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The Civil War in the Lower Mississippi River Valley

The Bombardment of Port Hudson (26KB)
The Bombardment of Port Hudson

On this journey you can relive stirring events that forged our history. Follow Union and Confederate forces as they struggle to control the Mississippi River valley. Explore the lifestyles of people and places in this valley during a troubled time when neighbor fought neighbor, brother fought brother, and father fought son. Visit significant military, cultural, and historical sites. Visualize the clash of the Blue and Gray along the mighty Mississippi River. Experience the broad scope of the Civil War at Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois; from the mountains of the Cumberland Gap through Nashville to Shiloh, Tennessee; from St. Louis down the river to New Orleans; and throughout all the states of the Lower Mississippi River valley—a rich path of history, a thousand miles long.

"The Thousand-Mile Front" provides a historical overview as well as a summary of events by state. When visiting the region first explore "Sites to Visit" which gives Civil War sites by state and by key map. Each site listed has its own story to tell and more information is available through the Office of Tourism in each state. So let's begin the thousand-mile march through one of the most exciting and also one of the most devastating times in American history.

The Thousand-Mile Front
Thousand-Mile Front - Introduction
Historical Overview
Summary of Events by State
Sites to Visit
Key Map
Offices of Tourism in each state
About “The Thousand-Mile Front”


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