Prison Mississippi Sunflower County, Parchman Operating prison once used for the now-vilified (and defunct) convict leasing system. A sprawling enclave of 15,700 acres. Private Working People; Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale Can make appointments for tours Faulkner described system as "destination doom"; current scholars say it was "worse than slavery." Prison held numerous now-famous blues musicians: Eddie "Son" House, Bukka White (who recorded "Parchman Farm Blues" after his release).
580 The Prentiss Mound (also called the Dawson Mound) Mississippi Sunflower County, on Lake Dawson, south of Inverness Indian Mound 700-800 years old, 30-40' high, once a temple used for ceremonial rites. Predates the Chocktaws and Chickasaws who later settled the region. Private Spirituality; Native Americans Other mounds
Mound gained national attention from a speech made at by Seargent Smith Prentiss (Whig lawyer from Vicksburg) on a 1841 bear hunt.
581 Sonny Boy Williamson's Grave (beside Whitfield M.B. Church) Mississippi Tallahatchie County, Tutwiler Grave and marker of bluesman "Sonny Boy" Williamson. (Building does not look like a church.) Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other blues-related sites, Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale None Grave is hard to find. Fans often leave harmonicas, spare change, etc. on grave.
582 First Monday Trade Day
Tippah County, Ripley Mississippi's largest organized flea market, and one of oldest in nation, has operated continuously for more than 100 years. Public Working People; Recreation; Building the American Economy
Saturday and Sunday before first Monday of each month. Brochures available from Chamber of Commerce. More than 50 acres of vending stalls. Some items sold are rare birds, hunting dogs, southern foods, and antiques. Totals 10,000-40,000 visitors per month.
583 Union Country Heritage Museum Mississippi Union County, New Albany Small museum housed in a former Catholic church, offers exhibits on Faulkner and county history. Private Peopling Places, Expressing Cultural Values: literature Faulkner sites wall panels and display cases
584 Chickasaw burial mound: Ishtehotopah, ("great leader"), last King of the Chickasaw Nation Mississippi Union County, Ingomar State historical marker identifies burial mound and surrounding land Private Spirituality; Native Americans Other Native American sites Historical marker tells story of how Ishtehoto-pah ceded tribal lands to U.S. and led tribe to Oklahoma. By signing the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832, the leader ceded the tribe's lands to the U.S. and led the Chickasaws to southern Oklahoma, where they live today.
585 The Frenchman's Grave Mississippi Union County, between Tippah & Union Burial site surrounded by white picket fence where French immigrant prisoner tried to escape from the chain gang, but was shot Public Working People, Cultural Diversity; Building the American Economy; Law Enforcement Parchman Prison Convict lease" laborers were used to extend the Ripley Railroad in late 1870s. One of 80 such laborers, a Frenchman, is said to have been wrongly accused but could not speak English to defend himself. Local legend says the man got word of his wife's grave illness and so tried to escape, but he was shot.
586 Biedenharn Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg Small museum containing old Coke bottles, bottle machine, advertisements, and 1900 soda fountain housed in the original building where Coke was first bottled in 1894. Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation Recreation; Building the American Economy
Guided tours available; wall panels and reading materials provide additional information. Building was constructed in 1890. Coke was invented in Atlanta in 1886 but sold only as a fountain drink. It was first bottled in Vicksburg in 1894.
587 Waterways Experiment Station Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg Research, testing, and development facility for Army Corps of Engineers; early Mississippi River development was pioneered here. Public Natural Resources; People versus Nature
Open to public 8-4 Mon.-Fri.; brochure and map available for self-guided tours. Automated models, tape recordings, videos explain modern feats of engineering. Visitors can see how COE "tamed" Delta region's environment.
588 Margaret's Grocery Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg Country grocery store built 1854, converted into folk art environment that conveys a religious/ patriotic message. Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural values; Spirituality Earl's Art Gallery Personal tours by Margaret and husband, Rev. H. D. Dennis. Open 7 days; should call before visiting. The Rev. Dennis will give sermon to visitors during visits. Good examples of southern folk art.
589 Earl's Art Gallery Mississippi Warren County, near Vicksburg. Folk art environment including art shop, museum, and restaurant. Built by folk artist Earl Simmons over 14 years from scrap lumber and other salvaged materials Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art; Vernacular architecture Margaret's Grocery in Vicksburg $2 admission to see Earl Simmons's art work; personal tours led by Mr. Simmons. Family photos, old newspaper clippings, and old juke box.
590 Freedmen's Savings and Trust County Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg Antebellum building that once housed the Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company. Private Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity
Self- guiding walking tours can be arranged through tourism office. Bank, operated by whites for the benefit of African-Americans, was one of three operating in Mississippi.
591 Union Savings Bank Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg Second African-American- owned bank in the state was once housed here. Private Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity
Self-guided walking tours can be arranged. Bank started in 1903.
592 Lincoln Savings Bank Mississippi Warren County, Vicksburg, North Washington St. (4th building from the corner) The first African-American- owned bank in Mississippi was housed here; it opened in 1902 and was dissolved in 1909. Private Building the American Economy; Cultural Diversity
Self-guided walking tours can be arranged. Bank was founded and organized by African-Americans. Also in the building were offices of prominent African-Americans and their organizations.
593 Bogue Memorial Cemetery; James "Son" Thomas's gravesite Mississippi Washington County, outside of Leland Burial site of Blues musician James "Son" Thomas, who was buried here on July 3, 1993. Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music {blues) Other blues sites Open to public Difficult to find.
594 C & G Railroad Depot Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Station built ca. 1880 for train line that ran around Greenville; exhibits display railway architecture from days of thriving railroads. Private Building the American Economy: railroads
A full service restaurant, The C&G, is also located in the depot. Visitors cannot enter the town because of fire hazards.
595 How Joy Restaurant Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Oldest Chinese restaurant in Mississippi; operated since 1968 by Cantonese immigrants who moved here in the 1940s. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: food; Building the American Economy
Restaurant. Founder followed relatives into the Delta in the 1940s Greenville has a relatively strong Chinese community. First immigrants came as indentured servants to work on railroads after Civil War.
596 St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Gothic Revival Church built in 1907, designed by a Dutch nobleman, Fr. P. J. Korstenbroek, who is memorialized in William Alexander Percy's novel Lanterns on the Levee. Private Spirituality

Church is replica of cathedral in Harlan, Holland.
597 Doe's Eat Place Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Nationally famous restaurant in a shotgun style frame building. Opened as a grocery by Italian immigrant parents of Dominic "Doe" Signa in 1903. Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: food
Restaurant. Famous for steaks and tamales, favorites of Elvis Presley and President Clinton. Establishment still resembles a "mom and pop" grocery. In the 1930 it was speakeasy.
598 The Wilmont Store Mississippi Washington County, south of Leland Country store built in 1940s, still in original condition and still sells groceries. Private Building the American Economy
Open 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Friday; 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturdays; open on Sundays during planting and harvesting seasons. Serves short orders for farm lunches. Displays Civil War saddles, old coffee grinders, and antiques in store.
599 U.S. Department of Agriculture Aquatic Research Center Mississippi Washington County, Stoneville Largest USDA research facility east of the Mississippi. Five operational cotton gins and USDA's gin lab; shows ginning techniques from 1950s to present. Private Building the American Economy; Agriculture Birthplace of the Frog": Exhibit, Greenville. Safety concerns preclude individual tours, but adjoining building houses display outlining Stoneville's role in agricultural research. Father of "Muppets" creator Jim Henson was employed by USDA in Stoneville, where family lived on the grounds. 'Stoneville is also birthplace of mechanical cotton picker and pond-raised catfish.
600 Birthplace of the Frog (Jim Henson) Exhibit (at Greenville Chamber of Commerce) Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Exhibit telling about JIm Henson's childhood days in Stoneville; stories behind creations such as Kermit the Frog. Private Expressing Cultural Values U.S. Department of Agriculture Aquatic Research Center in Stoneville (where Henson's father worked and family lived) Photos, memorabilia Henson played along the banks of Deer Creek near Stoneville. This inspired Kermit, which he first created as a 7th grader and later named after a childhood friend.
601 Avon Grocery Mississippi Washington County, Avon Former railroad depot built in 1880s, now a country store selling dry goods and groceries. Private Building the American Economy
General store Owned by same family since the 1920s, once used as their house. Present owner lived there as a child. Old photos and original deeds hang on wall.
602 Roy's Store
Washington County, Chatham Country store from 1940s. Displays collection of cotton scales, old bottles, and antique tools associated with cotton farming. Private Building the American Economy
Plate lunches served during harvesting and planting seasons (Oct.-Nov. and April) Post office is also housed in store; owner hand-delivers mail.
603 Mt. Horeb M.B. Church Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Church established and built by six former slaves. First church erected by African-Americans in Greenville. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity

604 Mississippi. River Levee (Greenville waterfront) Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Levee built to "hold back" the Mississippi River. In 1927 the levee broke in Greenville, flooding the Delta. Public People versus Nature
Visitors can walk on top of the levee. Visitors can walk along the levee at the downtown waterfront between Main and Central.
605 Live Oaks Cemetery Mississippi Washington County, Greenville, Historically all African- American cemetery where former slave and bear hunt leader Holt Collier is buried. Public Spirituality; Cultural Diversity; history Onward Store, Smedes Plantation Historical marker at entrance of cemetery explains Collier's story. Holt Collier led the hunting expedition in which Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear, thus launching the creation of the teddy bear. Collier had trapped the bear for Roosevelt to shoot.
606 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church and Seminary Mississippi Washington County, Greenville, Church where, in 1913, missionaries started a school for black youth. In 1920 they formed the first U.S. seminary for training black priests. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity Live Oaks Cemetery (Holt Collier grave); Onward Store; Smedes Plantation State historical marker; guided tours available upon request. Hard to find; should call before visiting. Across street from church is Holt Collier Street, named for former slave who guided 1907 Teddy Roosevelt bear hunt.
607 Rattlesnake Bayou Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Area where slaves built a levee in 1840s to protect area homes and fields Public Slavery; People versus Nature
Historical marker identifies the levee
608 Winterville Indian Mounds State Park and Museum Mississippi Washington County, Winterville- Pre-Columbian mound complex of 15 mounds, including Temple Mound-- six stories (60 feet) tall--constructed by predecessors of Chickasaw and Choctaw Tribes Public Prehistory; Spirituality; Native Americans
Onsite museum open Wed.-Sat. 8-5, Sun. 1-5; closed Mon.-Tue.. Admission $1; kids $0.50. Tells story of "lost tribes of Winterville"
609 Ruins of St. John's Episcopal Church Mississippi Washington County, near Mt. Holly on bank of Lake Washington Ruins of a church (consecrated in 1857) that was destroyed in 1907 by a tornado. Public Spirituality; Civil War
Lead from stained-glass windows from the church was used for bullets in Civil War.
610 St. Mathews AME Church Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Church was organized in 1867 on Levee Street and later moved to present site. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity

First AME church established in the Delta and fourth in state. Since being moved to its present site in 1890, it has been visited by President Herbert Hoover (1927), Langston Hughes (1931), and opera singer Leontyne Price (1949).
611 Greenville Writers' Exhibit, William Alexander Percy Memorial Library Mississippi Washington County, Greenville Exhibit showcasing works and memorabilia of Greenville's hometown writers: Shelby Foote, Ellen Douglas, others (see "Comments"). Public Expressing Cultural Values: literature Eudora Welty library, Jackson No admission charge. Open 8-5 Mon.-Sat. Books, silk screen panels, photos, etc. Greenville claims more published writers per capita than any other U.S. town, among them Hodding Carter II, Hodding Carter III, Walker Percy, Clifton L. Taubert, Beverly Lowry, Bern and Franke Keating, David L. Cohn, Robert Hill Neill.
612 Wilkinson County Museum Mississippi Wilkinson County, Woodville County museum with exhibits on Southern Jewish experience and African-American history Private Cultural Diversity; Peopling Places
Museum offers morning lectures and site visits; staff and exhibits can give information
613 William Grant Still Marker Mississippi Wilkinson County, Woodville Marker on courthouse square dedicated to Woodville native William Grant Still, African-American composer Public Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (classical)
Marker explains that Still is an internationally known composer.
614 Jewish Cemetery Mississippi Wilkinson County, Woodville Town cemetery for Jewish people. It was used extensively from Civil War through World War I. Public Spirituality; Cultural Diversity Wilkinson County Museum Open to public Many tombstone inscriptions are in Hebrew. Today there are no Jewish residents; most were farmers who were ruined with the arrival of the boll weevil.
615 Pond Store Mississippi Wilkinson County, near Woodville Country store constructed in 1881. Private Building the American Economy
Open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily; tours of store available by appointment; admission $2.50.
616 Casey Jones Railroad Museum State Park Mississippi Yazoo County, Vaughn Museum in old depot near site of infamous crash that took Casey Jones's life honors Jones and tells story of railroads in Mississippi. Public Building the American Economy: railroads; Expressing Cultural Values: music (folk) Other railroad sites Wall panels, photos, and railroad memorabilia Museum tells story of Casey's Train, "the Cannonball." An authentic steam engine, No. 841, is displayed next to the museum.
617 Oakes African American Cultural Center Mississippi Yazoo County, Yazoo City Museum with exhibits detailing African-American contributions to the arts, Civil Rights, and education. Private Cultural Diversity
Open Mon.-Sat. 9-12 and 1-4; Sundays, 1-4. Wall panels, artifacts, photos, guided tours.
618 Duke Carter Museum Mississippi Yazoo County, Yazoo City Museum containing collection of a former Yazoo resident who collected tools. Private Cultural Diversity; Working People
Open Monday - Friday 8-4; closed Saturday and Sunday. Guided tours available Duke Carter's hobby was tool collecting. Includes wood planes, blacksmith tools, railroad equipment, and other early 20th century inventions.
619 Greg Harkins Chairs (Harkins' Woodworks) Mississippi Yazoo County, Vaughn, Old country barn where nationally acclaimed chairmaker crafts oak rockers. World celebrities and four presidents have bought Harkins chairs. Private Expressing Cultural Values; Working People
Personal tours of shop available; should call in advance. Harkins has been featured by magazines American Woodworking, Esquire, and Fine Woodworking. Visitors can learn about traditional chair-making techniques. Harkins, a descendant of Irish immigrants, learned craft from a lifetime maker of chairs and has received an award from the Mississippi Arts Commission.
620 Boyhood home of Willie Morris Mississippi Yazoo County, Yazoo City House where author Willie Morris lived in childhood; family moved here in 1940. Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature The Hoka, Oxford
Morris, who now lives in Oxford, wrote about his days in Yazoo in Good Old Boy, published in 1971.
621 Witch's Grave in Glenwood Cemetery Mississippi Yazoo County, Yazoo City Cemetery where a grave known as "the Witch's grave" is surrounded by chain-links fence Public Expressing Cultural Values: literature; local legends Boyhood Home of 'Willie Morris Information available at Yazoo City visitor center. "Witch of Yazoo" is blamed for fire of 1904. The 1904 fire destroyed over 200 homes and most businesses. Story of the witch is told in Willie Morris's book Good Old Boy.
622 Country Charm Antiques & Museum
Webster County, Eupora Assortment of 12 buildings on 1-acre site with six log cabins; two buildings serve as antique store; others are museums with different motifs. Private Peopling Places; Working People; Vernacular Architecture; early history; Civil War; Spirituality; Education None Knowledgeable owner Beth Farnell prefers arranged appointments, but usually there noon-4 on weekends. $3 admis- sion; children under 12, free. One log cabin that has been reassembled was a hospital in Civil War. Museums include a 1700 smokehouse, a country store, antique washing machines and washboards, a toolhouse, schoolhouse, chapel, etc.
623 Cactus Plantation Mississippi Hinds County, Edwards, World's only cactus plantation has 3,500 varieties of exotic cacti, succulents, etc. Private Natural Resources; Civil War Other Civil War sites Free admission Monday-Saturday, 9-5; Sunday, 1-5 Contains cacti, succulents, bromeliads, etc. The Battle of Champion Hill was fought on this site.
624 Canton Flea Market Mississippi Madison County, Canton, Crafts fair about 33 years old draws more than 500 vendors from all over to sell fine art, pottery, jewelry, antiques, and plants. Public Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values First Monday Trade Day, Ripley; other flea markets and craft shows Second Thursday in October and May each year on second Thursdays in October and May; should make arrangements beforehand; come early. Parking is expensive; shuttle buses available. Showcases much of historic Canton; thousands of visitors come. In between shopping, local people will relate stories about John Grisham filming A Time To Kill exclusively in Canton.
625 Mrs. L. V. Hull's House Mississippi Attala County, Kosciusko, Apparent junkyard with collection of many items, leading into a tiny house. Private Expressing Cultural Values
No admission, donations accepted. Colorful yard contains hobbyhorses, clocks, old TV sets, etc., that some see as folk art. Shoe tree is of particular interest.
626 Dennis Mitchell Farms Mississippi Covington County, Collins A working farm that offers peanuts and pick-your-own vegetables during season., Private Agriculture; Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: folk art
Check times for picking as well as different seasons Farm has a restored log cabin with an outhouse. In addition, Nelda Mitchell is a folk artist who creates beautiful wood sculpture and other art works.
627 Tutwiler Mississippi Quilts Mississippi Tallahatchie County, Tutwiler, Started in 1988; offers quilts, quilted bags, pot holders, table runners, etc., made by Tutwiler Quilters in the Afro-American quilting tradition. Public Working People; Expressing Cultural Values; Cultural Diversity
Items are also available by mail order This activity of the Tutwiler Community Education Center began in 1988. Area women use proceeds from sales to support themselves and their families.
628 Collins Exotic Animal Orphanage Mississippi Covington County, Collins, Home for exotic pets (lions, panthers, alligators) that original owners abandoned when they began growing up Private Natural Resources
$3 admission Said to be more personal than zoos.
629 Sue's Ceramics Mississippi Covington County, Collins Ceramics shop operated year-round in owner's home; offers seasonal ceramics as well as general pieces. Private Expressing Cultural Values Lazy M Emu Open year-round. Owner Sue McCall sells the ceramic pieces herself.
630 Lazy M Emu Mississippi Covington County, Collins, Enoch McCall, husband of Sue McCall, raises emus; public can visit. Private Natural Resources Sue's Ceramics Public may visit
631 Roger's Basketry Mississippi Covington County, Mt. Olive Roger Jamison, a self-taught young basketmaker, began crafting baskets after an aunt gave him a book on basketmaking. He is a member of Old Order German Baptists, whose lifestyles resemble those of the Amish. Private Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values Martha's Kitchen Visitors should not come on Sunday which is a holy day. Baskets, made by using only a pocket knife, scissors, and a tape measure, are made of split rattan either left in natural color or dyed with the use of pecan shells. They come in a variety of styles and are very popular.
632 Kosciusko Museum Mississippi Attala County, Kosciusko, Museum dedicated to the town's namesake, Revolutionary War hero Thaddeus Kosciusko Public Cultural Diversity (Kosciusko did not live in Mississippi; he was Polish), regional history
Open daily 1-4 p.m. This historic town has a number of grand homes; museum exhibits show this.
633 Mississippi Treasures Mississippi De Soto County, Southaven, Recently opened store in an old building promises "antiques only." Dealing with over 50 vendors, owners Brenda and Kim Mahan offer everything from bedroom pieces to Civil War trinkets. Private Building the American Economy
Open Monday-Saturday, 9-7; Sundays, 10-6. Mark Twain referred to the cobalt windows of the structure ( still untouched) in Life on the Mississippi.
634 Levee Plantation Guesthouse Mississippi Tunica County, Tunica Cook house about 100 years old on a working farm. Private Vernacular Architecture
Rented as a guesthouse for short stays. Inside of house has been renovated, but outside structure is intact with porch and screen.
635 Hotel-Cafe Marie Mississippi Tunica County, Tunica Hotel opened in 1918; had not operated for 30 years; reopened in 1995. Private Architecture; Building the American Economy The Blue & White Restaurant has a picture of the Hotel Marie in its early days Hotel service 24 hours a day; restaurant is open weekdays for lunch and dinner; for dinner only on weekends. The original staircase and door frame separating lobby from the cafe are preserved; original exposed brick wall is in every room.
636 Annual Riverside Blues Festival Mississippi Jackson County, Riverside Park Largest Blues festival between Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis. Public Festivals; Expressing Cultural Values: music (blues) Other Blues sites Festival is in July each year; must call and confirm date, as dates vary
637 Freedman Town Marker Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Recently erected marker indicating where freedmen from Oxford and Lafayette area settled after Civil War. The areas encompassed Jackson Avenue, Price Street, the railroad, and 9th Street. Public Civil War; Cultural Diversity; Civil Rights Other Civil War sites Marker can be seen easily at any time.
638 Second Baptist Church Mississippi Lafayette County, Oxford Two frame church buildings were built here in 1873 by recently freed men. One was mysteriously destroyed by fire. The stone Second Baptist Church was built in 1911 and replaced with current building in 1986. Private Spirituality; Civil War; Cultural Diversity Freedman Town Marker Visitors can drive by.
639 The Dinner Bell Mississippi Pike County, McComb Restaurant in a colonial -style structure features round-table dining and Southern cuisine. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Revolving Tables Restaurant closed Mondays. Features Southern style cooking. Building', was a boardinghouse in the 1940s. After it was moved in 1961, the round tables were adopted to make eating easier.
640 Marshall County Historical Museum Mississippi Marshall County, Holly Springs Museum in a 1903 building contains a war room featuring materials from War of 1812 to the Korean War; also has a Civil War memorial exhibit, historical clothing, dolls and tools. There is a Plantation Room and a reading library. Public Military History; Working People; Agriculture; Spirituality; Education Country Charm, other Civil War sites Regular hours. Building was constructed as part of Mississippi Synodical College, previously the Maury Institute (a women's college founded in 1883) and the North Mississippi Presbyterian College (founded in 1890, merged with Belhaven in 1939).
641 Hugh Lawson White Mansion Mississippi Marion County, Columbia House in Spanish Colonial Revival Style. One of Mississippi's finest houses, begun 1925; completed 1927. Home of former governor Hugh Lawson. Original dining-room furniture and drapery from Chicago's Marshall Fields are intact. Private Architecture None By appointment only; tours conducted once a month. One of two in the area; the other was built by White for a member of his government. Inside are also floor-to-ceiling murals done by an artist from Malta.
642 Kearney Park Farms
Madison County, Flora Quail-hunting facility offering tours and overnight accommodations. Private Recreation
October through March, official quail hunting season. There is a per bird charge. Quail hunting is not a common pastime in this area. Quails are not indigenous to state, so birds are released.
643 Mt. Zion Baptist Church Mississippi Madison County, Canton Church organized 1865; now housed in a building constructed in 1929. Private Spirituality; Cultural Diversity; Civil War Other Civil War sites; churches People can drive by and see the church. Before the Civil War and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, African-American members worshipped with white Baptist Church members.
644 The Blue & White Restaurant Mississippi Tunica County, Tunica Restaurant in same location since 1937; it was once a restaurant and service station. Pictures of Tunica of yesteryear dot the walls. Gas pumps still outside. Has been featured on CNN. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food; Building the American Economy Other restaurants Open regularly. Known for fresh turnip greens everyday; unique delicacies like scrambled pork brains. Owner is friendly and can answer a lot of questions. Restaurant began in 1924 at Old Hwy 61. First of the Blue & White chain and only one of its kind left. Mr. Wiley first bought the Blue & White in 1969, sold it and bought it again. There is a 1937 framed newsclipping of the opening.
645 Howcott Monument Mississippi Madison County, Canton Erected between 1894 and 1900 by William Howcott to honor his body servant, Willis Howcott, who presumably died in battle (Civil War). Public Civil War; Cultural Diversity Other Civil War sites, especially those pertaining to slaves Visitors can drive by and see memorial. Not much known about the nature of the stature. Harley Howcott, Sr. (relation to either unknown) of New Orleans says "slaves often accompanied their owners into battle . . ."
646 The Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery Mississippi Marshall County, Holly Springs Gallery opened in 1962. Artist Kate Freeman Clark left a trust for the purpose. Gallery contains 1,200 of her paintings, starting with those she painted in the 1890s. Also contains books and furniture. Kate Freeman Trust Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts
Tours by appointment only, but flexible. Bea Green studied art under Kate Freeman Clark who was related to Green's family. Clark was a versatile artist, using everything from charcoal to watercolor. Her art is exhibited under the name Freeman Clark. The house Clark lived in is next door; it is rented out.
647 Palestinian Gardens Mississippi George County, north of Lucedale Rev. Harvell Jackson and wife's version of the Holy Land, created in 1960, rests on 20 acres of land. Jericho, Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Jordan River are just a sample. Small gift shop. Private, non-profit Spirituality
Open year-round from 8-6 weekdays; 1-6 Sundays. Admission charged. Scenic and peaceful, tour takes about an hour. Rev. Harvell believed that to understand the Bible, people should be familiar with places central to scripture. It is now run by Cindy and Don Bradley, friends of the Jackson children; they plan to install life-size crosses and to depict Paul's Journey.
648 Old Jail Mississippi Yalobusha County, Water Valley 19th century jail closed to the public, but used for meetings by the county Public Local history, Law Enforcement
Not open to the public
649 Springdale Hills Arboretum Mississippi Hinds County, Pocahontas 104 acres with trails through natural areas, containing over 150 species of trees, ponds for fishing, picnic areas. Ruins of an 1830s mansion are on property. Private Natural Resources; Architecture Crosby Arboretum Tours seem to be given reluctantly.
650 Old Log Cabin on Norris Family Farm Mississippi Smith County, Taylorsville Partially ruined log cabin built around 1848-1850; has a separate kitchen (different building) so that entire house would not burn if kitchen caught fire. Private Vernacular Architecture; Early Life; Peopling Places Old House facing Gambrell Street Jean Norris Stennett does not mind visitors looking at the cabin. Norris Family Farm (run by Roland Norris) has been in the Norris family since great-grandfather acquired it through the Homestead Act. Was honored by Jim "Buck" Ross as 100 year farm.
651 Old Norris House Mississippi Smith County, Taylorsville House built in 1905 by Seaborn Norris has six rooms, a large hall, and a bathroom that was added later. Private Early Life; Vernacular Architecture Old Log Cabin (Stennett Street) Jean Norris Stennett's sister controls this property. She currently rents the house out. Part of 136 acres that has never been outside the Norris family. The great-grandfather came from Covington County, to which he had come from South Carolina.
652 The Eaton Home Mississippi Smith County, between Taylorsville and Bay Springs Two-story house documented as being from about 1838, possibly older, has four original rooms. Had a kitchen on back, but that burned down. House put together with handmade nails and pegs. Private Early Life; Architecture Old Log Barn with Fruit Cellar E. Howard Eaton is amenable to people seeing the house. He really believes that the house is older than 1838. The house is mentioned in papers about a 1932 WPA Project on Smith County; this is the documentation that dates it to 1838 or 1840.
653 The Key Brothers Aviation Pictorial Exhibit at Meridian Regional Airport Mississippi Lauderdale County, Meridian Key Brothers set the world endurance record in 1935. Exhibit reviews their achievements and Meridian Airport's aviation history. Public Transportation: aviation Sparta Community Airport; Hunter Field (Randolph County, IL) Visitors are not a problem; exhibit can be seen when airport is open. These brothers broke the endurance record established by the Hunter brothers in 1929.
654 General Arthur Fox's Greek Revival Cottage Mississippi Lawrence County, Wanilla Built in 1848, house has been restored. General Fox fought in the War of 1812. Private Architecture; Military History
Can drive by and see.
655 Jewel Thomas's House Mississippi Carroll County, Carrolton House decorated with a collage of farming and automotive tools. Private Expressing Cultural Values: folk art; Working People
Open to visitors. Owner is a retired truck driver and pulpwood cutter.
656 Graceland Too Mississippi Marshall County, Holly Springs Antebellum home filled with collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music Other Presley-related sites Tours by two full-time occupants Monday-Sunday, noon-8 p.m. Contains original recordings, ticket stubs from last concert, large newspaper/video archive.
657 Jerry Clower Museum Mississippi Amite County, west of Liberty Personal collection of comic memorabilia of "America's 'favorite country comedian" accumulated over a long career. Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values
Open Mon.-Fri. 10-2:30, no charge. Tours by appointment, usually conducted by a paid tour guide. From time to time, Jerry Clower and wife are home. Clower grew up in Amite County; played football for Mississippi State. Comedian has decades of laughs to fall back on.
658 Site of Battle of Coffeeville Mississippi Yalobusha County, near Coffeeville Civil War Battlefield Public Civil War Other Civil War sites Recently erected marker, funds are available for more development. Cemetery on site; soldiers from both sides are buried there. One soldier was buried standing up; tombstone resembles a chimney.
659 Ole Opry House Mississippi Lincoln County, Brookhaven Built around 1948 as a barn, now in use as a beauty shop, but was used in the 1970s as Opry House on Saturday night. A stage was built, and groups came from MS, AL, and LA. Advertised in Vicksburg and Jackson papers (see "Comments"). Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (country); Recreation Other Country Music/Bluegrass sites Now contains a beauty shop. Earl Ward approached Harrison Case about converting barn to a club so daughter, Lisa Ward, and group Hylites could perform. Other groups: McCall Creek Bluegrass, Cash McCool [New Orleans], Gospel artists Aaron Gillis and Ken Stevens.
660 Gertrude Smith's Barn Mississippi Covington County, Collins Cattle barn converted to a studio/art gallery. Contains paintings done by Smith ranging from nature to abstract, but mostly abstract. Private Working People; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery Artist lives and works here. Can call before dropping by. Has participated in several area events.
661 Whitworth College for Women Mississippi Lincoln County, Brookhaven Set of three buildings atop a hill; they once formed a women's college started by Reverend M. K. Whitworth in 1859. Date of closing uncertain. Public Education
Potential will not be fulfilled until restoration is completed. The location of the buildings on the hilltop gives them the appearance of being in a separate world.
662 Town of D'Lo Mississippi Simpson County; D'Lo During WW II, 150 of town's approximately 400 citizens served in military.
Military history; local history Other war-related sites Do not believe there is a marker.
663 Prentiss City Hall Mississippi Jefferson Davis County, Prentiss Courthouse built in 1903 and still in use. Public Architecture; Local Government
Can drive by anytime
664 Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute Mississippi Jefferson Davis County, Prentiss Junior college founded in May 1907 by Laurel native Jonas Edward Johnson and his wife, J. E. (Bertha) Johnson, a Wesson native. They had no money and two babies in arms. Public? Education; Cultural Diversity William Holtzclaw, Piney Woods Has been closed since early 1990s; at one time tours were permitted. The Johnsons Organized the Committee of One Hundred, which now is continued by coalition of 100 black women and others.
665 William H. Holtzclaw Library; Utica Institute Mississippi Hinds County, Utica Library named after Utica Institute Founder, which, as Utica Institute, educated African-American men and women from 1903 until it merged with Hinds County Junior College. Public Education; Cultural Diversity Prentiss Institute; Piney Woods; William Holtzclaw House
Pictures of Holtzclaw hang on the wall and a bust stands in library. His autobiography and biography are also in the library.
666 William H. Holtzclaw House (across from Utica Institute) Mississippi Hinds County, Utica House of founder of Utica Institute, who was a native of Alabama and a Tuskegee graduate., Public Education; Cultural Diversity Prentiss Institute, Piney Woods; Holtzclaw Library House is closed and inaccessible. House, believed to have been a plantation house, was on this site before Holtzclaw founded institute. Utica Institute was founded 1903. Holtzclaw also organized the Farmer's Conference, which helped raise black farmers' standard of living. Like many black college founders, he was very influential. He died in 1943.
667 Templeton Music Museum and Archives Mississippi Oktibbeha County, Starkville Museum housed in a 1910 building on campus of Mississippi State University. Includes an extensive collection of antique phonograph music boxes, recordings, sheet music, and Nipper Dogs Public Expressing Cultural Values: music Other music-related sites Open by appointment only.
668 Saturn Bar Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans Neighborhood bar, which opened in 1947, is festooned with folk art and beautiful neon. A great example of vernacular creativity; the pictures on the walls are worthy of a museum. Private Peopling Places; Expressing Cultural Values: art Outside the French Quarter; no other sites nearby or related No assistance needed A great neighborhood institution with amazing folk art. It should be accorded the same respect as other folkart environments such as Finster's Paradise Gardens.
669 Fats Domino's House Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans Legendary musician's home, with opulent/tacky decor Private Expressing Cultural Values: music; Vernacular Architecture None Merely a drive-by view is appropriate Can drive by for a glimpse of his gaudy Cadillac and home; do not disturb.
670 St. Roch Cemetery Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans Inspired by a yellow fever epedimic, church and cemetery pay homage to the patron saint of plagues and pestilence. Many claim to have been cured at the shrine on the site; crutches left there are testaments to their faith. Great cemetery for wandering. Private Spirituality; People versus Nature Other New Orleans cemeteries Open to public Should be preserved.
671 Faulkner House Books Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans. House where William Faulkner lived while writing his first novel. Bookstore offers many Faulkner rarities. Private Expressing Cultural Values: literature Rowan Oak in Oxford, MS Easily enjoyed bookstore Small, but building is evocative of Faulkner
672 Napoleon House Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans Built in 1797 and intended as a refuge for French emperor Napoleon, crumbling bar/restaurant evokes New Orleans of old. Private Architecture; History French Quarter Thriving business A beautiful dump.
673 Rock 'n' Bowl Louisiana Orleans Parish, New Orleans Bowling alley built in 1941, home to live zydeco and New Orleans music Wednesday through Saturday nights Private Expressing Cultural Values: music Has no peers Large dance floor but only 18 bowling lanes Bowling and great music are concurrent. This is New Orleans far from the tourist crush.
674 Cormier's Cock Pit Louisiana Acadia Parish, Cankton Barnlike structure that offers an old-fashioned cockfight most Saturday nights. Most easily accessible pit in area. Private Recreation: gambling; Cruelty to Animals None Very accessible; open November through July. Although some people find this activity objectionable, it is legal in Louisiana.
675 Jim Bowie Museum Louisiana St. Landry Parish, Opelousas House belonging to a black woman, contains Bowie knives and relics Public History; Expressing Cultural Values None Easily accessed Strange location, but compelling little museum.
676 Slim's Y-Ki-Ki Zydeco Club Louisiana St. Landry Parish, Opelousas Large, welcoming zydeco club opened in 1947 Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity Nearby Opelousas sites, including Richard's Club Very friendly Less rustic than Richard's, but equally large and welcoming.
677 Richard's Club Zydeco Club Louisiana St. Landry Parish, Lawtell Tattered wood frame building offering live local and national acts Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity Slim's in Opelousas Open most weekends; large bar Building seems in danger of falling down when band starts to really rock.
678 Borgue's Cajun Dance Hall Louisiana St. Landry Parish, Lewisburg Country Cajun dance hall with music every Saturday Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (Cajun); Cultural Diversity Slim's and Richard's Far off the beaten path Very hard to find
679 Liberty Theatre Louisiana Acadia Parish, Eunice Beautiful old theater now houses the "Cajun Grand Ole Opry" each Saturday night. Unknown Expressing Cultural Values: music (Cajun); Cultural Diversity Not far from Fred's in Mamou 800-seat auditorium in downtown Eunice Must-see auditorium. Good introduction to Cajun music culture for tourists unable or unwilling to go to the clubs.
680 Eunice Museum Louisiana Acadia Parish, Eunice Housed in old train depot, museum depicts local music, Mardi Gras, and other histories Public Peopling places; Expressing Cultural Values: music; Cultural Diversity Liberty Theatre Well set up for tourists Excellent small-town museum. Heavy emphasis on tourist- pleasing displays
681 Dup's Lounge Louisiana Acadia Parish, Eunice Local dive featuring live Cajun music Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (Cajun); Cultural Diversity; Community See Fred's in nearby Mamou Live music on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. till [time not in orig.] Small but hospitable to guests Old line local dance hall
682 Fred's Lounge Louisiana Evangeline Parish, Mamou Windowless bar known for live Cajun music radio broadcast on Saturday mornings. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (Cajun); Community See Dup's Small but accustomed to tourists. Open only on Saturdays from 9 a.m. till noon. An amazing place to experience Cajun joie de vivre.
683 Estherwood Rice Mill Louisiana Jefferson Davis Parish, Elton One of a few rice processors that allow tours. Also of note are old-fashioned cotton rice bags. Private Building the American Economy: agriculture None Not set up to handle crowds, but will accommodate visitors. Open only summer and autumn. Offers a good look a the ancient milling process.
684 Oil and Gas Park Louisiana Jefferson Davis Parish, Jennings Replica of state's first oil well Public Resource Extraction; Building the American Economy: oil and gas None Merely a view of the well is sufficient, but interpretation would be welcome. A museum dedicated to Louisiana oil culture would be welcome.
685 Brimstone Museum Louisiana Calcasieu Parish, Sulphur Museum commemorates development of Frasch process for mining sulfur and the way the town of Sulphur developed Public Resource Extraction; Building the American Economy: chemical industry None Minor attraction is well set up for visitors Great small-town museum.
686 Garyville Timber mill Museum Louisiana St. John the Baptist Parish, Garyville Museum depicting birth and death of a company town. Most of museum consists of exhibits on timber industry. Private Resource Extraction; Peopling Places; Building the American Economy: timber industry River Road tour Minimal resources hamper efforts. Could be expanded.
687 Center for Traditional Boat Building Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Thibodaux Small exhibit devoted to early and traditional boat building; visitors also can see boat repairs and reconstructions. Emphasis on local styles. Public Building the American Economy: river commerce; Transportation; Recreation
Although facility is well-maintained, interpretation could be expanded. Staff too busy with research to accommodate many visitors. NA
688 Bonnet Care Spillway - Roadway Louisiana St. Charles Parish, River Road north of I-310 Good look at massive floodgate and levee system as an engineering miracle. Public People versus Nature; Managing Natural Resources River Road tour Drive-through observation of levee system. Part of the story of control of river, but difficult to convey. Visitors must know what to look for or site is meaningless
689 El Sido's Dance Hall Louisiana Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Large zydeco club with music nearly every weekend; features national acts as well as local talent. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity Other zydeco halls, such as Slim's and Richard's Very welcoming, no need to change a bit, but caution is advised in this neighborhood. Everybody dances. Nobody claps. Surrounding neighborhood is questionable.
690 Bonfire Museum Louisiana St. James Parish, River Road, north of Route 20. Museum dedicated to culture of St. James parish, with emphasis on lumber industry and tradition of Christmas bonfires along levee Public Spirituality; Building the American Economy: lumber industry, agriculture; Expressing Cultural Values: traditional celebrations River Road tour Quaint, informative museum Could be expanded.
691 Festival of the Bonfires Louisiana St. James Parish, River Road, between Gramercy and Donaldsonville Festival each year the weekend before winter solstice; tradition of more than 200 years of lighting huge bonfires on levee. Recent themes have reflected Cajun and popular culture. Public Expressing Cultural Values: traditional celebrations; Cultural Diversity River Road tour Awe-inspiring pyres of flames. A must see. More publicity is needed.
692 First Acadian Settlement on Mississippi River Louisiana St. James Parish, near Vacherie Roadside Marker Unknown Peopling Places; Cultural Diversity; River Transport River Road tour; possibly ties in with other Cajun sites Marker suffices. Interesting juxtaposition because marker is across street from National Strategic Petroleum Facility.
693 Lafourche Parish Courthouse Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Thibodaux One of few antebellum courthouses Public Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values; Community None NA Could be incorporated as part of a walking tour of entire town of Thibodaux.
694 Reserve-Edgard Ferry Louisiana St. John the Baptist Parish, River Road Archaic ferry still in operation Public Building the American Economy: river transport River Road tour Ferry accommodates automobiles. Unusual juxtaposition of old and new, because visitors crossing river on archaic ferry can see a nuclear power plant.
695 National Hansen's Disease Center Louisiana Iberville Parish, River Road, north of Carville Former leper colony, isolated for fear of alarming nearby residents Public Medical history; social ostracization River Road tour Visitor services are in doubt. Beautiful complex of buildings.
696 Barthel's Country Store Louisiana Ascension Parish, Sunshine 115-year old country store Private Vernacular Architecture; Building the American Economy River Road tour Good place to stop for a cold drink Quaint, little changed in recent years.
697 Plaquemine Locks State Commemorative Area Louisiana Iberville Parish Plaquemine Museum, park, and visitor center Public River Transport; People versus Nature See other locks and levee system Excellent look at how river is controlled Good point of departure for tour of entire town of Plaquemine.
698 Bourgeoise Meat Market Louisiana Terrebonne Parish, Schriever Traditional meat market owned by three generations of same family. Private Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: food Near Thibodaux Place to stop for a snack. Offers example of traditional butcher's trade. Beef jerky a specialty.
699 Le Beau Petit Musee Louisiana Iberia Parish, Jeanrette Museum dedicated to the history of the sugar cane industry Public Building the American Economy: agriculture Nearby sugar cane mills Well-documented look at sugar cane as a cash crop Good video done by Center for Louisiana Studies.
700 Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium Louisiana Terrebonne Parish, Cocodrie Marine Research facility with display and video overview of wetlands wildlife Public Natural Resources: wetlands ecoculture, fish, wildlife NA Off the beaten path but worth seeking out Good video overview of wetlands environment
701 Wendell-Williams Memorial Aviation Museum Louisiana St. Mary Parish, Patterson Museum dedicated to growth of air flight in southern U.S. and Louisiana. Special emphasis on speed trials. Unknown Building the American Economy: aviation; Technology None Video available Well operated small-town museum.
702 Sterling Sugar Mill Louisiana St. Mary Parish, Franklin Old-style sugar mill Private Agriculture; Resource Extraction; Working people Other mills Open to visitors only on Saturday mornings NA
703 Konriko Rice Mill Tour and Store Louisiana Iberia Parish, New Iberia One of oldest mills in the area. Private Agriculture; Building the American Economy Rice and cane mills Well set up for visitors; admission charged, video shown. Gift shop also available. Visitors will be covered with a cloud of rice dust.
704 Grave of William Geary "Bunk" Johnson, Louisiana Iberia Parish, New Iberia Grave of early jazz great, African- American trumpet player who may have taught Louis Armstrong Private Cultural Diversity; Expressing Cultural Values: music (jazz); African-American experience Music Heritage tour; Modern Music Center A marker should be placed here. Born 1879 in New Orleans to former slaves. Occasionally pilgrims leave offerings at gravesite. Many legendary performers of the early jazz era were of Cajun origin.
705 Clifton Chenier's Grave Louisiana Iberia Parish, Loreauville Grave of the "king" of zydeco music Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity Clifton's Club Grave may still be unmarked. Located parallel to Veret grave. [Veret? not identified further.] There should be better commemoration.
706 Clifton's Club Louisiana Iberia Parish, Loreauville Home club of late "king" of zydeco music. Will accommodate 700 people. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity Chenier's grave Infrequently open Very rural, very hard to find
707 Glenwood Sugars Factory Tour Louisiana Assumption Parish, Napoleonville Processor of unrefined sugar. Plant tour available Private Building the American Economy: sugar cane; Agriculture; Working People Other mills for rice and cane Can call for tour NA
708 Abita Springs Pavilion Louisiana St. Tammany Parish, Abita Springs Former resort site; two-tiered pavilion from heyday is visible. Public Natural Resources; Recreation Abita Springs Brewery nearby Adjacent to National Historic District Uncertain whether springs are still operational.
709 Hamilton's Zydeco Hall Louisiana Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Large rural zydeco hall Private Expressing Cultural Values: music (zydeco); Cultural Diversity El Sido's Dance Hall; other zydeco-related sites Large and accommodating NA
710 Edwin Epps House Louisiana Avoyelles Parish, Bunkie Home of Edwin Epps, planter who owned Solomon Northrup, author of Twelve Years A Slave. Private Cultural Diversity; Slavery; Expressing Cultural Values: literature; Agriculture NA House is well restored and ready for visitors. It is gratifying that Northrup is celebrated, as well as plantation edifice.
711 Bayou Folk Museum Louisiana Rapides Parish, Cloutierville Built 1813 by founder of Cloutierville; building was home to author Kate Chopin in 1850s Unknown Expressing Cultural Values: literature; Agriculture
Outbuildings also can be seen, as well as good collection of Chopin effects. Well documented.
712 Le Petit Paris Museum Louisiana Lafayette Parish, St. Martinville Small-town museum with Mardi Gras costumes and items that belonged to early settlers. Public Expressing Cultural Values; Building the American Economy; Recreation Near Evangeline Oak Already developed Tells stories of both high and low culture.
713 Evangeline Downs Louisiana Lafayette Parish, near Lafayette Traditional horse-racing track Private Gambling, Recreation NA Open April-September; races, Friday through Monday Provides good taste of Cajun culture.
714 Sunset Game Club Louisiana St. Landry Parish, north of Sunset Cock-fighting club Private Gambling Cormier's Cock Pit; Circle Club Cock Pit Visitors should be aware of this activity, although many may be offended. Can see cocks being housed and trained on roadsides; houses are pyramid-shaped metal structures.
715 Waterford Three Nuclear Power Plant Louisiana St. Charles Parish, Taft Nuclear reactor and interactive visitor center Public Resource Extraction Water-powered mills and other industrial sites Engaging displays and exhibits. Well documented by power company. Good juxtaposition of river and nuclear power.
716 Airline Motors Restaurant Louisiana St. Charles Parish, near New Orleans, Classic deco structure built when Airline Highway was main road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans Private Transportation: airlines; Architecture Compare to river as mode of transportation Restaurant is open 24 hours Sight alone is enough; however it seems that a marker designating architectural style would be appropriate.
717 Country Music Museum / Rebel State Commemorative Area Louisiana Lincoln Parish, Marthasville State-sponsored museum featuring country music history in northern Louisiana and the South; amphitheater also on the site. State Expressing Cultural Values: country music; Civil War; Recreation NA Not well publicized but well worth a visit Funding is being increased.
718 Oakley Plantation Louisiana West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville Three-story house built in 1799. Naturalist-artist John James Audubon painted here while tutoring plantation children. Public Natural Resources; Expressing Cultural Values: art; Agriculture. None Outbuildings (a rarity) exist. Beautiful home, but connection to Audubon is more compelling.
719 Virgin's Island Louisiana Assumption Parish, Bat Pierre Part Statue of Virgin Mary that was spared in 1882 flood that destroyed church and much of Pierre Part. Statue was placed on island in bay by residents who believed that Mary had saved them. Unknown Spirituality; Expressing Cultural Values: statuary; People versus Nature None Can drive by; interpretation needed Statue sits in the bay; visitors need to be aware of it to be able to see it.
720 Ara Bontemps Home Louisiana Rapides Parish, Alexandria Home of African-American poet, author, scholar, children's writer. Also functions as a cultural center. Public Cultural Diversity; African-American experience; Vernacular Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: literature Kate Chopin's house in Cloutierville Small but welcoming museum; well-documented displays on Bontemps' life. Each room is dedicated to a different phase in the author's life.
721 Mitcham Farms Peach Orchard Louisiana Lincoln Parish, Reston Huge orchard where one can observe large-scale agricultural business Private Building the American Economy; Agriculture; Working People Sugar cane and rice sites Must call first for a tour; not set up for tours but will accommodate any size group. Orchard northeast of Reston may be hard to find; should call first.
722 Autrey House Louisiana Lincoln Parish, Dubach Oldest "dogtrot" house in Louisiana; built in 1870 Public Vernacular Architecture; Early settlers NA Rustic but authentic Some of the original family furniture is on display. Built by Absalom Autrey.
723 Lincoln Parish Museum Louisiana Lincoln Parish, Reston Typical parish museum; murals on wall are distinctive. Public Architecture; Expressing Cultural Values: mural art None Furnishings are typical of small-town life Folk art murals, possibly over 100 years old, depict life in Reston from its founding.
724 Camp Reston Louisiana Lincoln Parish, Grambling Camp that housed up to 4,000 prisoners of war, primarily from Germany and Italy, during World War II. Public Military History: World War II None Will be developed for visitors Art from some of the former prisoners is being solicited; should be a great attraction when finished.
725 Delta Aviation Museum Louisiana Ouachita Parish, Monroe Museum devoted to crop-dusting and other early impetus for aviation in Louisiana Unknown Transportation: aviation; Agriculture Wendell Aviation Museum Unknown NA
726 Poverty Point Louisiana W. Carroll Parish, Epps Indian Mounds from 700-1,700 B.C. Public Prehistory; Spirituality; Native Americans NA Viewing platform on the site Well-preserved architectural digs and interpretive exhibit.
727 African-American Museum Louisiana Ouachita Parish, Monroe Exhibitions depicting African-American life in this region from settlement to present Private Slavery; Cultural Diversity: African-Americans; Agriculture, Civil Rights Movement River Road Museum; Ara Bontemps Home Small; open irregular hours Small-town museum
728 Grant's Canal Louisiana E. Carroll Parish, Lake Providence Canal dug by Gen. U.S. Grant's men in attempt to seize of Vicksburg. Unknown Civil War; Military history; River Transport Arlington Plantation, where Grant stayed, is nearby Drive-by attraction; more interpretation may be called for. NA
729 Cotton Museum Louisiana E. Carroll Parish, Lake Providence Museum depicting agricultural economy; huge display of farm equipment from the past is notable. Public Agriculture, Working People Mill tours Open Wednesdays through Fridays Should be supported by farm equipment manufacturers.
730 Centenary State Commemorative Area Louisiana E. Feliciana Parish, Jackson Original site of State College of Louisiana; offers exhibits on local history, documentation of early educational efforts. Public Education; Civil War; Spirituality State Tours provided. Open 9-5 daily. Founded in 1825; used as a hospital during Civil War.
731 Homer Courthouse Louisiana Claiborne Parish, Homer Courthouse was built in 1861; continuing use since then. Public Civil War Various Civil War sites Interpretive aspect limited because still in use as a courthouse 1861 Confederate troops departed from courthouse; it is now a tradition for all troops to depart from courthouse.
732 La Salle Museum Louisiana La Salle Parish, Goodpine Photographs detailing parish history housed in 1906 Goodpine Lumber Company building. Private Resource Extraction Sulphur museum Open only Wednesdays and Thursdays; well-staffed by volunteers. Importance of lumber and oil industry is emphasized.
733 Traders' Rendezvous Louisiana Grant Parish, Pollock Frontier Village recreation Private Peopling Places; Cultural Diversity; History NA Recently opened to public; information interestingly displayed NA
734 Freshwater Spring Louisiana Grant Parish, between Georgetown and Pollock Artesian spring used for years and still in use by residents for drinking water Private Natural Resources None Visitor services not needed. This spring, initially used by Native Americans, is still a good community resource; however, checking water quality (leakage from industrial concerns?) might be a good idea.
735 H. J.. Smith and Son Museum Louisiana St. Tammany Parish, Covington Hardware store operating continuously since 1876; now both a hardware store and a museum. Private Peopling Places; Building the American Economy None Owners are cordial to visitors; museum is but a small part of store. Displays include a 20-foot hand-carved pirogue and an iron coffin.
736 Joyce Wildlife Management Area Louisiana Tangipahoa Parish, near Manchac Well-maintained wooden nature walk in swamp Public Natural Resources: animal and plant life Swamp tours Trees and plants are labeled for a nature walk. Well documented.
737 Confederate Cemetery and Museum Louisiana Tangipahoa Parish, Tangipahoa Museum displaying Confederate artifacts; adjacent cemetery City sponsored Civil War Other Civil War sites Open to public NA
738 Mile Branch Settlement Louisiana Washington Parish, at fairgrounds Pioneer settlement with cabins from mid-1800s Unknown Peopling Places; Agriculture Traders' Rendezvous Well structured but can seem a bit "touristy" NA
739 Hungarian Settlement at Arpadhon Louisiana Livingston Parish, south of Albany Largest rural Hungarian settlement in United States Unknown Cultural Diversity; Agriculture; Resource Extraction NA Could be expanded Settled in 1890s by approximately 1,500 Magyar Hungarians
740 Louisiana Museum of Indian Experience Louisiana Washington Parish, Bogalusa Small, well-maintained, collection of Native American artifacts Public Cultural Diversity: Native Americans Poverty Point Well structured, but hours of operation are difficult to establish Adjacent to Pioneer Museum.
741 Bogue Lusa Pioneer Museum Louisiana Washington Parish, Bogalusa Parish museum with artifacts of early life Public Peopling Places; Agriculture NA No real expansion warranted Named for nearby body of water.
742 Tammany Trace Louisiana St. Tammany Parish, various sites along old rail line Rails-to-trails project to cover 31 miles; 9 miles between Abia Springs and Mandeville are now complete Private/Public Transportation; Recreation None Documentation of flora and fauna along route could be helpful. Converted trail eventually will connect all towns in parish.
743 Northlake Museum and Nature Trail Louisiana St. Tammany Parish, near Mandeville Nature trail near Fountainbleau State Park Public Natural Resources NA More funds needed to complete work. NA
744 Bonnie and Clyde Ambush site Louisiana Bienville Parish, south of Mount Lebanon Simple marker denotes the spot where Texas Rangers surprised the outlaws. Public Working People; Law Enforcement NA No visitor services; marker is only a few yards from road. NA
745 American Rose Center Louisiana Caddo Parish, Greenwood America's largest rose garden, headquarters of American Rose Society; 118 acres of pathways lined with rosebushes. Private Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: gardening NA Picnic facilities and gift shop; labels give name, type, and heritage of each bush; open 10-6 weekends; 9-6 weekdays Apr.-Oct. NA
746 Municipal Auditorium Louisiana Caddo Parish, Shreveport 3,500-seat arena where "Louisiana Hayride" was broadcast on KWKH radio. Elvis Presley's first appearance was in October 1954. Public Expressing Cultural Values: country music; Recreation Boomland; Frankie Jean's Pik Quick Building still in use, not much interpretive potential at the moment Presley later appeared on the "Hayride" TV show in March 1955; he later appeared at a YMCA benefit at the fairgrounds in December 1956. "Hayride" also helped launch Hank WiIlliams, Jim Reeves, Red Sovine, and Slim Whitman.
747 Meadows Museum of Art, on Centenary College Campus Louisiana Caddo Parish, Shreveport Museum featuring a one-man exhibit of Indochinese art. Private Cultural Diversity: Indochinese; Expressing Cultural Values: fine arts, photography Yellow Valley Forge; Margaret Harwell Art Museum Fully developed for visitor use; open 1-5 Tues.-Fri.; 2-5 Sat & Sun. French artist Jean Despujols traveled to Indochina in the 1930s and captured its people and landscapes on canvas. He moved to Louisiana in 1941. The Smithsonian displayed his works in 1950.
748 Frankie Jean's Pik Quick Louisiana Concordia Province, Ferriday Drive-through grocery operated by sister of Jerry Lee Lewis. Private Building the American Economy; Recreation; Expressing Cultural Values: music Lea's Lunch Room; Shreveport Auditorium; Boomland Store can accommodate three cars at a time; driver calls out order as items are selected and placed in car. No other visitor services needed. Frankie Jean does not display her brother's memorabilia in the store.
749 Modern Music Center and Master-Trak Studio Louisiana Acadia Parish, Crowley Pioneering recording studio opened by Jay Niller in 1949 is still in business. Private Expressing Cultural Values: music; Recreation; Building the American Economy: recording business Boomland; Shreveport Auditorium Visitor services are fully developed; business already functions as a museum of sorts Cajun musicians recorded here include Clifton Chenier, Rusty and Doug Kershaw, Jimmy "C" Newman, and Wayne Toups. These artists' records may be purchased here.
750 Mass Grave for Hurricane Victims at Combre Memorial Park Cemetery Louisiana Calcasieu Parish; Lake Charles Mass grave of more than 200 victims of Hurricane Audrey (1957). Private People versus Nature Brimstone Museum No visitor services needed; the simplicity of the headstone speaks volumes. Hurricane Audrey slammed into Lake Charles on June 28, 1957, killing over 500. Citizens today still tend to compare all other events to that tragedy.
751 Circle Club Cockpit Louisiana Calcasieu Parish Cock fights on Fridays and Saturdays at a large, well-run establishment. People come from all over the South to participate. One of the better and more hospitable establishments of this type. Private Gambling Cormier's Cock Pit in Cankton; Other cock fighting sites Visitors welcome. Fee of $8-15 admits one to back, where bleachers encircle numerous cock fighting pits. Fights start Sats. noon, Fri. nights 10 p.m., second week in October to first weekend in August. Food and drinks available. Although some people find this activity objectionable, it is legal in Louisiana.
752 Dupuy's Louisiana Vermilion Parish, Abbeville Restaurant serves famous raw oysters, an Abbeville tradition for over 100 years. Collection of newspaper clippings of restaurant dating back to 1900. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Lea's Lunch Room No possibilities for visitor services in near future, although this site seems deserving of a plaque or marker. Joseph Dupuy sold shucked oysters in this spot for 10 cents a dozen.
753 Native American settlement Louisiana Terrebone Parish, south of Dulac Houma Indian settlement, home to Houma Nation tribal leader and many artisans who make cane baskets. Houma Nation is not federally recognized as a tribe; hence, this is not a reservation. Many Houma still speak a variety of archaic French. Public Cultural Diversity: Native American issues NA A future visitor center would be helpful; this community needs to be documented. NA
754 Chitimacha Indian Reservation Louisiana Terrebonne Parish, Charenton The Chitimacha are the only Native American tribe native to Southern Louisiana that still resides in the state. Public/Private Cultural Diversity: Native American issues Cowan cemetery; Houma settlement Visitor center maintained by Jean Lafitte State Park. Reservation was established in 1925 and Chitimacha became first federally recognized tribe in Louisiana. Native customs and lore have almost vanished; however, Chitimacha still make split cane baskets.
755 Lejeune's Bakery Louisiana Iberia Parish, Jeanerette Bakery that has been in business since 1884 offers only two food items: French bread and gingerbread "stageplanks." Private Expressing Cultural Values: food Dupuy's Restaurant No visitor services needed; plaque marking establishment's longevity would be appreciated. Bakery also sells T-shirts with logo.
756 Turn of the Century House Louisiana St. Mary Parish, Morgan City House built in 1906 in Morgan City. It was squarely in the path of the U.S. 90 bridge in 1970 and was moved a few blocks to present location. Private Expressing Cultural Values; Architecture Chretien Point Plantation Adequately developed as a museum. Weekdays 9-5; weekends 1 p.m. till close. One of a few homes (not elegant palatial mansions) in an area open for tours.
757 The Great Wall Louisiana St. Mary Parish-Morgan City Corps of Engineers built 21-foot-high wall to withstand great floods. When Corps diverts water from Mississippi River to the Atchafalaya River (to prevent flooding New Orleans), river water laps at the wall. Public People versus Nature Shot Tower site; Iron Furnace No visitor services required; steps near Brasher and Front Streets allow visitors to climb wall and view protected city, as well as homes not protected by the wall (which flood periodically.) Corps predicts that when Mississippi River eventually changes course and flows into the Atchafalaya River, Morgan City will be destroyed.
758 Indian Mound Louisiana Iberia Parish, Loreauville Indian Mound. Only a mound in a grassy field remains. Private Prehistory; Native American issues Chitimacha Indian Reservation; Houma settlement Another interpretive center should be erected. Once was a living museum; 40 historic structures and countless artifacts were auctioned off at proprietor's death.
759 Adam's Fruit Market Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Matthews Market open since 1939 sells fresh local produce, cane syrup, honey, and an assortment of dry goods. Private Expressing Cultural Values; Building the American Economy Dupuy's; LeJeune's Bakery No development necessary Owner of Adam's is a taxidermist and proudly displays stuffed local fauna among produce.
760 Golden Ranch Plantation Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Gheens Remains of a plantation. Many turn-of-the-century outbuildings remain, along with oldest brick slave cabin in southern Louisiana. Only building now open is the original plantation store. Private Early history; Slavery; Agriculture Laurel Valley Village Interpreted well by the Gheens Foundation Also has ruins of an old sugar mill.
761 Louisiana Catalog Store Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Cut Off Nation's biggest clearinghouse for material printed in state; also carries documents dealing with Cajun history. Private Building the American Economy La Poussiere dance hall Open Mon.-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. This business caters to visitors. Site is important for anyone interested in Cajun culture.
762 Petit Corporal Louisiana Lafourche Parish, Golden Meadow Boat, allegedly the oldest in the parish. Built in the mid-1880s, it remained in the Theriot family for 100 years. First sail-equipped, then engine-powered. City Recreation Bayou Folk Museum Descriptive marker stands at site Boat was donated to the city in 1969.
763 Laurel Valley Village Louisiana Lafourche Parish, near Thibodeaux Defunct sugar plantation; one of only a few left with a variety of outbuildings, including slave quarters, overseer's cabin, black-smith shop, a crumbling mill. Buildings are preserved but have not been extensively renovated (see "Comments"). Private Local history; Cultural Diversity; Slavery; Building the American Economy Golden Ranch Plantation; River Road tour; African-American Museum Open daily 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Buildings are closed to foot traffic. Old General Store serves as visitor center and museum; features photographs and old farm equipment; local honey and cane syrup. Was the most productive sugar plantation in the parish before Civil War. Plantation road leads past 100-year-old laborer's cabin and a wooden schoolhouse. This site offers visitors a good look at holistic plantation system.
764 La Poussiere Louisiana St. Martin Parish, near Breaux Bridge, Cajun dance hall Private Expressing Cultural Values: music, Cajun culture; Recreation Modern Music Center; Master-Track Studios None needed; people can dance and listen to Cajun music every Saturday from 8:30 p.m. till everyone leaves. Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys have been playing here every Saturday night for 30 years. Activities here are highly indicative of Cajun culture.
765 Imperial Calcasieu Museum Louisiana Calcasieu Parish, Lake Charles Museum with a thorough collection of books, docu-ments, and artifacts pertaining to history of Calcasieu Parish; includes a library, a reading room, and a few exhibits. Interesting collection of Civil War letters. Public Civil War Burnt Mill; Rolla Cemetery Fully developed visitor services. Open Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Tues.-Fri.; 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Sat-Sun. Museum ground belonged to early settler Charles Sallier. Behind museum is a 300-year-old oak tree.
766 Rice Museum Louisiana Acadia Parish, Crowley Museum devoted to rice, the area's staple crop. Includes a wooden model of a rice mill, old photos of Crowley, and relics of past Rice Festivals, as well as a miniature working model of rice mill. Private Building the American Economy; Working People Steene's Syrup Mill; Estherwood Rice Mill Open March through November. Could be expanded. In danger of closing. Well developed-testament to the importance of rice in the town's history and economy. Worth saving if not already too late.
767 Steene's Syrup Mill Louisiana Vermilion Parish, Abbeville Largest remaining syrup mill in area. Still belongs to the original family. Private Cultural Diversity; People versus Nature Brimstone Museum, Rice Museum No visitor services; plant is still in operation, and tours are no longer offered. C. S. Steene began the mill in 1910 after a hard freeze threatened to ruin his sugar crop. This plant is representative of the culture; there once were hundreds of sugar mills in southern Louisiana, and many families made their own syrup.
768 Lafayette Museum / Jean Mouton House Louisiana Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Museum built in 1800 by town founder Jean Mouton. Stocked with original artifacts used by Acadian settlers: period furnishings, Civil War newspapers. Public Cultural Diversity: Cajun settlers; Civil War Imperial Calcasieu Museum; Louisiana Catalog store Well maintained as a museum NA
769 Transylvania General Store Louisiana East Carroll Parish, Transylvania Small grocery and general store with a painting of Dracula on window, with message, "We're always glad to have new blood in town." Private Cultural Diversity Lea's Lunch Room; Dupuy's Open Mon.-Sat 6 a.m. -6:30 p.m. Interesting place to buy a sandwich and various macabre items. Adjacent to the store is a white water tower emblazoned with a black bat. Besides food and hardware, store sells rubber bats, skeletons, skulls, and T-shirts saying "Transylvania, Louisiana."
770 Tabasco Factory Louisiana Iberia Parish, Avery Island Factory that produces Tabasco sauce gives tours and describes how sauce is made. Private Expressing Cultural Values: food; Building the American Economy Brimstone Museum; Rice Museum Tours and an introductory movie explain how Tabasco peppers are grown, aged and made into fiery sauce. Visitors receive popular miniature bottles. Interesting tour to learn about a product that has come to symbolize Cajun culture in the mind of America. To obtain salt (used in sauce production), workers mine salt tunnels beneath island surface.
771 Statue of Hadrian Louisiana Iberia Parish, New Iberia Statue sculpted in AD 130 is 7 feet tall and weighs 3,000 pounds. Private Expressing Cultural Values: art Imperial Calcasieu Museum; Snyder Memorial Museum Spotlighted at night; visitors look at statue and then leave. Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire from AD 117 to 138. Statue originally stood in Rome, was taken to an English castle in 1820, where it stayed until 1961, when it was brought to New Iberia.
772 Wildlife Gardens Louisiana Iberia Parish, Avery Island Wildlife preserve populated with more than 500 animals from southern Louisiana Private Natural Resources; Recreation A Cajun Man's Swamp Cruise Tours are one and one-half hours: summer, 10 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m.; Oct., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 and 3 p.m. Closed Sundays. Fee charged. Can hand-feed some animals. Gift shop sells native crafts. Can see alligators, turtles, otters, bobcats, etc. Well-developed attraction.
773 Snyder Memorial Museum Louisiana Morehouse Parish, near Bastrop Museum artifacts housed in a brick building with a red tile roof; separate carriage house, gardens. This is an amalgamation of cultural artifacts: Oriental rugs, clothing, and oak furniture along with cotton scales and Native American artifacts. NA Cultural Diversity: Native Americans, settlers; Agriculture Imperial Calcasieu Museum; Ford Museum; Bayou Folk Museum Open 9 a.m. -4:30 P.M. Mon.-Fri. Separate carriage house holds old farm implements, sidesaddles, cotton scales, and a horse-drawn carriage. Visitors should see that Southern culture was and is a broad spectrum of many cultures, races, and societies.
774 Mount Olivet Chapel Louisiana Rapides Parish, Alexandria Church built in 1854, surrounded by cemetery with tombstones dating to 1824. Church has Tiffany windows. Except for oak floor, structure is entirely native pinewood. Private Spirituality/Civil War Kent House; St. Martin de Tours Church After obtaining key, visitors can tour church and stroll through cemetery Church dedicated by Bishop Leonidas Polk, who became a decorated Confederate general. Church survived Civil War because it served as Union headquarters.
775 Emy-Lou Biedenharn Foundation Louisiana Ouachita Parish, Monroe Biedenharn family mansion contains rare bibles, manuscripts, and musical instruments. Garden outside features piped music and splashing fountains. World-renowned concert contralto Emy-Lou Biedenharn was forced to return to U.S. (see "Comments"). Private Spirituality Snyder Memorial Museum; Bayou Folk Museum; Mount Olivet Chapel Visitors can stroll in gardens ( in addition to 45-minute house tour.) Site is highly developed. WW II cut short opera career. On her return, her father gave her an original John Wycliffe bible. He began collecting bibles; collection now includes 1730 Martin Luther bible, a bible edited by Thomas Jefferson, and a bible illustrated by Salvador Dali.
776 Briarwood Louisiana Natchitoches Parish, near Natchitoches Former home of Caroline Dorman, first U.S. woman employed in forestry, now a 125-acre nature preserve Private Working People; Natural Resources Kent House; Bayou Folk Museum March, April, May, August, and November: Sats.. 9-5; Suns. Noon-5. Admission. Curator conducts tours of Dorman home. Trails wind through forest, and curator conducts tours of the Dorman home.
777 Layton Castle Louisiana Ouachita Parish, Monroe Building c. 1814, with grounds. Structure has a commanding tower, and an arcaded gallery that gives it a castle-like facade. Made of rose-colored bricks made on the grounds. Private Cultural Diversity: opulent lifestyles Briarwood; Kent House; Lloyd Hall Plantation Visitors can sense the opulent lifestyle of family. Originally the house of Judge Henry Bry. House gives an accurate glimpse of lifestyle of Monroe's prominent early citizens.
778 Lloyd Hall Plantation Louisiana Rapides Parish, near Cheneyville Three-story building dating to 1810 houses museum with vintage items. Also cotton, corn, soybeans, and cattle are raised here. Private Agriculture; Cultural Diversity Layton Castle; Briarwood; Kent House House supposedly haunted. Tours Tues.-Sat 10-4; Sun 1-4 p.m. Overnight stays in 2-bedroom cottage available. Visitors can pick cotton or gather pecans. Two-bedroom cottage for overnight stays is furnished with antiques.
779 Kent House Louisiana Rapides Parish, Alexandria Oldest extant home in central Louisiana (c.1796). Four-acre complex includes slave quarters, carriage house, barn, gardens. House stands on brick pillars, exemplifying classic Louisiana style. Private Developing the American Economy: agriculture, slavery; Architecture Layton Castle; Briarwood; Lloyd Hall Plantation Fully developed for visitor use. Admission charged. Open daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun. 1-5 p.m. Classic Louisiana-style French and Spanish architecture. House originally was 6 blocks away. Seven period rooms are filled with Empire, Sheraton, and Federal furniture.
780 Lea's Lunch Room Louisiana Rapides Parish, Lecompte. Country-style cafe established 1928. All walks of townspeople eat here. Private. Daughter of original owner runs restaurant. Building the American Economy; Expressing Cultural Values: food Kea's Lunch Room; Dupuy's Open Tues.-Sun.7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Waitresses recite menu (handing out written menus takes too long). Visitors can sense small-town continuity, tradition. Restaurant is famous for hams baked in dough and pies baked from secret family recipes. Owner Lea Johnson has appeared on "The Tonight Show"; daughter Ann now runs restaurant.
781 Parlange Plantation House Louisiana St. James Parish, near Donaldsonville Plantation home built in 1750; oldest operating sugar plantation in state still owned and lived in by original family. Private Peopling Places; Building the American Economy Fairfield Place; Chretien Point Plantation Limited visitor services, as family still occupies house of this working plantation. Once an indigo plantation.
782 Chretien Point Plantation Louisiana St. Landry Parish, near Sunset Restored plantation home open for tours. Outbuildings were destroyed during Civil War Private Building the American Economy; Agriculture: cotton-centered experience Layton Castle; Briarwood; Mount Olivet Chapel Highly developed for visitor use Windows and staircase served as models for those in "Tara" during the filming of Gone With the Wind. After Civil War, house was deserted and used as a barn. Open daily 10am-5pm
783 Spring Street Museum Louisiana Caddo Parish, Shreveport Museum in structure built as a bank in 1866 and recently restored. Is town's oldest extant building; has a cast-iron balcony. Rotating collec-tion allows museum to showcase large exhibits of jewelry, clothing, firearms, books, and newspapers. Private Cultural Diversity (a variety of ethnic groups have populated the area); Imperial Calcasieu Museum; Snyder Memorial Museum Gift shop; tours October- June Sundays 1:30-4:30 p.m. or by appointment. Admission charged. Permanent collection of Victorian era furnishings from 18th century.
784 Charpentier Historical District Louisiana Calcasieu Parish, Lake Charles Houses dating from Victorian era cover 20 square blocks. Well- preserved houses still express individuality of the various architects; rooflines, porch placements, and other exterior features vary from house to house. Private Vernacular Architecture Kent House; Lloyd Hall Plantation Tours not available for most houses, but Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors' Bureau provides a map that outlines a driving/ walking tour of the historical district. NA
785 Ford Museum Louisiana Claiborne Parish, Homer Museum in 1890 Hotel Claiborne exhibits regional heritage: Indian dugout canoes, a pioneer log cabin, a moonshiner's still, a blacksmith's forge, firearms, cotton scales (see "Comments"). Public Cultural Diversity; Vernacular Architecture; Building the American Economy: early industry; Working People Bayou Folk Museum; Houma Indian Settlement. Open weekdays 8-1; 2-4; Suns 2-5 p.m. Admission. Community volunteers serve as guides and operate facility. Collection began when Herbert Ford's sons found a German infantry helmet in town dump; Ford started preserving histor-ically significant items. Has 30 plantation bells, antique firearms, reconstructed village. Some exhibits cater to children.
786 Earl Long Park Louisiana Winn Parish, Winnfield Park marks site of former Governor Earl Long's home. Imposing statue and plaque. Public Recreation; Politics Louisiana Political Hall of Fame Simply a park with picnic benches, etc. Statue and plaque give adequate information. NA
787 Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame Louisiana Winn Parish, Winnfield Museum housed in an old railroad depot contains personal effects and exhibits on Governors Allen, Hey, and Earl Long. Public Working people Earl Long Park Fully interactive. Open free of charge Tues.-Fri. 10-4:30; Sat. 10-noon. Tours courtesy of Chamber of Commerce. Also contains artifacts from local salt mines and rock quarries.
788 Oak and Pine Alley Louisiana St. Martin Parish, north of St. Martinville Drive through alternating oak and pine trees, 1 mile long Public Civil War Rolla cemetery Not much development potential, but this story should be documented. Wealthy sugar planter Charles Durand planted a 2-mile alley of oak and pine trees along the drive to his plantation house. House burned during Civil War; 1 mile of trees remains.
789 Atchafalaya Basin Levee Road Louisiana St. Martin Parish, near Henderson Gravel- and shell-surfaced road atop levee is used by farmers, fishermen, and levee inspection crews. Old flood-damaged levee is still visible. Private People versus Nature Great Wall; Louisiana Catalog store Good way to see river and various ways that community has tried to control nature. Road is occasionally posted with "no trespassing" signs, but drivers generally ignore them with impunity.
790 St. John's Cathedral, Oak Tree, and cemetery Louisiana Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Huge Gothic structure with flying buttresses, built in 1916 to replace original wooden structure of 1822. St. John's Cathedral Oak, 500 years old, stands beside cathedral. Cemetery behind church contains grave of town founder Jean Mouton. Private Spirituality Lafayette Museum / Jean Mouton House Church, grounds and cemetery are fully accessible to public. Mouton's son, also buried here, is purported to have been "Gabriel" of Longfellow's poem "Evangeline."
791 Lafayette Courthouse Louisiana Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Lafayette County Clerk of the Court has collected over 2,000 photographs of Lafayette area culture and people over the past century. Public Local history Louisiana Catalog Store Well-staffed exhibit on courthouse second floor. No charge; 8:30-4:30 weekdays. NA

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