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Workforce Diversity

"Our work force should be as diverse as the National Park System it both serves and represents."

Diversity in the National Park Service means valuing employees in all occupations, at all levels and providing them the opportunities for working at their full potential and making their maximum contributions toward Former ranger and Director Stanton and a volunteer confer at Golden Spike National Monument, Utahachieving the organization's mission and goals.

Diversity encompasses more than the differences in race, religion, national origin, disabilities, age, gender or sexual orientation. It includes respecting and appreciating individual differences and ensuring all employees are included as full, contributing and influential team members; encouraging initiatives designed to empower and motivate employees; creating and maintaining an inclusive approach to all systems, policies and practices; providing equitable treatment and opportunities; educating the work force on the nature of diversity; encouraging employees to offer differing views and suggestions toward achieving program goals and objectives; and showing flexibility toward non-traditional quality of worklife efforts and facilitating culture change to support new behaviors.

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