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Sean Michael Styles
11/9/64 - 2/22/01

Before he ever took a class in history, Sean Styles was a walking authority on the Civil War. At the age of six he took his family through Tennessee's Shiloh National Military Park and described the battle to them in great detail. He grew up to become a historian for the National Park Service in Atlanta, where he researched and wrote studies of his beloved battlefields and other historic resources. His lifelong dream was to be superintendent at Shiloh.

Sean also loved sports, especially Atlanta Braves baseball and University of Georgia football and basketball. He also found great joy in music, from the blues to bluegrass and rock 'n' roll. He had a wonderful voice and a great memory for lyrics, and enjoyed singing along when his friends played guitar. He even found a way to blend music into his work as the author of this Web site.

Sean was born on November 9, 1964 in Huntsville, Alabama. He graduated from Atlanta's North Fulton High School in 1982 and in 1988 earned his bachelor's degree in history from the University of Georgia, where he was also working toward a master's degree in historic preservation. His academic prowess earned him membership in the Gamma Sigma Delta and Sigma Pi Kappa honor societies.

In 1985 Sean met his future wife at a concert on the UGA campus. Echoing the experience of many others, she says they were friends from the beginning. Just four months after their July 1999 wedding, Sean was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. His illness changed his life dramatically, but he refused to let it define him. His faith in God and love of family grew even deeper as he dedicated himself to getting well. He endured pain and suffering without complaint and never lost his wonderful sense of humor or his willingness to help others as he made the best of each new day.

After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, he worked as long as physically possible. He finished writing the content and editing the music and video clips for "Trail of the Hellhound" just months before his valiant struggle against cancer ended peacefully at home on February 22, 2001.

Sean will be remembered as a loving and loyal husband, son, brother, and friend who opened his heart to all. His passion for life will continue to inspire all who were blessed to know him.

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